Gateway Monitor Recall?

Charlottesville, VA

#278 Feb 13, 2011
My Gateway monitor will not power up either! I thought that Gateway would stand behind their components, but I guess not.

Hilliard, OH

#279 Feb 13, 2011
Re: Lettering on the capactior is 12J 3KV JNC

If it's blue and shaped like a disc then it's not an electrolytic capacitor. Most likely it's an MOV (metal oxide varistor), a device used to clamp voltages.

I'm guessing 12J = 12 Joules, 3KV = 3,000 volts, and JNC the manufacturer. MOV's are often used as spike protectors in power strips.

See photo:

Hilliard, OH

#280 Feb 13, 2011
I am posting this link again because newcomers to the message board don't read all the prior messages.

If your monitor is out of warranty, Gateway is not going to help you. It's up to you to either repair it yourself or find someone knowledgeable in electronics to help you.

See my photo blog here:

Holualoa, HI

#281 Mar 23, 2011
Its a bad capacitor, i changed 3 that were bad n now works like new

Since: Apr 10

Titusville, PA

#282 Mar 23, 2011
visitor wrote:
It’s a bad capacitor, i changed 3 that were bad n now works like new

When going to the trouble of replacing the caps, it is a good idea to replace with the high temp 105 as many of them as you can especially within the same failed circuit, the others are undoubtedly going to fail soon also. [email protected]

Hilliard, OH

#283 Mar 29, 2011
Sprint6 wrote:
<quoted text>
When going to the trouble of replacing the caps, it is a good idea to replace with the high temp 105 as many of them as you can especially within the same failed circuit, the others are undoubtedly going to fail soon also. [email protected]
Yes, 105C is a preferred temp as opposed to 85C. Also, it's a good practice to replace all electrolytics on the power board rather than just the ones showing signs of trouble.

Cleveland, TN

#284 May 26, 2011
Gateway I Called To Talk To A Technician RE: Hacking Microsoft Told Me Call 1-800-Gateway To Get The PC Activated & Trouble & etc. Talked To Someone @ Gateway He Said That They Wanted A Fee To Talk Over The Phone Pain In The ASS So If They Made Your PC Oh It IS CUSTOM They Build IT & Ship It & Call Microsoft To Activate THEY @ GATEWAY SUCK!!!!!!!! So Do Their Sales Team!!!!!!!!!! Rude Lazy Just Say MOO They Sit On Their ASS. But The Repair Team Different Situation Just Say MOO! Oh U Pay Them UP-Front & U Are the Repair Technician So dumb &

Cleveland, TN

#285 May 26, 2011
Mark Ostrom

Chico, CA

#286 Jun 21, 2011
Your book on scribdn.. whatever, it WILL NOT DOWNLOAD. Why would you use hood ridden site to post your work? It relies on facebook and facebook wants nothing to do with this.

Folsom, CA

#287 Jul 1, 2011
Had the same exact issue with my 24" LCD from HATEWAY!! I also was backordered the monitor and received the speaker bar. Gateway would not give me the rebate since the it was past the time I received the monitor. I was out 80 dollars and then 13 months in the monitor went bad and Gateway told me I was shit out of luck.


Should have spent my money and just bought the Apple Display....

Lake Oswego, OR

#288 Aug 10, 2011
I also have an fpd2185w with the intermittent issue of the monitor either not turning off or on when the power button is pressed. it does this to me at least 2 times a week.

what i have been doing to cope with it when it won't turn on is to disconnect the power and the video input from the monitor itself (i use the DVI connect), and then reconnect the power and turn it on without the video input connected, and then connect that. it typically detects the DVI connection and wakes up. if not, i repeat. typically works by 2nd attempt.

if the issue is that it won't turn off, then i just unplug it; but then it typically won't turn back on once plugged back in... so i end up having to do the whole song and dance with the video input here as well, to get it to come back on.

i have noticed that it has been doing this more often as of recent, and so i suspect that i will soon be replacing some of the internals, but thankfully i'm good with a soldering iron.

Titusville, PA

#289 Aug 10, 2011
8 470 25 8) 470uf 25v 105* high temperature cap
2 220 25 2) 220uf 25v 105* high temperature cap
1 47 25 1) 47uf 25v 105* high temperature cap
1 10 50 1) 10uf 50v 105* high temperature cap

get these capacitors and replace them in a set on your power board

Lake Oswego, OR

#290 Aug 10, 2011
so, after my post above, last night, my monitor took to the inspiration of being discussed and didn't want to turn off, so i unplugged it and went to bed. today, when i took to the usual song and dance to get it to come back on, it refused to, 3 times. had to shut the PC down via the power button and restart it. i reconnected the monitor and its power to no avail, but by the second attempt the pc was fully booted (don't know if that had an impact) and the monitor woke up as it should.

at this point, i am not totally certain the monitor is the sole culprit, as i had to reboot the pc... i went ahead and undated my video card drivers thinking that this would be a way to potentially split this hair. i guess i'll know if this made an impact within the week.

otherwise, thanks sprint6, for the list of caps. hopefully my situation won't come to that, but that list will no doubt help many others with this monitor.

Hilliard, OH

#291 Sep 2, 2011
If you have the fpd2185w, you're already there. The only exceptions are units that have been "refurbished" which means tiny little fingers have already replaced the defective capacitors on the power board.

Do some reading to find out what is going on:
[click on the images for an expanded view]
[this is my video blog. click each image for expanded view]

United States

#292 Sep 6, 2011
Thank you solved my problem too. I had downloaded the latest OS for the iPad. I needed to reboot and lost the monitor when it came back up. iPad is fine of course but no monitor...till now. Unplugged the DVI and power, turned PC on, plugged in the power and then the DvI and the monitor was back up and running. Thank You!!!!

Kissimmee, FL

#293 Sep 11, 2011
My Gateway Monitor FPD 2275W lasted about 2 and a half years, so I guess I'm lucky. No it won't power up at all. The warranty is gone.(By the way, I'm currently using the Gateway CRT monitor from my old Gateway purchased in 2000 - it works great.)

Anyway, I'd like to check to see if there's a blown fuse inside but I can't fiquare out how to open the monitor. When the six screws are removed it still holds together. Do I have to break this to open it? Are these even repairable? I'll probably buy a new 22" that can be had for less than $200. Would love any info on a class action lawsuit.

Austin, TX

#294 Sep 11, 2011
Most Gateway FPD's are repairable. Read back through the posts. Some people handy with soldering and repairing electronics are doing it themselves. There are also shops which also specialize in repairing these. The question for you is "Is it worth it?"
If you have a high resolution, PIP monitor, probably it is, because you don't find them much anymore.

I sent mine (a 24") off to a repair shop in Houston, TX, which is not all that far from where I live (Austin). I have had it back for over a year and it is performing great. I posted the shop's link below.
Gateway FPD 2185W

Burlington, VT

#295 Sep 11, 2011
I had the same issue. We need to follow on the class action here.


Austin, TX

#296 Sep 12, 2011
Sorry, I don't support a class action suit. The only people who might make out would be some shyster lawyer angling for an out-of-court settlement for himself.

The legal issue is the warranty period. There is NO legal presumption of a warranty beyond the manufacturer's stated warranty, and a judge cannot impose one. You had plenty of opportunity to buy an extended warranty from a vendor like Best Buy. IF you purchased one, you would be OK. Extended warranties can also be purchased from third parties like SquareTrade. If you did not purchase an extended warranty, you are just SOL.

That is the American way.

Titusville, PA

#297 Sep 12, 2011
Frank: It is not a fuse, may only be the capacitors need replaced but if you are going to do it yourself, I would be interested in repairing it for you, or if you want to sell it for a parts unit. [email protected]

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