Kick-out Tae Kwon Do Spot from Olympics

Kick-out Tae Kwon Do Spot from Olympics

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#1 Aug 25, 2008
I think the current Olympics Tae kwon Do should be completely taken out of the Olympics as an event. This event is a complete waste of time as I do not see any skills or techniques involved in this sport. I cannot understand what would compel a person to train for four years for the Olympics, only to spend maybe 20 seconds really fighting. Most of the time, I see the participants of this so-called sports dancing around like chickens in what resembles a Mexican cock fight. The fighters of this sport seem to be hugging each other every few seconds because they do not want to engage in proper combat. If hugging and dancing around in the ring seem to be the goal, perhaps the OIC should introduce ballroom dancing as a replacement for this sorry sport.

I did a search on the internet and the meaning of Tae Kwon Do and this is the translation Tae = kick, Kwon = punch/hand and Do = Art. I think the Olympic version of this sport should be renamed Round House Kick Do as this is the only kick executed by the participants and mentioned by the commentators every time. What happen to the punches, high spinning kicks, combination kick punches and high jump kicks which are the foundation of this very sport?

Furthermore, I understand that Tae Kwon Do Olympics does not necessary represent the best competitors in the world as there are a few equally strong governing bodies in the world of Tae Kwon Do.

Tae Kwon Do goes against the very motto of the Olympic; Swifter, Higher, Stronger. I do not see this sport demonstrating these qualities. Oh well maybe “swifter” round house kicks but not executed properly,“higher” the screams as if being possessed by the devil in a sorry B rate movie, and “stronger” the bouncing around like chickens fighting.

For Olympic Tae Kwon Do to survive as a sport in the long run, the sport needs to reinvent itself. Firstly, the Tae Kwon Do committee in the OIC needs to re-look at the scoring system in the free sparing event. Participants should be encouraged to execute proper techniques and encouraged to use more combination kicks and punches with extra points awarded for difficult executed techniques. Judges should penalize single technique fights such as round house kick through the match.

Secondly, new events such as high kick and distance kicks events should be introduced. For example participants should be competing on how high or how far they can successfully kick a static target over obstacles. This introduction will see improvements of the participants in every Olympics as they will be looking forward to break these height or distance kicking record. Even gymnastics has included the trampoline into its discipline.

Thirdly, OIC should include all Tae Kwon Do governing bodies in order for it to be recognized as a truly global sport. When the gold medal is awarded to a participant, the spectators will know that the person standing on the podium is really the world’s greatest.

Jakarta, Indonesia

#2 Aug 26, 2008
I'M 100% AGREE

Coral Gables, FL

#3 Sep 1, 2008
Participate a sparring session some time. You'll understand.
erik bennett

New York, NY

#4 Sep 2, 2008
you are right,they need to step there game up a little.I've studies taekwondo for 2 years I want to make the olympic someday that is my number one dream but there to be more it than just sparring. I completely agree with you
erik bennett

New York, NY

#5 Sep 2, 2008
you are right,they need to step there game up a little.I've studies taekwondo for 2 years,I want to make the olympic someday,that is my number one dream but there need to be more to it than just sparring. I completely agree with you

Maple, Canada

#6 Sep 2, 2008
no. try to compete, tape youiself, and watch your own fight. then call it chicken fighting if you think you should.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#7 Sep 4, 2008
Olympic Taekwondo
Kick-out Tae Kwon Do Spot from Olympics
It’s true; Taekwondo event from Olympics has gone from bad to WORSE. I mean come on, all that touting and shouting but yet, all they do just jump around and wait for the opponent to come out with the first move. While they do that, the just waste time.
Taekwondo is a Martial ART, I emphasize on the art because it is. What shown during the Olympics during the spars, well, if you call that Spar event I call it barking at each other. All I see, that just want to do some kicks n earn points, that all, and when the kick is executed, it doesn`t seems to be a legit kick in Taekwondo point of view.
Jerry from MIAMI quotes "Participate a sparring session some time. You'll understand" Honestly dude, have you ever taken up Taekwondo?? If you do, I think what you have learnt is wrong.
If one to question me why I’m being such a harsh?? Well, I’ve studied and practiced Taekwondo since I was 8 year old and I’ve joined plenty of tournaments here. You see, the problem is, they are 2 Category of Taekwondo in the world, one is WTF and another one is ITF (I bet you didn`t even know that) Points are given on the style of executions, not only just hits, if during a spar event, if you hit your opponent, the method counts, ROUND HOUSE KICKS DOESN'T COUNT!!!
so, forgive me but I was kind of Pist off and disappointed of the current Olympics Taekwondo event, it turned out to be some sort watching some teenagers fighting, taunting at each other, you call that Taekwondo?? I reckon not
Ps: kicking the ref for losing the game?? Ban Both Angel Valodia Matos N His Coach for Life

Mississauga, Canada

#8 Sep 13, 2008
I don't agree with your comment. You obviously don't understand the sport. I do agree that just like JUDO its hard to understand for a person that does not practice it. I think they should change the rules to promote a more exciting way of fighting. I remember them talking about giving 3 points for a "complicated" technique score. As it is right now I can see how it is a boring sport to watch fot those that dont understand it. However comparing it to a Mexican chicken fight is very far from the truth.
1. Make it more exciting
2. Don't bash somehting you dont understand and have never done.
3. If you want to know what tae kwon do is all about go on you tube and watch the highlight videos.
sheldon-tkd champion

Rose Hill, Mauritius

#9 Sep 17, 2008
Oh no taekwondo is an immense sport...many incredible techniques exists and tkd has his place in the world of the olympics games =)

You just don't understand the sport..go and practice it then you'll see what really tkd my dear!!younger ahlethes must have their chance to participate and honourate this sport further on and more...=)=)=)
If then after all these comments back to you, you still maintain that we are wrong... then just FUCK OFF!!!^^ respect dear =p

Shah Alam, Malaysia

#10 Sep 21, 2008
I totally agree on this. Where has the "Art" in martial art gone to? If all they do is execute round house kicks, they might as well compete kicking the sandbag or something.

To say that it was a Mexican cock fight meant that the competitors moved in a manner that imitates how chickens fight. they move in when the other moves out and move out when the other moves in.

I am a taekwondo exponent and i was terribly shocked at the state of the competition. First for the lack of sportsmanship and second for the lack of quality. The competitors somehow lack the spirit. Sad to say that this competition was a let down. there was no fighting spirit. All they did was move in and out.

What should sparring be like? watch some other competitions. like the Kyokushin Karate Kumite.

Widnes, UK

#11 Oct 26, 2008
i think that you should give the sport a try for about 12 months then after that enter your national chapionship IF YOU CAN POST A COMMENT AFTER THAT would you think your comments the same

Minsk, Belarus

#12 Dec 24, 2008
Has the author of this article taken part in any taekwon-do session. Doubtly.It is easy to judge about sport sitting near TV and eating corn, it is difficult to fight with man who can brake your jaw at three places with one good kick. Do try it!
Joe in Canada

Edmonton, Canada

#13 Jan 3, 2009
Boy's, boys, boys....
I have been in the martial arts for over 30 years. One of the biggest disappointments to me was the inclusion of Tae Kwon do in the Olympics, especially knowing that no matter how removed the rest of the mrtial Arts world is from TKD, we are all painted with the same brush when TKD has a world stage to show off poorly trained referees, pathetically ineffective techniques and a debacle of epic proportions showing an "Olympic" athlete attacking an official even if he was a bad one. Totally against all martial art precepts I have ever been taught. It's time for TKD to grow up and either get it together and stop franchising clubs and letting anyone with enough money teach or drop out of the Olympics. I agree, the Olympics is no place for what I've seen the last two summer games. They should be ashamed.
Steve Fallon

Jamaica, NY

#14 Jan 22, 2009
TKD is a forgotten relic in a MMA world.
nate the greaaaaaaat

Kent, WA

#15 Mar 7, 2009
wow obviously you do not understand the idea of it...
And it is far more complicated then boxing, and the techniques are steller...
i a boxer and a practicer of tkd say that you sir...
are an ass
nate the greaaaaaaat

Kent, WA

#16 Mar 7, 2009
i amditt Bejing was bad...
But go to youtube and check out Athens highlights for Tae Kwon Do you will be impressed because these boys show stronger, swifter, higher...
Probley the most physically intesive activity ive done in my life...
And their are more knouckouts in taekwondo and i remmberr when i was knoucked out... it shatterd my jaw completely...
jsut because you understand doesnt mean you should bag on it
forgive the spelling errors... broke some fingers from blockign a kick
nate the greaaaaaaat

Kent, WA

#17 Mar 9, 2009
imm gonna put you infront of a roundhouse kick and see how you like ti to the face...
Their was very low morale in the Bejing olympics for TKD
And even boxers dance around and hug...
But the TKD athelets are in a luage above you and deserve your respect.

Thier level of athelticsm is amazing and my journey to the Bijjeing olympics was cut short because a "Roundhouse" broke 5 of my ribs...

But the things you didnt look at is some of the braveHadi Saei Bonehkohalsome broke his hand but kept fighting and evuntually won gold... never would see a boxer do that to huh?

Sir... I say once again... we were at a bad pun... but look at teh Athens highlights on youtube...
Your so good do that!
brandon zon

Edmonton, Canada

#18 Jun 4, 2009
Well that is just the stupid WTF instesed of the ITF

North Versailles, PA

#19 Sep 8, 2009's been confirmed Tae Kwon Do will be in 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympic Games.:P

Also, I believe there will be a revision in the scoring component.
Tony Teel Sr

Martinsville, VA

#20 Oct 26, 2009
I beg to differ on the comment that Olympic Taekwondo doesn't show the art side of it's art and that it is ineffective. Like someone else stated in the comments try training in Olympic style competition sparring for about 1yr and then come back to this site and repost what you experienced. I've been practicing and teaching Taekwondo for 25yrs and I know first hand that it is one of the most effective stand up fighting arts in the world and if it wasn't as effective as some of you may think then why does so many people and countries practice such an ineffective martial art? Please explain that to me.

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