I.O.C. Calls Slant-Eyed Photo of Span...

I.O.C. Calls Slant-Eyed Photo of Spanish Basketball Teams "Clearly Inappropriate"

There are 50 comments on the snafu-ed.blogspot.com story from Aug 13, 2008, titled I.O.C. Calls Slant-Eyed Photo of Spanish Basketball Teams "Clearly Inappropriate". In it, snafu-ed.blogspot.com reports that:

I just wrote about this the other day, and the International Olympic Committee has now commented on this. The Spanish Men's and Women's basketball teams both posed in advertising photos, pulling back their eyes to make themselves look slant-eyed. The ad was for the Spanish courier company, Seur.

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Richmond, VA

#47 Aug 15, 2008
The olympics are a coming together of people from all over the world. If there's even a chance that something could be considered "racist" or "inappropriate," common sense says "Don't do it!"

It doesn't matter how many people voice their displeasure with potentially inappropriate behaviors.

It's not a numbers game.

There are always those who 'rage in silence'

I don't think it's any one person or nation that decides what is inappropriate behavior, but rather our own individual conscience, influenced by what we choose to learn about other peoples and cultures. A more informed individual---who might choose to be a little more immersed in the culture of country hosting a global event like this---would probably use more thoughtful judgement before attempting to imitate the physical features of that culture as "mild" mockery.

Just use common sense, that's all.
If you think it might be offensive to anyone, don't do it.

Albir, Spain

#48 Aug 15, 2008
quattrone wrote:
They're latin. Their sense of decorum is impaired.
Your prostitute mother was harmed especially when you were born

Albir, Spain

#49 Aug 15, 2008
BelGazou wrote:
<quoted text>
Franco instituted his own little "Inquisition" with the help and collusion of the Spanish Catholic Church, who are forever on the side of the oppressors.
Spain has been digging up the bodies of the "disappeared" for the last 10 years. Franco continued to have opponents secretly murdered until the A-hole finally went comatose. Forty years of frightened silence is gradually giving way.
I suppose that a bunch of idiotic ball players slanting their eyes for a photo is an improvement from dragging "infidels" into the town square and putting a bullet in their heads. But I also recall, a few months ago, that Spanish soccer players and fans verbally and physically abused the African "guest" players. I hope that this was not indicative of a continuing trend. The Nazi genocide also started with insults and random acts of violence. Lord knows, the U.S. also has a very large contingent of yahoos and jingoists. I think that it is only because we are now so very polyglot, that we haven't returned to the days of impromptu lynchings and the racist immigration policies of the early 20th century. Spain on the other hand is still pretty homogeneous and add to that 40 years of isolation. They really are totally not cognizant of their own racism, much as the U.S. was in the 1930's and 1940's.
Only an Anglo-Saxon hypocrite sees racism in these photos. It is not a fault to have the torn eyes. You are a sick society

Albir, Spain

#50 Aug 15, 2008
Only the press of Anglo-Saxon culture sees racism in these photos. If Chinese and rest of the planet do not feel offended; the one who is going to ask the Spanish for pardon for everything what is said?


#51 Aug 17, 2008
but? where is spain? Is near to China? Or Mexico?
Guess Who

Las Vegas, NV

#52 Aug 17, 2008
Just think in 200 years will future generations be diggin up our stuff and thinking what treasures we left?

Oakton, VA

#53 Aug 18, 2008
BelGazou wrote:
<quoted text>
Homosexuality and racism are two very different things. You can be both a raging queen and also be a raging racist.
exactly. i think rosie o'donnell is a perfect example of this: http://www.racialicious.com/2006/12/07/rosie-...
almost every person in the world has some sort of sexual orientation. that includes racists. that has absolutely NOTHING to do with how you view people of a different race or background. being progressive and tolerant in one area does not mean you are progressive and tolerant in all areas.
Jennifer Beckman

Cabin John, MD

#54 Aug 20, 2008
Ashley--need I remind you that this was NOT DONE BY AMERICANS? I am so sick of Americans taking the blame for everything, and this may just be about the worst example I've seen yet. Ashley, also, the people defending the photo have in 99% of cases been Spanish people! Who are incidentally accusing the American media of being too PC for being concerned about this!


I think I saw maybe one American poster who said it was just a joke and to "lighten up" or such. I saw many more British apologists (and apologists from other countries besides the US) on other sites.

Finally, why was the nasty example you gave (apparently a member of the nineteenth-century KKK in white robe being "rolled in fried chicken"? whatever that means) about Americans and not THE SPANISH, WHO DID THIS? Did you see it as a good excuse to get some anti-Americanism in?

If you saw a Spanish dressed in a monkey costume throw bananas at a black athlete, would that be the United States's fault, too? I'd be curious beyond belief to see how.
Ashley wrote:
I'm asian and I'm Canadian. What was witness has been completely insulting. I grew up in a country where liberal viewpoints and unity has always been appreciated and encouraged. To see that there is even a debate on this is what hurts the most. I see most of the people who comment on this are from the US. Imagine this if you will....our viewpoint of americans are ignorant, fat and gun toting. At the Salt Lake City olympic games not too long ago, an ad comes out, and it depicts the Chinese basketball team rolled in Kentucky Fried Chicken, wearing nothing but a white cloak, and carrying guns. Is that not a generalization on a country of how many million citizens? But it was all in fun right? Find the humor in that?
It disapoints me that we have survived two world wars, overcome slavery, and a women's movement, and there are still people out there who defend this picture. It's NEVER funny to slant your eyes to asians because it's insulting, it's something we are born with, not somethign we can control, you are calling in essence calling it a birth defect, we can not all be born with beautiful large blue eyes, when you point it out in mockery, you are insulting us.
There is a reason for this outcry. Please be cognizant of your ignorance when you next post something like, "I'm sorry, I thought it was funny. What's all the fuss about?" You weren't insulted here. Put yourself in the shoes of an asian child who has grown up around caucasian kids who slanted their eyes thinking it was funny and us running home crying because we can't have big eyes like 'Rebecca Goodwin'. If you are looking for humor, turn on the comedy channel. The world olympic stage isn't a place for that.

Alameda, CA

#55 Aug 22, 2008
I thought about this one (having lived in Latin America for a time) and realized that all of the controversy could just be avoided with the right t-shirt. Come on, Spain. Try the American way... http://blog.cafepress.com/...

Oviedo, Spain

#56 Aug 24, 2008
I am a Spanish people who are very upset and fed up of your insults.This ridiculous insult that you invented for attacking Spain unfairly as usually you do, and in that group of lies is USA adding to your unfair insults. The photo just show that they were going to China Olimpic Games, Where are you seeing the racist intention?, so maybe you look for more depth than anyone. You have a really problem with racist, you see racism in anyone, probably is because you have this problem not us. The same stupid problem you did too with Hamilton in Montmelo, ridiculous. NOBODY IS DOING NOTHING RACIST AGAINST HAMILTON OR CHINESE PEOPLE in Spain . If you donít know China laughed about this stupid insults against us, they saw the famous photo and they think the same, the real meaning of that photo.
It is very ridiculous to hear this insults coming from GB and USA , big racist countries, hooligans, do you remember how many people killed and hit?,Öand I donít want to speak about USA. but GB, anyone knows that in Europe is the most hated country, because you are selfish, self centered, blind, unfair players,...
If you donít know Spain is the country in Europe with the most numbers of Chinese children were adopted, is the country who is giving more money to poor countries,ÖThese are just some examples that you canít say. Like the amount of people that is hit or kill in the street because of they are not white skinned or English nacionality . You know that every day is coming foreigners peoples without visa to Spain, illegal people and we care them, give the medicines and food, but there are millions of them and we have not more space and we are returning them to their countries, are you helping us? Are you doing something? Are you helping them?, please hypocresy is your first skill, liar is the second and blind the first. It is entering to Spain amounts of inmigrants every day more than the inmigrants are going to the rest of the Europe , ARE YOU DOING SOMETHING? ARE YOU THINKING REALLY IN RACISM? Please, please shut up and follow my advice.
I were living in England 4 years ago 6 months learning English. I were living in a city with 60.000 inhabitants, so very small city. And I came back to my country really scared, one german friend was hit very hard for skin head people in this small city, because he wasnít English. Every country have problems with racism but England I think have more problems with racist people in Europe, maybe you can find insane people in big cities, but in a city with a amount of inhabitants like a village, if they have this problems I canít imagine in the rest of the country, with that example I have enough. Like this poor brazilian that was killed so hard in 7th july, because he looked like muslim and nobody said nothing?, you have a really problem with racism. CE advise you not too much time ago UK have to finished their problem with racism, and do you know something, nobody have said nothing to Spain, and one more, you are the only one. Do you know? I think that your eyes is seeing racism anywhere because you are racists. Do you remember something very famous in UK , Spanish haunting? Do you remember? Some of my friend live that party that you have, this is you real problem, UK is very racist, very dangerous country for foreigners people, I were really afraid to you.
I am starting to think that GB are envy of Spain, but very hard problem, so I can understand that a country like GB have that feelings, it is normal, but please forget us, because we donít know if you exist or not, so we donít care nothing about you, so you are not important in our life, or economy or anything in this country or CE. We have good and bad weather (skiing and beach), one of the best cuisines in the world, freedom, happy people, work,ÖI can understand why are you envy.
Now you have to apologize to Spain and Spanish players, because they deserve for being insulted so unfair like you do. FORGET US.

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