Please sign the petition. PLEASE EDUCATE OUR COMMUNITY.
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-Our Safe Energy Director, Ed Smith, will be on Earthworms on KDHX 88.1 FM tonight at 7:50pm to talk about the radioactively contaminated West Lake Landfill. Be sure to tune in for the whole episode if you can. Starts at 7pm.

Who will pay for it? the responsible parties that illegally dumped it there.
Why should I care about this?
-Because the same stuff that is being cleaned up at coldwater creek (florrissant) is at the landfill.
- Numerous reports of illness and cancers from families that lived there. It is our health that is at risk.
-It is also on a flood plain, earthquake fault line and fred weber blasts at the quarry right next to it everyday making it a risk for contaminating our water and soil.
- it is not properly maintained
- all of st.louis county and city get our drinking water 5 miles downriver (missouri river) from the radioactive waste
We were named in FORBES for the 20 most polluted cities. BECAUSE OF WESTLAKE.