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nolita walker

Saint Louis, MO

#312 Feb 5, 2013
As a former member of this church and sunday school teacher, this is the kind of behavior that caused me to step down and disassociate myself with this congregation. I think people need to examine if they are truly called into the office of a Pastor. Being a Pastor is a calling and should be treated as such. I am embarrassed as a Christian because we have such a hard time making the case for Jesus and then an incident like this come along. I ask everyone to pray for her. Pray that this will be used as a spiritual coaching tool for her to re examine her relatiionship with Christ.
The Shepard

Missoula, MT

#313 Feb 5, 2013
Alois Dear Alois god doesnt love you but I do I would sear the fatty flesh from your bones to feed starving kids you bloated black bitch! if it werent such a cliche for colored folk to pull shit like this i may have thought twice but it is soooo predictable any way you are ugly person inside and out and God does not love you you should start worshipping the Devil if you ever wan to see hereafter.
Brooke Marie

Oklahoma City, OK

#314 Feb 5, 2013
Hateful bi**h. I like to think there's an especially HOT place in Hell for ignorant a**holes like this broad.

United States

#315 Feb 5, 2013
It is ok to not give an additional tip when it is already added to your tab but it was only 18% and a base tip is usually 20% so it is not like they charged her more than what she was suppose to tip. Using God as justification for not tiping is just low. She should learn that she should not say anything if she doesn't have anything good to say. When people look at people that work for any church they see them as giving and forgiving people and she does not represent that. If she truly felt ashamed of what she did she should just have issued an apology for her lack of judgement and not gone and complain about it and allow for a person to be fired. On top of cheap she is rude and a disgrace!
Payback time

Ballwin, MO

#316 Feb 5, 2013
Every restaurant in town should place the Reverend's picture in the kitchen and if she shows up for a meal, make her food "extra special" for the queen.
Todd Allen Peterson

San Diego, CA

#317 Feb 5, 2013
People like this pastor disgust me. What disgusts me even more is that Applebee's would fire the server ! I don't think I will eat at Applebee's anymore.


#318 Feb 5, 2013
The proper thing to do if one is upset about a pre-aranged tip would be to complain to management. They would probably respond by saying you can leave whatever you feel is appropriate. By writing that obnoxious note on the check, it is obvious that this idiot was using the name of God to weasil her way out of a tip. For that she deserves to rot in hell.
Rob Bush

Hurst, TX

#319 Feb 6, 2013
joe wrote:
Go to there web site
click on photos......they sure go on a lot of trips....since they claim to be a church....they don't have to pay taxes.......

Quincy, IL

#320 Feb 6, 2013
Pastor Bell, You should be ashamed. That poor waitress probably works twice as hard for her money, than you do. You didn't know her circumstances or homelife, yet you decided she should be fired. Maybe she was a single mother, or had a terminal illness, or supporting an elderly parent, or ill sibling, a family that depended on her salary didn't know and didn't care. You are NO Christian lady!!! Waiters and watresses depend on their tips, their salaries are a pitance of what most people earn. I watched your videos of you preaching, that is not preaching, that is hopping around, screaming and yelling...because YOU need attention, not a message to give God the attention. Maybe you should learn the true meaning of being a Christian by sitting quietly by yourself, reflecting calmly and peacefully on what you did to that waitress,read your bible and ask God to forgive you then spend the rest of your days, trying to become the true Christian you profess to be. You can't preach to others, the things you don't understand or practice yourself!!
Fundamentalist-N OT

Elmhurst, NY

#321 Feb 6, 2013
Admit it Alois there is no god just people like you making a profit from poor folk. Where does the 10% that your "customers" PAY YOU go ?. Your congregation are your customers, paying for the privilege of deluding themselves. If they pay their tithe and keep their heads down they will escape their horrible lives. After all is it not better to live for the future(death) then concentrating on changing things for the living ? Well you really changed things for the living, way to go getting that girl fired because you were embarrassed by your PIGGISH BEHAVIOUR.

Oak Hill, WV

#322 Feb 7, 2013
I have a solution to this entire problem. For the next year or at least until this waitress finds another job, take the pastor's tithe every sunday from her congregation and give it to the waitress. teach the pastor some humility and humanity. I don't really care what her race is but I see this sort of thing going on all over. These so called preachers think they are better than everyone and they are cruel to the underdogs. I think they should all be held accountable. And as for this waitress she did nothing wrong with posting the receipt. there is no such privacy law protecting a receipt. Applebee's fired her because this crazy loon called up using god as her defense and they didn't want to anger the general religious public. they don't want to lose their church crowds on sunday's. they don't give a damn about their employees.

Ventura, CA

#323 Feb 8, 2013
a reader wrote:
I would imagine by now that members of the Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries has gotten wind of what their "pastor" did at Applebee's. It's not enough that she would stiff a hard-working waiter, but that she would go back and demand that several employees be fired. I can't imagine an honest, God-fearing Church would put up with such an uppity, arrogant woman who has the audacity to do such a thing. How else do you think she has betrayed you? I promise you that there are thousands of people in this country (and probably around the world) RIGHT NOW who have such a terrible opinion of your Church that you would be ashamed.
Even if Bell apologizes, the damage is done. This is your Church. This is what everyone will forever remember about your Church. Aren't you proud?

I agree wholehardily. I would add that this "Lady" is an incredible "mooch"... quite often large groups don't tip anywhere near a reasonable amount. The groups ALWAYS take much more work to serve and take a server away from a reasonable income for work performed not in a group. If she truly had an issue with the tip, the proper way is to address the manager in person, but she obviously didn't have the guts to confront someone and tried to hide behind religion. Incidently, the Bible says we should give the first 10%, not only 10%... so I read that to mean I should give what I can...not limited to 10%. This "Pastor" is just a modern day pharasee!!

San Antonio, TX

#324 Feb 9, 2013
Here's the address to her ministry if you would like to compose a well-worded letter about how she is such a great "Christian."

2600 N Florrisant
Saint Louis, MO 63106

Monroeville, AL

#325 Feb 9, 2013
Lindsey wrote:
Here's the address to her ministry if you would like to compose a well-worded letter about how she is such a great "Christian."
2600 N Florrisant
Saint Louis, MO 63106
Folks if you write a letter please dont go to this womans level. Please do as post says and compose a well-worded letter. Show her what a true Christian or what a true Atheist is all about. We should be about helping each other. Just remember we are all walking each other home.
Heather L

Springboro, OH

#326 Feb 10, 2013
What kind of church has a pastor that treats people like this??? Alois Bell is a greedy, selfish, self serving, arrogant woman and doesn't deserve to be a pastor of anything other than maybe the teachings of Satan. I wouldn't step foot in a so called "church" that allows and promotes that kind of behavior. I feel if anyone is going to boycott a restaurant that prefers to treat their employees like dirt should also stay away from churches that teach that is ok to treat hard working people like bottom feeders as long as you do it in the name of "God". Their God anyway. My God teaches "love thy neighbor" and "do unto others as you would want done unto you".
B Clare

Tulsa, OK

#327 Feb 11, 2013
Shame on you "Pastor" for using the Lord's name as a shield for your own selfish opinions.
I do hope that your congregation realizes your true self.
Does the Pastor have the same belief about the taxes that she has to pay when she buys a car, does her taxes, etc.
It is easy to be spiteful to the server, but don't use the word "Pastor" as a shield for your stifled and small minded outlook on life.

Since: Feb 13

Location hidden

#328 Feb 12, 2013
Watcher wrote:
I feel that there are three parties that are "guilty" in this case.
1. The Pastor, Alois Bell, for leaving such a nasty note on the bill.Bad move. This set things in motion.When a sever reacted negatively the "comment" by posting a pic of the bill on a website,it went viral.Bell contacted Applebee's demanding that people be fired when her "comment" was exposed.Chelsea Welch was fired.
2. Chelsea Welch, for allowing the SIGNATURE in the photo to be seen.Poor judgement.If she had cropped the pic with just the "comment" showing - no harm done and point made.
3. Applebee's ,for overreacting and firing Chelsea Welch.
In this case ,cooler head need to prevail.
All three come together -Bell and Welch apologize to each other and Applebee's reinstates Welchs' job and makes a small donation to Bell's ministry
Your right she would have been alright if she had just shown the comment and not the signature.

Griffin, GA

#329 Feb 15, 2013
She is a disgusting, ignorant, and ill-spoken excuse for a human...not to mention a pastor. And it looks like she should be out walking after church instead of going to Applebee's. Just sayin

Mokena, IL

#330 Feb 17, 2013

That is the real Alois Bell. I wouldn't want her running my church

Mokena, IL

#331 Feb 17, 2013
rightio wrote:
<quoted text> Your right she would have been alright if she had just shown the comment and not the signature.
You go donate to this woman and with a receipt I will double it.

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