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Suffolk, VA

#251 Feb 1, 2013
Stupid is as stupid does. All previous comments describing Alois Bell as a arrogant, self-righteous, egotistical so-called "pastor" are correct. She should be made to wait on idiots such as her solely for a server's wages (without the inclusion of tips) for a year and see how she gets along. Payback for your 10% of faith in God. Old school eye-for-an-eye, bitch! By the way, policy or not, I won't ever go to an Appleby's.
good tipper

Portland, OR

#252 Feb 1, 2013
really pushes my hot button when an arrogant, mean hearted person tries to wrap their bad behavior in religion

“My heart is really broken,” Bell added.“I’ve brought embarrassment to my church and ministry.”

she didn't express remorse for getting a hard working person fired, but rather for hurting herself

She may as well have said "I regret that my behavior may cost me money when people decide not to attend my church"
Amanda Hugginkiss

Santa Maria, CA

#253 Feb 1, 2013
The server was wrong for showing the patron's name on the receipt, however Applebees was wrong for firing her and I will not eat there again now that I know how they treat their employees.

The pastor was trying to be cheap by splitting up the bills so she wouldn't have to pay a gratuity at all and then decided to write a smug little parable of sorts on her bill to excuse her cheapness-- UNFORGIVEBLE and worse, UNCHRISTIAN. These workers need to eat also!

How about finding a little compassion, pastor?

Colorado Springs, CO

#254 Feb 1, 2013
God wrote:
Don't worry. I'll turn her into a pillar of salt.
God lives in Ballwin?

Dagsboro, DE

#255 Feb 1, 2013
Watcher wrote:
I feel that there are three parties that are "guilty" in this case
Really? I feel you're stupid.

Duluth, GA

#256 Feb 1, 2013
She shouldn't be in the pulpit in the first place I think that's proven by her attitude. Humble???? this is a egomaniac calling herself a pastor are you serious???? The church site has even cut off email you click the email link and you go to a newsletter sign up page? why the heck do i want to subscribe to this so called church I already know how to be a a**hole.
Amanda Hugginkiss

Santa Maria, CA

#257 Feb 1, 2013
The emailed reply I received from Applebee's:

Thank you for contacting Applebee’s, America’s favorite neighborhood grill and bar. Applebee’s Guest Relations will review your feedback and be back in touch within three to five business days, though we will work hard to reach out sooner if possible.

If you are contacting us regarding the receipt that is going around the internet, please know as a company that relies on literally hundreds of thousands of incredibly hard working team members, we can assure you that we and our franchisees value and support them and their efforts. However this unfortunate situation has nothing to do with work. The employee involved did not wait on the guest or party. Regrettably, and without the restaurant's knowledge, she took it upon herself to take a customer's receipt, with the name clearly visible, and posted it online with her own commentary. That is a clear violation of our guests’ privacy and against the franchisee's company policy that the team member was provided when hired. We simply cannot accept behavior that compromises the safety and privacy our guests have every right to expect and deserve. Please note that we are also not excusing the guest's behavior in this matter and the unacceptable comment she wrote on the receipt, which is offensive to us and all our hard working team members. To be clear, the 18% gratuity added to large party tickets was paid by the guests party. This is a regrettable situation and we wish it had never happened. We hope this provides you with some additional insight.

Please be aware that this is an automated reply. We suggest keeping this email so you have your case number for future reference. Your case number is:(redacted).

Thank you again for reaching out.

Applebee's Guest Relations Department


United States

#258 Feb 1, 2013
"Pastor" Bell makes me sick. What a horrible way to represent your church. Makes me wonder what goes on behind closed doors....

Marietta, GA

#259 Feb 2, 2013
Strange that Applebees is claiming it is against corporate policy to post receipts on the internet when, up until today, they were posting receipts on the CORPORATE website that praised Applebees.

Missouri City, TX

#260 Feb 2, 2013
An article detailing the few things you can be certain of in life stated something like this

A person who is nice to you but mean to a server is not a nice person....

In my experience, this statement has been 100% accurate.

Fair Lawn, NJ

#261 Feb 2, 2013
Wow, a pastor stiffs a hard working woman on a tip and then gets her fired. Way to go Pastor. Why don't you do the right thing and get her job back, give her the proper tip and resign from your job. What a joke.

Shreveport, LA

#262 Feb 2, 2013
Cody wrote:
Does anybody have a phone number or address to this church so complaints of what occured can be properly be heard?
The douchebag works at
Not suprised

Climax, MI

#263 Feb 2, 2013
Check out this website:

Allows waiters and waitresses to post about bad tippers and bad behavior by diners...including celebs

One theme you will notice...the large majority are of one skin color...blacks are notoriously bad tippers...

And I would be interested to see if this pastor actually does tithe 10%

High Point, NC

#264 Feb 2, 2013
Pastor Alois Bell may have won a few souls in her ministry while preaching but how many has she turned away from Christ while pulling this stunt? Was it worth it? I guess SHE will find out in the afterlife huh?

Los Angeles, CA

#265 Feb 2, 2013
Please hold your " pastor" accountable for her actions. What she did was rude and extremely un-christian. I'm sure there are more deserving members of your congregation that can better fufill her role.

Los Angeles, CA

#267 Feb 2, 2013
i think it showed clearly the content of her character, it didn’t ruin her reputation, it ruined the facade she had built and gave the world a true representation of her nature, a real reputation.

London, Canada

#268 Feb 2, 2013
It appears that Alois Bell's horns are peeking.

White House, TN

#269 Feb 2, 2013
If the “Truth” could be known, this stingy money lover so called Christian has probably pulled this stunt at other restaurants before. If I were her, I would be afraid of eating out anytime soon in fear of eating alot of spit. The manager of Applebee’s should have to server her and see how he feels about getting an insult for a tip.

Aurora, IL

#270 Feb 2, 2013
Server wrote:
I read the story of Alois Bell, the minister for this church, and her totally un-Christian behavior. As a server, I find this woman's behavior to be reprehensible. She should be ashamed of herself, and I found the "apology" to be lacking. What she should remember:
1. Servers get paid less than minimum wage and rely on tips to make up the difference. That is why they will bust their tails to make sure you have a good dining experience.
2. Whether you tip or not, the server still must pay the bus person, the bar tender, the host, and the kitchen. The amount the server pays is a percentage of your bill. So, if you don't tip, the server (who already earns less than minimum wage) gets to pay for you to eat.
3. So if you can't afford the tip, don't eat out. And don't be one of those jerks who comes into a restaurant with an attitude and chip on your shoulder complaining about nothing in order to get free stuff.
4. Getting people fired is not very nice.
So basically, this woman, Alois Bell, got called out on her bad behavior. She behaved in a completely uncharitable manner, and only felt badly after this became public (not actual remorse, just didn't like for people to find out what a bad person she is). She felt no remorse when calling Applebee's to get that poor server fired. I wonder what she says in her sermons.
If you Google the name of the church you get one of her "sermons"?

Aurora, IL

#271 Feb 2, 2013
Watch her in action

She's missed the whole point of God, and recognizing there is God in all of us, even her. I pray her the awakening to truth that selfishness is not the path to Love.

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