Two popular comic book superhuman characters in American folk literature are Inspector Gadget and Doctor Octopus.

Inspector Gadget is a heroic crime-fighting detective who carries in his rigged body special gadgets designed to enable high speed and great gripping action.

Doctor Octopus is a devious villain who attacks the society superhero Spider-Man with metallic extending grappling limbs attached to his body.

Both Inspector Gadget and Doctor Octopus represent fascination with using technology to amplify the human body and expedite labor.

In today's world where home-based technology and speedy convenience are the hallmarks of the business world (i.e., iPad communication streaming devices, body-attached music players, portal-enabled electronic bulletin boards, wireless email, etc.), convenience-celebratory franchises such as the mobile Apple Computers and the pick-me-up Planet Hollywood restaurant make a gadget-rich avatar battle between nifty Inspector Gadget and high-tech Doctor Octopus symbolic of lifestyle convenience.

Do these society considerations reflect the lingo-rich market value of lifestyle transformation-themed food companies such as Green Giant and gadget-convenience themed Hollywood (USA) movies such as "The Green Lantern" (2011)?

Are they printing movie posters on hemp/recycled paper yet?

God bless!