Water: Drought, population growth stress the nation's supplies

It seems odd to talk about water shortages when Colorado neighbors are facing epic floods in the upper reaches of the South Platte River system. But ignoring water issues when things seem OK is one of the ways America is getting into a jam over scarcity.

Much of Nebraska remains in drought, and we're using groundwater faster than it can replenish itself. A committee looking at the future of water use in Nebraska has focused on ways to capture and store more surface water. But there are limits to that approach if the water stops flowing.

Downstream water managers are tightening releases from Lake McConaughy, the state's largest reservoir, and warning that the big lake might one day empty out. The lake is only 45 percent full, and inflows from the North Platte are about 27 percent of normal. Its all-time low since initially filling decades ago is 3,197.6 feet elevation, reached in 2004 almost 70 feet below full pool. It's expected to drop to about 3,213.4 feet by the end of the 2014 irrigation season.

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