Gateway Monitor Recall?

Smithfield, NC

#85 Jan 25, 2009
Sometimes both boards on the FPD2185W need repair.....not often but both boards can go bad depending on how it fails.

Huntersville, NC

#86 Feb 4, 2009
I had my 2185w for about 13 months when it started dropping pixel lines. After the 3rd one that dropped down the screen, it died shortly there after. Gateway is not going to do anything about it. I paid $499 for a peice of crap. If the lawsuit sticks, please someone e-mail me and let me know how I can help or be helped. [email protected]
replace 2185

Salt Lake City, UT

#87 Feb 7, 2009

Paraparaumu, New Zealand

#88 Feb 8, 2009
I have an ASUS Laptop which has a Gateway Screen and guess what? Same problem! They have lost yet another (previously) faithfull customer!
Chris Buckmister

Superior, WI

#89 Feb 9, 2009
Wow! This happened to me about 6 months ago and I have had the monitor in my closet since then. Out of warranty, of course. I have a week off from work so I was going to see if I could take a stab at fixing this. I had no idea the problem was so widespread. I called Gateway and they refused to talk about the problem since it was out of warranty. Didn't offer repair services, either. Just told me to go find a TV repair place since "they are pretty much the same thing" Hopefully they decide to acknowledge this problem and recall the monitor. If there are this many people posting here with the problem, there have to be many more out there with the same problem who havent posted.
Sorry for the rambling post.:-)

Cedar Falls, IA

#90 Feb 10, 2009
Just found this forum and wish I had found it 16 months ago. Back then decded to buy a Gateway equipment (Desktop and 2 HD monitors) as they were offering 1 year same-as-cash. Just as these comments predicted 14 months later my 24" monitor has failed, and all Gateway have to say is "it's out of warranty, send it back and for $449 (it doesn't cost that new) we'll repair it. As others have stated, I will never buy Gateway again as I've had all kinds of problems with the desktop too. And I also agrre that Gateway need to be held accountable for the crap products they're selling, count me in on any lawsuit against them.
Jeff Blake
Cedar Falls

Fredonia, NY

#91 Feb 10, 2009
My 2185w just died.

I bought it in the summer of 2006, and I got my first pixel line in the fall of 2007.

For the past year it has been making this really high pitch sound that annoyed the hell out of me.

Today, I was working on a document, and all of a sudden the monitor just went black.

I will never in my life purchase another product from gateway. They offer nothing but complete garbage. It is a sad day when a $499 monitor does not last more than 1.5 years before pixel lines start appearing.

If there is a class action lawsuit, you can count me in.

Warrenville, SC

#93 Feb 13, 2009
Yup wrote:
my my my yup, I defeated the protection scheme on the backlight inverter and it runs just fine. Aging lamps are fooling the backlight inverter into thinking its drawing too much current and it shuts off the differential drive. Gateway was scheisted by the oem.
How did you do this?
Chip Hoisington

Bowie, MD

#94 Feb 14, 2009
I have 2 of these FPD1960 both defective monitors. Can you email me?

[email protected] Can you email me your info?
Sure-power wrote:
I repair the Gateway FPD1960, FPD1975W and FPD2185W monitors. You can contact me at [email protected] if interested.
If you can remove the power/inverter board it will save $$ on shipping costs. I have sucessfully repaired hundreds of these monitors.

Niles, IL

#95 Feb 16, 2009
We have an FPD2485W that just went black *poof*!!

Purchased 5/28/07
died 2/15/08 (not even 2 years old)

We do high end graphic equipment repairs here so any ideas as to what is wrong and where to source parts would be appreciated.

Perhaps we will start taking them in to repair for all the folks who got stuck with them.

No, not kidding.

Any help is very appreciated

Bedford, OH

#96 Feb 24, 2009
wish i had different news wrote:
We have the same thing you all have except that my husbands dad bought a gateway computer that died three times within a six month period and he finally gave up and returned it. we have a fpd2185 which took a s__t after 1 year. of course though we were promised in the store that it came with a three year warrenty NOT. when you all do the lawsuit add us in.
Never exccept a promise unless it is in writting!!!!!

Bedford, OH

#97 Feb 24, 2009
My warrenty is 4yrs in writting with a recept!!
leigh barnett

Spokane, WA

#98 Feb 25, 2009
same. the monitor button worked only my screen would flash on and then go right off. It would also say "VGA" (the cord?) after many phone calls and 3 weeks sometimes daily messing around with it. I finally got a gateway rep who gave me a address to send it too in texas. everyother rep was not helpfull. USPS said it would be 75 Dollars! oh well. thinking about getting another warranty.

Brooklyn, NY

#99 Mar 2, 2009
I do not see the remedy posted. I have the same issue. Actually, this is our third unit with this issue. Can you direct me to the remedy? Thank you!!!
Debra and Bob wrote:
We have also had the same problem with the Gateway monitor and will be taking your advice on how to repair it. Count us in on the class action law suit. It was out of warranty by 1 month. Thank you for taking the time to post the remedy.

Warrenville, SC

#100 Mar 5, 2009
FCW wrote:
I do not see the remedy posted. I have the same issue. Actually, this is our third unit with this issue. Can you direct me to the remedy? Thank you!!!
<quoted text>
Are your 3 also FPD2185W's ?
If so, post your email and I may be able to help.

Warrenville, SC

#101 Mar 5, 2009
FCW wrote:
I do not see the remedy posted. I have the same issue. Actually, this is our third unit with this issue. Can you direct me to the remedy? Thank you!!!
<quoted text>
Is yours the model FPD2185W? If so,
post your email and I may be able to help.

Warrenville, SC

#102 Mar 13, 2009
Ric Ricland wrote:
Own a Gateway flat screen? Then you own a defective monitor that will go dead in about 12 months.
All too true, but it is well known by now
that in the vast majority of cases, the
fix involves less than $10 in parts
(capacitors) and only a modicum of soldering
skill. A repair is offered by multiple
sources for ~75-$100 for the complete monitor
(plus around $20 each way for shipping) or
for ~$35 (plus around $7 shipping each way)
if you disassemble it and send the individual board in.
...Not bad, to fix a monitor many paid
up to $500 for. Read the rest of the posts,
particularly the later pages (posts from
~Jan to Mar 2009). Best of luck to all.

Abingdon, MD

#103 Mar 15, 2009
Where can I find a display screen for FPD2185W?

[email protected]

Portland, OR

#104 Apr 14, 2009
same crap here 2185w started with pixel lines then died! F-ing cow humping company, add me to the list to go after the pricks... [email protected] AKA rob hopkin ...

Tiffin, OH

#105 Apr 15, 2009
Once again...same issue as everyone else. 24 months after purchase my Gateway FPD2275W up and quits. Spent $400 on the thing and now it goes to the landfill. Going out to buy a $150 Acer tomorrow. I will never buy a Gateway product again. I'm now worried about my Gateway PC that I bought at the same time!

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