Bill Clinton was right to say that the economy is continuing falling apart and that Obama did not fix the economy. Obviously, Bill Clinton is angry that Obama threw Hillary Clinton off the cliff by blaming her for his Libya debacle. Nevertheless, the drunken sailor who throws our money down the drain like there is no future for the American people and who will soon will be proud to be called the 'Destroyer of America' is now eager more than ever to throw more money to the 'Middle Class’ who cannot pay mortgage because they do not work and live on Obama's free food stamps. The evil regime of Iran under Ahmadinajad already spew happiness about the 16 trillion debt of America thanks to the relentless spender Obama that will push America to lose it military power and national security. The liberal Democrats push America over the cliff for destruction from the White House where the Naked Emperor is stealing our money to buy his votes by paying voluntarily unemployed and voluntarily disabled Americans their mortgage. It is time to save America from the worst president and corrupt liar Obama who satisfy the wishes of the Iranian Ahmadinajad and his plan to destroy America by pushing America to bankruptcy first.