Concepts on Total Body Transplant

Concepts on Total Body Transplant

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Marc Manspeaker

United States

#1 May 25, 2008
The concepts I have presented to the world about cloning the human body into a blank tablet clone by rapid genetic cloning need to be consider. The technology exist at this point in time to obtain a Lab-Clone with your own genetic DNA. If we have the ability to use Nano-Tech Atomic Sculpturing to engineer a superior life form, we will be able to transfer our self, life force and energy into this clone. If in the next decade, this concept becomes a fact, we will have a select few humans that will achieve human immortality. If you use the fact of Artifical Inteligence into this clone, we will be superior to everyone. These concepts need to be used in an independent way for the achievement of Autonomy of the self. We must achieve this form of human life to propagate the Planet. We must have our freedom and self dignity. I would recommend the use of my logic and the readings of objective psycology and philosophy. Such as Ayn Rand and Neo-Tech. This will free your mind to demand total objective honesty and productivity. The question is: What type of people are in the way of such an advanced form of human life? We need to use the most advance knowledge and technnology to achieve this goal. The goal is to live in human form forever. Concepts need to be made into a fact. These valuable concepts must become a fact. We are entering a new form of consciousness and we must realize this will be dangerous and valuable. I cannot overlook the dangers involved in such a valuable project. This is a Worldwide project and the population of the world must know.

Marc Manspeaker
Glendale, Arizona USA
Marc Manspeaker

Glendale, AZ

#2 Aug 19, 2008
The need for a storage center that will use liquid nitrogine for freezing DNA. We need to start a DNA bank for this development of total body transplant. Human genetic cloning, human genetic engineering, atomic sculpturing, nano-technologies, micro-film technology. Once we have a site for the start of informing people who are interested in this project, we will have a base of millions of people who will have their genetic code stored and anylized for there desire for human immortaliy. My thought is, that when we achieve a blank tablet clone, we need to achieve a clone that will not age. With the use of the above concepts, we will develope a method of human life that will be surperior to all other concepts of this scientific process. The use of cryonics will still be necessary.

Marc Manspeaker
Marc Manspeaker

Glendale, AZ

#3 Apr 2, 2009
I think that the geo-metric designs that I have been drawing are Star Maps. These star maps may be locations that I have designated by surveying the Universe and Beyond Existence and Time and Space. If I have traveled throught time and space and deprogramed from the norm of society, and entered a form of consciousness called Zon or God-Man mentality, as identified by Dr. Frank R. Wallace, These designs will be necessary for space exploration. I have wrote Ten Books that have not been published. The investigation may show that many investigaters have photo copied my writings.

Marc Manspeaker
Glendale, Arizona

Glendale, AZ

#4 Dec 20, 2009
Astro-Physics of the abstact language. A newly invented physics. It includes stanzas, sexualality, charaterization of faces, men at the age of 55-80 years of age. sex of women at the age of 20-35. The smallest detail may be the invented mathmatics. They may be the physics within the language. The smallest detail. I think after this is looked into, with wide scope neo-think mentality, it will be able to be used for Space Travel of the Universes, Dimentions, and into Black Holes throught time and space. We may be able to levitate massive amount of weight and more. I think it has the mathmatics of Folding or Bending Time and Space.
I think this will lead to space travel. The geo-metric designs may be the existence field made up of gravity units as defined by Dr. Frank R. Wallace of Zon Association. Also, the geo-metric design may be Star Maps since I have been surveying the Universes and Dimentions of Time and Space. Are these people within my language people of my Right Brain or people of another time or dimention. I do not know. They seem to have advanced forms of thought and a good sex life. Maybe it is a form of neothink mentality that I have invented.
Marc Manspeaker

Grapevine, TX

#5 Jul 17, 2010
Has anyone come up with a shorter term for this than a body transplant?
marc manspeaker

Glendale, AZ

#6 Nov 17, 2010
I have recently lost a black design and sketch book which I think the spy organization of the Associations Lawyers took from my home apartment. This book had notes and abstract writings along with geo-metric designs in it. I think that they intend to Prosicute me on this book. I quess their next step will be to prosicute for breaking the laws of physic. Probably the Courts of London England again. There was a victory in a secret court in the middle of the night against the Scientific Laws of Science, such as Scientology and Socoravian Science. Which has a basis of extreme malice and sadism. All of the geo-metric architecture in maricopa county state of arizona is a front for their extreme malice. Beware. These basic designs are sketches of mine which the Maslovian and Kirkigardians of the world are using to decieve and enslave and torture humanity that agree with me or the writings of Dr. Frank R. Wallace. These business leader are deceptive and dangerous master-neo-cheaters.

Marc B. Manspeaker
C of U by marc manspeaker

Glendale, AZ

#7 Apr 27, 2011
Freeing certain members of the human race from constigation all over the planet, solar system, gallexcy, the universe & every single dimention.
This must be achieved for the development of mankind. Space travel - The Ability to travel through the burmuda triangle - Air craft in Glendale Arizona USA. Built and in flight in 1969 concieved of in 1963. It has and is an Aircraft that has traveled through the triangle. I would have to say that doing business with the Civilization of the Universe has been going on at that time. We can gain knowledge from the C or U. The necessary factor is: and I must say and write to you: that the conversion to a Neo-Tech Neo-Think Mentality is a must.
Recomended reading is Neo-Tech Discovey. The written word in print, read by a man or woman of this information is what is needed to survive the change of consciousness that will occur on the planet Earth and even within the Universe. I have encountered many dimentions in this encounter and journey. I must say that it is very dangerous.

Marc Manspeaker

year 7945

Rockville, MD

#8 May 15, 2011
There's a movie about the consequences of a full body transplant titled "Sleeping and Waking" available at .
Marc Manspeaker

Glendale, AZ

#9 Jun 1, 2011
Please Report to me as soon as possible about any new development.

Since: Dec 09

Location hidden

#10 Jul 12, 2011
First Steps In Immortality

My Idea's, am I thinking these Idea's or am I being given knowledge by "The Lord"

I believe that in this world now, or the near future as was revealed to me The First Steps In Immortality are begining!

As "An Example Only" - Immagine that Maddonna gets to the end of her life and she either uses clones as described in this blog or she uses one of her ovaries and a unique donner (A Super Brilliant Human Like Myself For Instance) to fertilize the egg and grow a human!

Then specialised Neural doctors take a half foot sliver of the brain and transplant it into the grown human or clone!

The Identified Silver Of The Brain contains the core "Identity" And "Core Memories" of her life so that her "Self" Is preserved and lives in the new body ready for a whole new life with her monetary riches passed on to Her New Identity!

Videos can be made to teach herself of core knowledge that she wishes to remember in her new body etc!
Marc Manspeaker

Glendale, AZ

#11 Oct 18, 2011
Let's try google earth again.

marc manspeaker

Glendale, AZ

#12 Oct 31, 2011
If you owe me any assets or monies for services rendered, pay me in gemstones.

Marc Manspeaker
marc manspeaker

Glendale, AZ

#13 Nov 14, 2011
The use of individualized nano-technologies with neon targeting agents for use within the cellular structure including the genetic code structure. The use of nano robotics in this project. Folding proteins within the human body. There could be a mass market for these concepts. The use of latex, silicone, silicon needs to be researched and studied for this. The genetic DNA. RNA from sperm, blood, sweat, and cells of the exterior of the skin. Cellualar Regeneration into the bone marrow to recover from sever injuries and regenerate the human body. It will bring you back from the dead. Investments needed.

Marc B. Manspeaker
The Religion of Total Body Transplant
RIBI associeate

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