Interesting but the article is the other way round.

The galaxy in the pic is a virgo cluster spiral that was ram stripped by orbital passage through the intracluster gas pool developed around the giant ellipticals in the core of the relatively small cluster.

Following its orbital loop around the core of the cluster, the galaxy is now out of the gas pool and is condensing new stars out of the gas and dust shed by the old red giants and is turning back from a lenticular into a spiral.

It joins several other virgo cluster anaemic spirals with a regrowth disc.

This phenomenon does not limit itself to spirals. The giant Elliptical M84 has also drifted out of the intracluster gas pool and is now turning back from elliptical to spiral. In the case of M84 the 1.5 billion solar mass black hole in the core has sculpted an equatorial drag & spin disc in the galaxy core seen near edge on and is now drawing in the interior disc producing twin outflow radio jets.

All of the anaemic spirals (& M84) are likely to be ram stripped again in future as they orbit back through the intracluster gas pool.

As an aside a survey identifying distance and velocity of anaemic spirals and ellipticals with regrowth will provie limits on the size of the intracluster gas pool of the virgo cluster which will be interior to the distances of the galaxies in front, to the side, and behind, the pool of intracluster gas.

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