Diamond Resorts International Acquire...

Diamond Resorts International Acquires LCI Travel

There are 22 comments on the PRWeb story from Aug 8, 2008, titled Diamond Resorts International Acquires LCI Travel. In it, PRWeb reports that:

LCI is a sales and marketing company with Preview and Call Centers strategically located in Wakefield, Nottingham, and Rotherham, England.Glyn Margrave, owner of LCI, has been appointed to the position of Sales ...

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Wakefield, UK

#1 Nov 4, 2008
wen did this aritacle get written and wot is the situation at the minute as lci rotherham have closed its doors and all the many employess have all been laid off next friday and lost their jobs, how does this effect the people who have just signd up etc !!!!!!!!!!
maggie rotherham

Nottingham, UK

#2 Dec 8, 2008
have Lci shut for good does anyone know

Sheffield, UK

#3 Feb 23, 2009
The story of LCI and its owner Glyn Margrave is one of deceit and fraud with one man making EXTREME amounts of money from creating false dreams to the people of South Yorkshire.
I am in a position to be a "whistleblower" with everything that I say being able to stand in court.
I will only give information to those who have been affected by the illegal activities of LCI Travel..and not to personal disputes.
ex lci worker

Bedford, UK

#4 Mar 17, 2009
i briefly worked for lci travel, briefly meaning 1 day. they are con artists do not under any circumstances buy anything from them, the will suck you dry and tie you down with contracts for life. they employ people to sit in a pokey room with pastic chairs and rip pages out of the phone book and get them to ring every1 on the page. if u dont get any bookings on your first day you get sacked and dont get paid. i know .
Lci ex worker


#5 Jul 29, 2009
this is all bull, i worked for LCI selling the product and i can tell you that everything that is said on a presentation is TRUE and if the people did'nt want to buy then they did'nt buy it simple as... it is a SALES OFFICE!!! thats what people do in there SELL the product , you can go to currys and it would be exactly the same someone trying to sell you something... Get a grip!!!
ex lci

Newport, UK

#6 Aug 28, 2009
i used to work at the one in wakefield.. until i left... you are given a script to read out once people start getting wise to the company they change their name. this happened a few times... they employ young students.. not even old enough to work sit in an office and are forced to call every number off a page in the phone directry... if you dont get any shows... you get fired... manager is on coke.. you ask them for a reference when you leave... they dont give you one becuase legally the company doesnt exist...

Barnsley, UK

#7 Sep 23, 2009
This page is full of shit i currently work for diamond resorts who have taken over LCI and i can say that there is no con involved what so ever and now all the information the company recieves is from market surveys and questionnaires people asume that its a skank because its advertised in the same way and i can say that im proud to work for the company.

Kingston Upon Thames, UK

#8 Nov 8, 2009
LMAO you people need to get a grip who believe for one minute its all kosha, i have worked for said company many years ago after working in the resorts and know said owner very well, get real people why defend it just accept you have sold your souls to the devil and get on with it its a job but its not for everyone and in this day and age if people want to be blind to whats going on around them and then complain tuff they need to wake up.
Avoid like the plague

Bristol, UK

#10 Jan 14, 2010
I worked for LCI Travel WAkefield for 3 weeks, 4 years ago, and all the managers are Coke Heads!
THey turnover staff at a phenominal rate, and to last longer than a week is a miracle. Thats if you dont quit first.
Bottom line, it was con, and the change of name is what any business zavvi person would do, as afterall, there are only so many idiots you can scam before you run out of customers that don't know the reputation service provided!
all true

Hove, UK

#11 Feb 14, 2010
i work for diamond resorts which was known as lci travel i can safely say i after agree that if there was another job out there at the moment i would take it my line manager sniffs cocaine even whilst at work with other individuals on high salarys i wish to remain annonymous as i could be liable to dissmissal but i after say it is true and we do sell falsely and make you believe your getting cheap break away for a week or maybe less for rock bottom prices around five pounds each per night in 5 star. lci was failing and chaged its name to suset travel and someother name at the same time hpoing to get people in and still you would get people asking its nothing to do with that lci company is it and of cause we were made to say ufft no not that crimeshare company. its a joke it pays me about 160 a week full time but lets face it there is no other jobs at mo and i cant see this one been here much longer.
timeshare is great

Claydon, UK

#12 Mar 22, 2010
Everyone get a grip here its not my fault if you all get paid 160 a week GET BETTER JOBS.

Diamond are a fantastic company who sell a fantastic product.

All true, I doubt very much that you work for Diamond, what department are you in?

San Jose, CA

#13 May 1, 2010
I purchased a timeshare from Polo Towers over 15 years ago. When we went on vacation in July 2009 we were informed that Diamond Resorts had taken over and after a good sales pitch we purchased from Diamond Resorts $10,000 paid in full. BIG MISTAKE. Six months later, our $1,600 maintenance fee was due. Our family was going through some difficult financial times. I tried talking with several people at Diamond Resorts and received the same robotic script from each of them. When I did pay the $1600 fee, my check was returned and I was told I no longer have a timeshare. I have been on line and have seen 152 complaints about this company. What can I do to get either my $10,000 back or my timeshare back? This company needs to be stopped or made to be fair and show a little compassion with their customers.
Online I read over 152 complaints. Most of these people owe 2009 and 2010 maintenance fees. How come their timeshare was not taken from them? Is it because my timeshare has been paid in full and you can now resale it?
the lci ex worker

Wetherby, UK

#14 May 9, 2010
i personally enjoyed my time at lci even though it is true what is said about them the manager richard barber does sniff cocaine and is also having an affair with zoe bolton the line manager luke griffiths the other manager is also a womaniser and has gotten quite a few women pregnant and paid for their abortions and as for the bald headed twat dave if i ever see him in the streets of wakefield i will kill him cause he may be big but there is always someone bigger and that person is me and last but not least mr glyn margraves the owner stroke head drug addict he tries to intimidate people with little electric bb guns and flashes his money around but he is trying to compensate for his ridiculously small penis so thats about it the best thing about lci were the christmas parties at the graziers all drinks free and if you bought a book of raffle tickets from the pound shop you were set all night because the thick fuckers never even realised that we did it lol
also ex lci worker

York, UK

#15 Jun 14, 2010
worked at lci for about 3 months....what a joke! u have to lie to people....if cust askes for ur managers name...eg LUKE GRIFFITHS...and u give them it.....ur in big trouble!! its not a real job its for 16 year olds who wanna make a bit of cash for a few weeks! DO NOT go to a presentation. i once sat in one and was SHOCKED! they used to promise staff with free holidays...they do not get peoples info thru anything but the phone book! OWNER IS A PRICK AS IS RICHARD! they also threatend to take me to court HAHAHA!!
another ex LCI worker


#16 Jun 17, 2010
I dont care what anyone says on here. Richard and Luke had the best GEAR ever, we enjoyed a drug fuelled night of Debauchery (for all those that have posted previously on here, you will need to look that word up in the dictionary) that rocked my world.

I only earnt about 160 a week, looking at Zoe's big titts was good though. When I look back now Ive realised I ended up on a phone at the age of 20+ at LCI because of a couple of things:I ate to much, became obese and wasted my life.

Now its time for me to go off and write on another website about my previous jobs that I hated but feel the need to look up on the internet and post about. But before I do that I need to go cash my giro, collect my milk tokens and buy some fake Burberry. Christ anybody would think by that the people that used to work on the phones at LCI were a bunch of chavvy, single parented scrubbers.

Honest m8 we woznt, lol, lmao , pmsl
aunty LCI

Solihull, UK

#17 Apr 12, 2011
they're a bunch of illiterate no-marks who have little intelligence and as such are suitable to be manipulated and controlled. Jo Briggs called me - slack as a bag of spanners.
Stay well clear of the whole bunch.
p.s. I met Jo Briggs also, believe me, she's a big girl and has a face like a bulldog licking a nettle....Twice the reason to stay well clear (she stank also)


#18 Apr 22, 2011
Obviously last coment posted was O dear Sour grapes From sumone who didn't perform get on with ther Job took the piss and a unbelievable amount of time of skiving cumin up with cock n bull stories Shame they waited till the day I left to post ther sad Comment All I can say is Diamond Resorts gav me the tools & experiance into the Holiday Experiance ther fore Allowing Me to use my. Expertise n now work for a Major Airline So thankyou diamond And sadly the sad person who posted that Coment think we al know Who lol n got that was unhigenic Got sacked is now on the dole or serving sandwiches I didn't I progressed and will continue To do so. My only smell is the sweet Smell Of Sucess Ps mr Anti Lci has wot He calls a Big Girl I dnt cum anywer Near Lol Get a life cos uv made so Obvious who Uare cos your the only one I called Slack but I was always Honest and got on with everyone


#19 Apr 22, 2011
Ps To all u who hav dissed the Company and your ex collegues frieNds remember wot goes around comes around... So unprofesional One day your paths may cross again in Employment and u people wil hav no Hope!

London, UK

#20 Apr 25, 2011
whatever good comments get left here; bottom line is this company rip people off big time. i am out of pocket 15,000 and have never been able to use my points - which are now frozen. so, ill say this for em, theyre very clever working the system and law to fit them. theyre heaping in the money whereus us nieve working class lose out big time. so yeah; wot goes around comes around
Private Eye


#21 Oct 11, 2012
Well i am well shocked, The Ferrari 430 convertable Reg plate "Glyn M" i keep seeing around Sandal.

he seems a really nice Guy, i know he is unfaithfull as that's me Job he has a quite a few young folk on his rounds these days. I can't say who of course.

Rinaldis seems OK these days i didn't release he was an Ex Time share Con.

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