Smart Cases,

I am responsible for about 50 iPads.

Personally, I don't like these cases. When shut, the right edge of the front of the case sits in about 1/8" from the edge of the back of the case. For me, it made it much more difficult to open it up.

Not that the act of actually opening the front cover is difficult, it just made it so that I would have to look at it and try to get my fingernail under it to get it open.

With the "Smart Cover", it sits perfectly on the iPad and you can just open it with your fingertips, not fingernails.

I bought 4 of these "Smart Cases" for my users. 3 of them are going back to the Apple Store. The only one I was able to give out was to a user who had never used an iPad before, so they have nothing to compare the case to.

I would definitely try one out a bit before you drop the $49 on one. You may like it, or hate it. Personally, I hate it.