Why we don’t have Philosophy of Physi...

Why we don’t have Philosophy of Physics ?

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Tel Aviv, Israel

#1 Apr 20, 2010
Why we don’t have Philosophy of Physics ?
There is Classic Mechanic and Quantum Mechanic,
but there isn’t Philosophy of Physics. Why ?
In thermodynamics particles are "mathematical points",
In QT particles are "mathematical points",
In SRT particles are points.
In QED particles are points.
The energy, impulse, linear and angular momentum in physics
is also a " mathematical point".
Then one "mathematical point" ( particle) interacts with another
"mathematical point" (energy, impulse ..etc ) the physicists say:
" The Quantum theory and micro-world are paradoxical."
Physics: Particle and its shadow Math Point.
Our Earth moves straight and rotates around itself.
Let us take an infinite small point and suggested
it also has these two kinds of movement.
What will be happen ?
An infinite small point moves straight and its trajectory
shows us a straight line ( SRT)
An infinite small point changes its straight direction
( for example near Sun) and its trajectory curves ( GRT)
An infinite small point can rotate around itself.(?!)
Here is hidden a puzzle.(!)
Stupid question:
Does anybody ever draw point in his life?
Take pen and make point.
What do you see ?
Point,- you say.
And I see point, which has geometrical form of circle ( c/d=pi=3,14).
And even the smallest point will have geometrical form of circle
And even an Infinite Smallest Point will have geometrical form of circle
The SRT talks about an infinite small point which moves
in the Emptiness.(!) Which geometrical form can have this point ?
The Third law of Thermodynamics says in the Emptiness (!)
( in the Cold Emptiness ) an infinite small point cannot have volume.
It means an infinite small point must have geometrical form of circle
According to SRT this circle – particle cannot be firm,
it must be elastic.(!)
In 1915 Einstein connected Mass with Geometry.
Maybe now, in 2010, somebody will try to understand the interaction
between an Infinite Small Particle and Geometry.
In an Italian railway station.
It was more then two hours 'till the departure of the train.
I went to the café and ordered a cup of coffee. Soon two men
and a very beautiful, slim woman took a place opposite me.
They ordered something to drink and one of the man opened
a case of violin and took out a bow. He began to explain
something about the bow, carefully and gently touching it.
Then another man took this bow and also enthusiastically
continued this conversation. For half an hour the bow was passed
from one hands to another followed with enthusiastic discussion.
And the beautiful woman looked at bow, at both these men without
saying a word. For half an hour I watched this group with admiration
and excitement. What a class! What a cultural level!
What a beauty!
And now let's imagine the bow pressed into a "mathematical point"
and the musicians speak seriously about a "mathematical point"
which must produce a sound from a violin.
Everybody will say I describe an idiotic situation.
Well, I agree.
But why doesn't anybody say it to physicists when they observe
an elementary particle as a "mathematical point" , without paying
attention to its geometrical form.
If physicists think about a particle as a " mathematical point"
the result can be only paradoxical. And I am sure if somebody
takes into consideration the geometrical form of particle the
paradoxes in Physics will disappear.
We will have Philosophy of Physics.
When Feynman said "I think I can safely say that nobody
understands quantum mechanics." it was only because nobody took
into consideration the geometrical form of a particle.
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus

Tel Aviv, Israel

#2 Apr 20, 2010
Is this a real philosophy ?

For example we can read:
‘ Our modern conception of time is based on Einstein's
theory of relativity and Hermann Minkowski's spacetime,..‘

Philosophy of physics
The Hermann Minkowski's spacetime (4D) is very
important part of Physics.(!)
But what is Hermann Minkowski's spacetime
means really - nobody knows.(!)
It means that the wikipedia explanation is abstract.
They teach us words out of the real Nature.
This is only one simple example of the state
in the ‘ modern philosophy of physics’ today.


Tel Aviv, Israel

#3 Apr 23, 2010
What is an electron ?
Now nobody knows .
In the internet we can read hundreds theories of electron.
For example.
More than ten different models of the electron are presented here.(!!!)
More than twenty models are discussed briefly.(!!!)
Thus, the book gives a complete picture of contemporary theoretical
thinking (traditional and new) about the physics of the electron.
/ The book "What is the Electron?"
Volodimir Simulik. Montreal, Canada. 2005./

All of them are problematical.
So, why we call an electron a simple elementary
particle if it looks not very simple ?

We can read hundreds books and magazines about philosophy of physics.
But how can we trust them if we don’t have the real model of Electron ?

Israel Sadovnik Socratus.

Netanya, Israel

#4 Mar 20, 2011
Our knowledge.

Quantum of light (photon) is a point.
Electron is a point/ sphere.
Proton is a point / sphere.
They created an (point / sphere) atom.
The atoms form :
a) stars ...planet,
b) cells .... life.
All the rest are trivialities.
Why does Physics have many branches which
don’t incorporate and doesn’t have Unified theory?


Maidstone, UK

#5 Apr 14, 2011

Tel Aviv, Israel

#6 Nov 5, 2011
Bible’s stories.
Old Bible story:
"He...hanged the Earth upon nothing." / Job 26:7 /
New Bible story:
According to the many scientific experts however,
space didn't exist prior to the Big Bang.
It is possible to say,
"He...hanged the Big Bang upon nothing."
Isn’t this situation strange?
But if we think that ‘nothing’ is a Reference Frame
( for example – Vacuum) then the situation will be more practicable.
" Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts",
/ Richard Feynman./

Tel Aviv, Israel

#7 Nov 25, 2011
Book ‘Dreams of a final theory’. By Steven Weinberg.
Page 66.
‘ Most scientists use quantum mechanics every day in they
working lives without needing to worry about the fundamental
problem of its interpretation.
...they do not worry about it. A year or so ago .....
our conversation turned to a young theorist who had been quite
promising as a graduate student and who had then dropped
out of sight. I asked Phil what had interfered with the
ex-student’s research. Phil shook his head sadly and said:
‘ He tried to understand quantum mechanics.’(!)
Book ‘ The trouble with Physics’. By Lee Smolin.
Page V!!
‘ Not that every scientist is a seeker, most are not.’(!)
/ page 329./
‘Few scientists think about foundational problems,
and even fewer have ideas about them’(!)

Ce la vie !

Tel Aviv, Israel

#8 Feb 5, 2013
Alice in Quantumland
The theory of quantum electrodynamics describes Nature as absurd
from the point of view of common sense.
And it agrees fully with experiment.
So I hope you accept Nature as She is — absurd.
/ QED : The Strange Theory of Light and Matter
page. 10. by R. Feynman /

‘ Many believe that relative theory tells us that ours
is a kind of Alice-in-Wonderland universe; that this
revealed by the mathematician Einstein who discovered
that there is a fourth dimension,....... that, in short,
everything is relative and mysterious.‘
/ Book ‘Albert Einstein’, page 4. By Leopold Infeld ./

We still don't know that negative 4-D is.(!)

In the other words:
Physicists show us the absurd and mysterious existence
of nature as a real fact.
I cannot believe that nature is absurd and mysterious.
I think that their interpretations in relative and
quantum electrodynamics theories were wrong.
' But I don't want to go among mad people,' said Alice.
'Oh, you can't help that,' said the cat.'We're all mad here.'
/ Lewis Carroll.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland./


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