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jamesblakesno1fa nTarzana

United States

#21 Sep 3, 2007
STOP hating
jamesblakesno1fa nTarzana

United States

#22 Sep 3, 2007
Hey Amanda,

United States

#23 Sep 3, 2007
Lafontant: Thank you for educating some of the other posters on this forum that are living in a "pretty world" bubble. It's not surprising you are from the NYC area, as we see everyday that there is a difference between WHAT IS RIGHT/SHOULD BE and what actually IS. We can only continue to educate ourselves and our peers about history and equality, so that the next generation will see even more progress.
Amanda: Any point you made is unfortunately overshadowed by your inexcusable poor choice in terminology ("House Negro"), which IMHO hints at underlying racist tendencies. Yet as a marketing/advertising professional, your views about why Blake receives as much media attention as he does is more close to accurate. His is the "great American story" to exploit- a mixed race good looking guy born in Harlem who made it to Harvard and on to the pros in tennis, despite a number of physical set backs. Who wouldn't just eat up that story? I agree that he wouldn't be given so much attention if he was 100% white. His story is fodder to the media in supporting the BELIEF to other countries (and even to the U.S.) how America still is the land of opportunity for all, no matter what your background or color. Blake himself exploits his sob story in every media channel he meets, which makes me personally dislike him. I was taught humility, and either he wasn't or he just trades it in to the media hounds.
So Amanda, I would advise you not to make assumptions about if a person has self hatred towards something or not. Everyone has their own personal struggle that cannot be explained with a blanket statement. Blake is not running for president, he is simply following his dream of playing tennis. His personal views- whatever they may actually be- are his business and have nothing to do with his job performance. Making it to the Qfinals is still an impressive achievement. And why in the world do you assume that people of x color NEED to also have friends of x color? That observation doesn't mean someone has self hatred towards their race! That's just ridiculous. I didn't see any latinos or asians in his support section either- does that mean he is racist also?
People: Things that will NOT further equality in this country:
Using offensive language to get across one's point, making assumptions (that Blake hates blacks b/c of the color of his friends), downplaying inequality (that color doesn't matter today in this country).
And please do not blindly believe that the media does things for reasons other than profits.
Go Federer!

New York, NY

#24 Sep 25, 2007
Got to admit. Sometime NIGS like you make me embarrassed to be Black.
First off.
Brother Blake is half white. Second off, he is himself and owes either race NOTHING. He is himself. Busted ignorant NIGS like yourself are just jealous.
He's a world class athlete, Harvard student, handsome. A gentleman. And thugged out a-holes like you can't stand it!
The brother has more class in his piss than you have in your entire existence.
No go pick on some rap star REAL SELLOUT PIMP if you want to pick on brothers!
Fuck you.!

Miami, FL

#25 Sep 28, 2007
Lafontant wrote:
I just decided to google James Blake, after watching the U.S. Open match and hearing him speak. I am Black Caribbean / Black American and I do have some mixed feelings.
While everyone can tell Blake is mixed, I do not feel he has to act a certain way because of that. I fundamentally believe that nurture and the environment one is raised is what has the biggest impact on that individual.
Blake's friends are mostly white because that is probably whom he feels most comfortable around. He grew up (I believe) in a Connecticut suburb, probably around mostly white people. He went to Harvard. Had he grown up in a different enviroment, perhaps he may behave differently.
I am gonna throw something really crazy out here, but what the hell. Maybe, just maybe, it seems like we as black people try to automatically claim anyone who has a hint of black in them as being completely black. I'm sorry but I don't buy that theory. The world is multicultural now and 50 yrs from now you will have even more mixture of races.
As long as Blake doesn't disown his African American heritage, I have no problems with the fella. He probably knows deep down that he may never be fully accepted but that's okay. That's just how the world has always been. Black Americans unfortunately, seem to be on the lowest spectrum of race/ethnicity totem pole. That's just how it is.. is it right..no.
But I feel as we continue to prove people wrong and continue to achieve success and control businesses and media, that perception will slowly erase.
The revolution will not be televised!
Blake..step your serve game up! Too many unforced errors tonite my man.
John D from Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI

#26 Nov 5, 2007
Amanda you have your opinions, so does everyone else. It's amazing how everyone calls Amanda racist and ignorant. Kind of reactionary and ignorant don't you all think? She has her opinion and it's a cool one. James is what he is, like all of us are...limited in our thinking and scope. We are all ignorant and racist, so I guess one would know one. But that's why discussion matters...so we can learn something. Let's educate each other instead of attacking opinions.
Btw, James is COOL. Nice guy trying to play tennis and make it in that arena, a place none of us can comprehend. His attitudes are his. His work ethic is his own. His results are his own. If he can muster the foresight to adjust and change parts of his game to match the big boys, methinks the mental and energy conservation aspects of his game, he'd be awesome. Remember, he played like the second best player in the world in 2006!

United States

#27 Dec 3, 2007
real brother you CANNOT be black using the language that you just did,,,,,,,,,,YOU MAKE ME ASHAMED OF MY RACE!!


United States

#29 Dec 3, 2007
Real_Brother wrote:
Got to admit. Sometime NIGS like you make me embarrassed to be Black.
First off.
Brother Blake is half white. Second off, he is himself and owes either race NOTHING. He is himself. Busted ignorant NIGS like yourself are just jealous.
He's a world class athlete, Harvard student, handsome. A gentleman. And thugged out a-holes like you can't stand it!
The brother has more class in his piss than you have in your entire existence.
No go pick on some rap star REAL SELLOUT PIMP if you want to pick on brothers!
Fuck you.!
you are not african american, I truly believe that. You are way out of order, and out of touch

Decatur, GA

#31 May 26, 2008
Blake is only an average tennis player. If it wasn't for his looks and his mixed racial heritage he wouldn't be famous.

Arthur Ashe was a true Black tennis hero. Black is just a media creation.
john smith

Edinburgh, UK

#32 Jul 9, 2008
hey people, i just wanted to say that i think james is a great role model for anybody and to judge him on the basis of his ethnicity and upbringing is unfair. A lot of people forget to mention that james blake's role model is arthur ashe, who i recollect to be the only male tennis professional of african descent to win 3 grand slams. People who use james as an example of media spin need to realise that these sort of things will always happen and to put it lightly you need to GET OVER IT. Generally i agree with what's being posted and i hope that people have learnt from this topic of discussion and may it have it positive affect on our society.

Dallas, TX

#33 Aug 14, 2008
Saying Blake is a loser is pretty funny. He just beat Roger Federer in the Olympics which is quite an achievement. People like you Amanda are exactly why racism is alive and well. The ridiculousness and narrowness of your views are plain for all to see. For starters Blake is rightfully just as white as he is black which means according to your simple logic His "Massa" side is leading his "lower slave monkey" side to wealth, fame, and success from the "WHITE" world. Excuse my gross sarcasm. What is being Black to you Amanda? Is being a black male acting like a Southern gangster rapper, or acting like Bill Cosby? Is it acting with the dignity of Nelson Mandela, or the debauched lifestyle of Marion Barry. Probably according to your view Will Smith is also a sell out who "dances for peanuts" even though he is one of the wealthiest men in America. White kids across America have long since adopted Black urban culture to the extent that is "socially" accepted. Obviously acting a certain way doesn't make you a different ethnicity, but there are real white Africans who were born in various different states or countries in Africa. Are they African even though they are not black?
People like you probably feel that not saying "axe" instead of "ask" makes you a sell out house negro. Naw, it just means you can speak proper English. After all, Swahili is not the national language here in the USA. People should ultimately be able to move past the curiosity of being different and look to how we are very, very similar. We are all red underneath. As someone of mixed ethnicity I am not fully accepted by either side but so what. I have a naturally larger, more inclusive world view than some of my "purer" friends what with their limited as to diversity ethnic backgrounds. Small minds always fear different and it's obvious you are intensely envious of Bake who is very, very succesful and is now an Olympic champion! Yea blackness, yea whiteness! Together we can truly achieve anything. Divided we all fall down.
Get a life Amanda and stop trying to be black, just be yourself even if other people don't understand you. Peace.

Chesapeake, VA

#34 Oct 4, 2009
Yeah Amanda,

Don't you realize that we now live in a post-racial society and since Obama came into office racism does'nt exist anymore?! Just ask Henry Louis Gates Jr.(End sarcasm)
D Wreck

Las Vegas, NV

#35 May 19, 2010
i know its 3 years later amanda and you probably dont pay attention but i just wanted to say that is the most ignorant thing ive heard in a long time. i actually thought that the worst was over but thank you for showing me there are still unintelligent babblers out there rambling on about their own agendas claiming something is horrible. i now realize people like you need to be re educated because otherwise there could be a serious problem in the future with idiots!

Washington, DC

#36 Jul 12, 2013
Yeah, it is obvious that Blake goes out of his way to avoid identifying with being black. All I can say is: they can have you. He is so soulless , boring and empty he can't be black.

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