Truth in the World Deliverance Minist...

Randallstown, MD

#292 Feb 2, 2013
As a pastor who is paid by other hard working peoples donation I can't believe her attitude towards a server. Not to mention the use of God in such an insult towards another person. By the way to even mention an amount you tithe to your church is so little. Church isn't God. You give everything to God not 10%. I would be embarrassed to be in church you minister.
Amie Lynn

Manchester, MD

#293 Feb 2, 2013
Dear Pastor Bell:

My heart is broken as much as yours must be with your un-Christ like behavior all over the internet and getting a young lady fired from her job. The waitress was more biblical then you: Let him who is your servant be your master, and let your master be your servant. What service did you do to this waitress's family and reputation? Is it not written: Render unto Cesear what is Cesear's and unto God what is God's. You are a poor example of a pastor and you should be fired from your job. What a horrible example of a pastor you are. You have done this act in the name of religion to try to justify your conduct: try to look at yourself and your actions through the eyes of Jesus Christ, and ask yourself what would He see? I believe you missed your calling, you shouldn't be representing the church and certainly not Jesus Christ, the man of love, forgiveness and grace: which you have none of those characteristics. God bless your soul and on judgement day, you will not hear "well done good and faithful servant", but rather: What would Jesus have done?

In true Christ love, Lynn

South San Francisco, CA

#294 Feb 2, 2013
I'm sure the Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries church is very proud to have Alois Bell as its pastor - snark intentional. What a great example of being Christian and a Pastor to boot.

Lynnwood, WA

#295 Feb 2, 2013
Somehow I wonder if there are any elders in this church. If it is not a very small church now, it will be shortly. I can't imagine anyone staying at that church now that they know how truly their pastor lives the Christian life. I know I would be going to another church immediately.
Rob T

Keller, TX

#296 Feb 2, 2013
I am disappointed in Applebees. Won't be going back.

The church has not taken any action against the "pastor" so they have shown their true colors too.

Applebees and that stupid, hypocritical pastor will forever be linked...they deserve each other.

Owens Cross Roads, AL

#297 Feb 3, 2013
LOL...what a clusterbomb.
Sorry-a** "pastor" and sorry-a** church.

Be sure to give ol' charlatan Bell your 10%(even though you probably need it far more for heat/food/clothing/gas money.

Who knows? Maybe if you give enough she'll take you to her favorite Applesleeze, refuse tip, and get the staff fired!

After all, WWJD?
What a disgrace

Centerville, TX

#298 Feb 3, 2013
Mgaston wrote:
It is not only the fact that she didn't tip. Many people don't tip. But, she made such a nasty remark toward a hardworking person who had served her...... Clearly she expected to be (secretly) nasty and that nobody would find out. Now she's all "I had a lapse in judement, I didnt mean to embarrass my congregation."..... Bla bla bla... Shes just mad she got EXPOSED and is being held accountable for her actions.
I agree 100% I bet she laughed arrogantly about it...until she went viral! What a shame this woman could not control the anger she had with HERSELF instead if having this worker fired. I wonder if she is also so arrogantly laughing that she did get her fired! SHAME this happens in America, someone else usually has to pay for the mistakes of others. THIS is why people turn away from religion, because of hypocritical acts such as these.
What a disgrace

Centerville, TX

#299 Feb 3, 2013
Rob T wrote:
I am disappointed in Applebees. Won't be going back.
The church has not taken any action against the "pastor" so they have shown their true colors too.
Applebees and that stupid, hypocritical pastor will forever be linked...they deserve each other.
I went either!! I don't see what grounds they have to fire her, just because some loud mouth calls yelling and acting foolish over HER OWN MISDEEDS!!!

Elmhurst, IL

#300 Feb 3, 2013
Rhapdog wrote:
<quoted text>
The correct church is Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries, not Word of Truth Ministries.
The contact you gave is completely wrong, and this same contact information seems to be given over and over again. Alois Bell is not associated with the church you are giving contact info about. Please stop doing that.
I don't have the address of the real church, because they are a small, 15 member group that cannot afford a building of their own.
Now that I've said that, I'd like to point out something else I haven't seen mentioned yet. This is, according to the news report I read, at LEAST a party of 8 to get that automatic tip from Applebee's. When I take my wife to Applebee's for lunch for the 2 of us, we can't get out for less than $25-$30. This bill was $34 for 8 people? Most likely it was the entire 15 member congregation "going out for tea" after church. Think about it... if it was 8 people, then they only had something to drink and ordered at the most one appetizer. Most likely there was no appetizer or some ordered water to keep the bill down.
Amazing. When you see a group like that coming in and only getting drinks, and one appetizer to share, you automatically expect no tip.
. It seems you have your heart in the right place but ur eyes and brain cannot seem to articulate together !!!!! Read the story again it says the bill was $200. And it was splitting in the parties .. I swear you people have no reading comprehension at all!!!!

United States

#301 Feb 3, 2013
f this is how your so called congregation treats people, and uses god as a weapon to condone doing it.......burn in hell. This was a dedicated worker that was putting herself on school. If I'm ever in that area I'll be sure to spit in you people's general direction. So disgusted. I hope u fire that ignorant bitch that works in your congregation cause she's trash plain and simple. So don't give us that she doesn't work here excuse, your simply embarrassed and you should be. Guess what the rest the world gives 10% to their religious beliefs, gives a gratuity for services rendered in good industries, and gives 18% to your bullshit congregation to take your cheap asses and ignorant ways and shove it up up your asses....yes all of you. Do the world a favor and buy your own damn food and cook it your damn self. Cause theres hard working Americans out there that bust their ass, and people like you need to be told to get the fuck out a damn restaurant.

White House, TN

#302 Feb 3, 2013
She needs to find notes in her collection plate that says "I gave my 10% to God with a donation to The Salvation Army or to The American Red Cross, a homeless shelter, a children's hospital, or the local food bank"..Any organization that can actually promote good will toward mankind. I would not want any percent going to someone who is so stingy and hypocritical. Lets see how long she can float without relying on others to sustain her with their 10%.
pastors daughter

Kerman, CA

#303 Feb 3, 2013
I was brought up a Christian by parents who truly love and obey and above all fear Gods word. This "pastor" is a poor example of what a Christian truly stands for. She needs to be removed from her position in this "church". I hope people will not look to her as an example of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Omaha, NE

#304 Feb 3, 2013
this is sad indeed.This un-christian pastor should be embarrassed for her lack of common courtesy, and selfishness.
1st wait staff make less than minimum wage and rely on tips to make their pay. If they are a good waiter/ waitress they deserve a tip. This waitress did not make the rule of 18% on larger groups Applebees did because the wait staff have extra to do to take care of larger groups,if you felt that was to much of a tip maybe you should have been an adult and spoke to the manager. I usually give a 15% tip so 18% isn't to much to ask for. Perhaps your parishioners feel they are giving to much offering to your church then it would be acceptable for them to write a note and place it in the offering tray?? I think you would really rag about that!!!!!!!!! Applebees will be losing alot of business for awhile because of this selfish selfish woman. Enjoy Applebees more people coming in like this lady and there won't be anyone wanting to work for you!!!!!!
The waitress deserves to work at a place that will stand behind their employees. Good luck Chelsea!!

Monroeville, AL

#305 Feb 3, 2013
Watcher wrote:
I feel that there are three parties that are "guilty" in this case.
1. The Pastor, Alois Bell, for leaving such a nasty note on the bill.Bad move. This set things in motion.When a sever reacted negatively the "comment" by posting a pic of the bill on a website,it went viral.Bell contacted Applebee's demanding that people be fired when her "comment" was exposed.Chelsea Welch was fired.
2. Chelsea Welch, for allowing the SIGNATURE in the photo to be seen.Poor judgement.If she had cropped the pic with just the "comment" showing - no harm done and point made.
3. Applebee's ,for overreacting and firing Chelsea Welch.
In this case ,cooler head need to prevail.
All three come together -Bell and Welch apologize to each other and Applebee's reinstates Welchs' job and makes a small donation to Bell's ministry
I might agree with this up to the last statement. This so called Pastor does not deserve any money. This Pastor got upset because the everyone was about to see what type of person she was.

Monett, MO

#306 Feb 3, 2013
I am truly appalled that someone would act so arrogantly pitiful behavior. Horrible attitude. If I attended your church, which I would never do, I would be completely embarrassed and would find somewhere else to attend. The scripture does not tell you to act like an idiot.

Monroeville, AL

#307 Feb 4, 2013
Im sure her congragation is black and Im sure the actual waiter was white. This might be a little racism going on, but of course you will never hear that. Now if the pastor (i say that lightly) had been white and the waiter black and the waiter was fired the NAACP would already be involved. The church will not do anything because they are ok with the way she acted and they proobably do the same thing when they go out.
The pastor then goes on a local channel with a black host to laugh it off, in the clip I did not see where she was called on not leaving a tip at all. She made sure to go on a show that woudld laugh with her. Who only leaves 10% these days.
scratching my head

United States

#308 Feb 4, 2013
Did the pastor just leave church and before the services ended, she probably led the church in prayer giving thanks and asking for God's spirit to watch over them and all the right things to pray about. Then a couple hours later, deliberately cause all this confusing and mayhem in these peoples' lives and then to add insult to injury throw God's name in the mix, A God you claim to honor, love and respect???? Your conduct brings serious reproach in his name and his teaching. So you have offended your God and his name, you have caused this young lady and her co worker grief and unemployment and Applebee's is taking hits as well. I do hope you think long and hard in your actions when conducting yourself as a representative of God. I am ashamed of you and your actions! I hope the measure in which you measure out to others IS NOT measured out to you in return...not only losing God's favor and blessings but being homeless and jobless and hopelessness. Wow all this mess over a tip!!!!

Killeen, TX

#309 Feb 4, 2013
Unfortunately you have shown the world how little and pathetic you are. You were right to want the receipt deleted but you should have started out with an apology for your actions and offered the waitress a tip. Sad that this is the behavior you display when you thought no one was watching. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Los Angeles, CA

#310 Feb 4, 2013
first of all, i tip...always. i give 15%and more,on the rare occasion that i go out to eat food. all black people are NOT the same. this so-called pastor was wrong and is a disgrace. the young lady should get her job back. but i wonder how many people who talk so much would use the same energy to contact applebee's and the pastor and tell them your views? posting them here does not help anyone.
Not Surprised

Marshall, TX

#311 Feb 5, 2013
It just so happens that I was once a waitress, at Applebee's, in a town that has a black college...we as wait-staff (white & black) would DREAD the Thursday night shifts because that was when the students from the black college came in to eat/destroy/cause havoc (on half price wings/$1 beer night-which has since been cancelled because of what was going on). We would honestly have to have police on hand (AT APPLEBEE'S!!!) because they were rude, started arguments, bitched over EVERYTHING to get free food (mainly hot wings), and they NEVER left a tip and always left a huge would typically look like a bunch of 2 yr old babies just finished eating. So it is so not surprising that a black women wanted something for nothing and to even add more icing to the cake the fact that she just so happens to be a so called "Pastor" just makes it even more typical.

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