Our US troops became easy target for the Taliban terrorists of Pakistan that infiltrated into the Afghan troops with the approval of the anti-American president Karzai of the radical Mozlem Brother country of Afghanistan. Karzai treats the terrorists killers of our troops as Jihadist heroes of Afghanistan while Obama who released the Taliban terrorists from Afghan prison to appease the terrorists and their sponsoring regime of Pakistan will never criticize the terrorist since he was educated as Mozlem Brother in Madrassa in Indonesia. Obama is making Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban terrorists the new ally of America replacing Israel that Obama threw under the bus. Will the American people stand up to protect the lives of our US troops that became political hostages under the liar in chief Obama who push America to its worst defeat ever in Afghanistan to the Taliban/ Obama is planning to release from Gitmo five murderous Taliban leader as sign of surrender and appeasement of the Mozlem Brother by the defeatist Americans that he hates. It is time to save the lives of our troops from Obama and the Mozlem Brother Taliban terrorists that he treats as freedom fighters with constitutional rights and Miranda rights that he provided them.