Someone contaminated my hard drive with some really intrusive spyware sometime within the last two or so months. Despite my Popup Blocker being enabled and having Windows high security settings for restricted sites, it kept opening up unwanted popups. It follows me around even when I go to SSL enabled websites.

The spyware is affiliated with the following URL: .

I can find nothing about this nym1.ib.adnxs spyware at Symantec or Kaspersky Labs. I did two scans at Panda Security, which also could not find it.

I also have Google web bots like , and Amazon Web Services spyware ,

stuck to my hard drive like sea barnacles, but I am not as concerned by those.

If anyone knows how I can remove spyware keys from my Windows Registry I certainly would appreciate some advice on how. But I do not want to buy any uncertified antispyware from any online, but unknown and uncertified (by Verisign) parties to remove it.