Obama's failed policies in Afghanistan that prevent US troops attack on the Taliban terrorists are pushing America to its greatest defeat in US history. The fact that US troops cannot protect their top general from small group of Mozlem Brother terrorists proves the desperation and weakness of our US troops under the liar in chief Obama who sympathize with the Taliban as the new ally of America. US military The Mozlem Brother obsessed Obama who rushed to apologize for any Afghan Mozlem Brother death will not demand the apology of the Jihadist regime of Karzai who treats the "insider killers" of our US troops as heroes. The continuous Jihadist Moslem Brother attacks by the Afghan troops and the Taliban terrorists that became integral part of the Afghan military prove that US mission in Afghanistan is over long time ago. Moreover, more sacrifice of our US troops only to make the Mozlem Brother thugs heroes of Afghanistan and their president Karzai is a crime against the American people. It is time to stop making our brave US troops hostages of the Afghan people and the Taliban terrorists of Pakistan that kill scores of them every day while the killing now is justified as “insiders”. The truth must be told to the American people that Afghanistan was always enemy of American people before 9/11 2001 attack and it remain enemy of America after our US troops will cut and run defeated within the next year or two. The stupid “Training of the Taliban terrorists disguised as Afghan Jihadist troops” by our US troops is making no sense whatsoever and must be stopped now. Like the betrayal of Iraq of the American people as Iraq became partner in the anti-American axis of evil led by Iranian regime, Afghanistan will continue to be enemy of America as it will join Pakistan as it will be ruled by the Taliban terrorists of Pakistan regardless of the lies of Obama and Hillary that call Afghanistan ally of America replacing Israel.