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Escalante, UT

#190 Feb 1, 2013
I am appalled by the behavior of this so called "pastor". Having a waitress fired in this economy because she was outed for not tipping and making a point of being a total jerk about it. Shameful.

I will never set foot into any Applebees ever again, they fire the girl and then defend the out-of-line customer's right to be out-of-line?! Not a business I care to patronize.

Southaven, MS

#191 Feb 1, 2013
Typical of her race and position. This why taxi drivers in NYC don't pick blacks A lot of them don't tip.

Dayton, OH

#192 Feb 1, 2013
Lee wrote:
That said, she's had to learn a lesson the hardest way possible: publicly, at the mercy of people who really seem to have no mercy. Her church and brethren need to welcome her back and love her as she struggles with this, as I'm sure she'll continue to. Love her and bring her back: it's what Christians do. We don't throw our own to the lions: that's what the world does. We help them and hold them up. "You who are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness.." My prayers go out for this lady and for her brethren that they behave as Christians and not as the world does.
The world is crying for blood and a trip to the arena for another Christian. Don't let them have it. God will bless those who bless His own. And He will curse them that curse them.
What a crock. So-called "Christians" are the exemplar of in-fighting and exploitation.(Why do you suppose there are so many denominations?) All the judgment passed in the name of an ancient fiction, the condemnations.... Just look at what this "Pastor" wrote on the receipt!

Lee, you're a whack-job. You want to martyr this idiot, go right ahead. Funny that you didn't "say a prayer" for the recently unemployed Chelsea Welch. Just don't have it in you, do you? Typical hypoChristian.
40 year server

Clearwater, FL

#193 Feb 1, 2013
I am totally disgusted by the actions of your so called Pastor! Any person that is a TRUE pastor, preacher, priest person of the cloth WOULD NEVER EVER do what this preacher did. she should be ashamed of herself and you should be ashamed too. to get a girl fired for SOMETHING SHE DID WRONG (not the server) is not a Godly thing to do, is this even a real church or another scam that pretends to be a church so they can collect money from people and pay no tax? I'm willing to bet it is seeing how your pastor acts! if you really are a "church" legit you would fire this so called preacher. she bought shame to your church and everyone thinks your just a scam church not a real one. I've been in this business 40 years I go home at night sometimes crying from the pain, and you don't think she deserves a tip????? well I think the people who attend your scam church should refuse to put $$ in your collection plate (that you get tax free) and see how you feel. did you know a server has to pay tax on her sales weather she gets a tip or not? I'll bet you didn't. so it cost her money for this "preacher" to sit on her fat behind and get waited on like she's a queen or someone of importance.
shame shame shame!

Huntsville, AL

#194 Feb 1, 2013
Kindness, respect for anyone,and Gratitude dieing things in our society. We are the so called Mean girl society anymore, Wait staff make very little money as is, and $6-$7 is not worth embarrassing so many people over. The comment was wrong ,the writer was wrong. The public humiliation of the writer of aid comment might serve to Bring back humility in this place we live. After all Public humiliation was a somewhat effective method in the Eighteenth Century. And I hate to say it but people were better then than they are today it seems.

Dacula, GA

#195 Feb 1, 2013
I often wondered why one disciple out of twelve would be the one to offer up Jesus to the Pharisees and Sadducees. Why a disciple? Why one of His own? Now the pieces to that puzzle all seem to come together, rather sadly, I might add. This Pastor is no better than Judas, in that she forsook the ministry of Christ to be humble in her commission as a Christian (Christ follower) to be a true witness/example of His perfect love rooted in being a servant to Him and others. But she fell miserably short of that. She had a wonderful opportunity to redeem herself, again through humility, but she took the road most traveled and opted to excuse her less than godly actions and dismiss those actions as being a result of poor judgement. Granted, it was indeed poor judgement, but the bible is clear on what the fruits of the spirit are, and none of those were in operation that day and in this particular situation. What it came down to was her money and the love of it eventually being the root of the evil than we all are caught up in with our comments. Then pride stepped in and perpetuated the offense further along. I am almost certain anger was part of the self-righteous cocktail satan himself served her. What she missed was a golden opportunity to right a wrong, correct an offense, by owning up to some truths about her humanness getting the better of her (it happens to us all), apologizing for that, making amends, taking a little swat on her fractured ego, and admitting that she perverted the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope, as a fellow Christian, she now makes a choice to rise above her flesh to save face and instead falls on her knees seeking true repentance before God and wisely acts on that waitresses behalf to have her reinstated as an employee at Applebees. So far, the route she took has only done more harm than good. The entire New Testament has not registered with her if she does not get what any of the Apostles had to say, echoing what God said in the Old Testament, on what obedience to God looks like and what loving your neighbor looks like, too!

Gwynn Oak, MD

#196 Feb 1, 2013
Way to bring god into tipping Pastor Cheap. You got service from someone who makes less than $5/hr - TIP PERIOD.

Coraopolis, PA

#197 Feb 1, 2013
She is a so called "pastor"? I have worked with black people who claim they are "pastors" and they were far from holy. To be a true pastor, minister, priest, rabbi, father you must go to a seminary and learn and live your religion, not get some online or over the phone document claiming you are a pastor. It's so funny to me how black people use religion as a scapegoat for ignorance especially since nearly 80% of crimes are commited by blacks but are only 20% of the population. People had no idea what color she was until her ignorance proved what she is and contacted Applebees because she is the idiot. It figures she would be a fat, loud, ignorant black woman who thinks she's better than the person serving her food.

I am only partially rascist because I think all these white catholic priest should be hung by their genetals until they rip off for what they do to kids.

Gwynn Oak, MD

#198 Feb 1, 2013
people like this pastor think they have some sense of entitlement. how many times do you think this server had to run for water, bbq sauce, mayo, more water (do holler rollers drink alcohol.....) napkins etc.... it is a no wonder why the hospitality industry is filled with stereotypes about demographics; thanks for making them ring true "pastor".

Gwynn Oak, MD

#199 Feb 1, 2013
Maybe this waitress can attend your church now that she is unemployeed; and you can share your 10% sunday tips with her.... Adois Bell, what a fraud
Louisa Benajmin

Canton, MI

#200 Feb 1, 2013
I am a revolutionary just like Jesus. Jesus was always an advocate for the poor. He was never one to embrace the spirit of arrogance, legalism, pomp and circumstance and unforgiveness. How could Minister Bell display such arrogance, haughtiness and ignorance? Do you realize what she really did?
This woman tarnished the name of my God, your God, and our Jesus and grieved the Holy Spirit. Minister Bell was so astonished that this “waitress”, Chelsea Welch,who works for less than minimum wage should have never admonished her. She was ashamed. Instead of her apologizing for her uncouth conduct, she wanted to make sure the young lady would pay for it with losing her position. God has grace but minister Bell was more concerned about her pride, her church and her reputation. How dare she insult the name of the Great I Am? How dare she insult women! How dare she insult the poor? I do remember where Jesus mentioned that he would always bring justice to the poor. If you remember history that meant the oppressed Africans, the Jews, the Greeks, the Mexican, Latino, the Asians and any other human being he created. God wants his children to be free. Minister Bell was being repressive. The watress is a child of God. Her destiny maybe greater than minister Bell anytime, any day or any decade. Who is she to condemn anyone? God can remove the anointing and blessing of anyone.

Why did she do this? Her actions were irrcorrageable. Bell needs to ask the company to rehire the waitress. She has brought incredible shame upon your ministry. This minister foolishly apologized to everyone but the waitress. Maybe she needs to be taught etiquette about restaurant dining and tipping. What an embarrassment. I am ashamed that she had the audacity to even capitalize her comments for the entire world to see. I even saw her comments on a Tea Party website. Do you understand what that means? Tea party members are the evangelical movement, the conservative Assemblies of God and the Pentecostal church at large. What a gross mistake. I do pray your public relations department will clean up this mess prompto. You fail to realize the consequences of this fiasco.

I pray that minister Bell will repent and write a letter of apology to the waitress. She did not reflect love but hatred, abuse and pride. God says that the greatest of these will fall.
Taking a stand for server

Calhan, CO

#201 Feb 1, 2013
Pastor Bell should be banned from the church for such an act of hate and disrespect.

Bethlehem, PA

#203 Feb 1, 2013
I already don't eat at Arby's because they fired an employee who was being held at gunpoint and managed to escape by leaving the building. They fired her for leaving the store unattended. Screw you Arby's. My life is mor important!!!

I will not eat at Applebee's anymore either. The customer is not always right!! Especially when she is an arrogant, ignorant, hypocrit. Serve God???? Really, with that attitude???? I think not.

Coraopolis, PA

#204 Feb 1, 2013

Please check this out and let me know what type of people attend her sermons. God don't like ugly.

Cypress, CA

#205 Feb 1, 2013
StartreadingtheBIBLE wrote:
<quoted text>
That is not the church. Get your info right.
yes it is..........they took "sis pastor bell" out of the album

Bronx, NY

#206 Feb 1, 2013
Shame on you Pastor Bell...I realize that there are many, many mean people in this world but you do not want to hear of a pastor doing such a nasty thing to other people.
You should do not belong in a postion of guiding people through life and dealing with souls. I hope you do not counsel adults and never children because you can not handle your own life let alone help someone.
Your members should be ashamed of you and make you step down.
What gives you the right to leave that women a nastygram...she served you and I thought a pastor served everyone...guess not!

Littleton, CO

#207 Feb 1, 2013
I would have blacked out the name but on the same note..let this be a lesson to Alois. Don't sign your "so called" title to a piece of paper that you will have to apologize for later. Shame on you for using "Pastor" on such a cold, un-Christian like comment!!

Calgary, Canada

#208 Feb 1, 2013
Missouri Lawyer wrote:
Your pastor is an arrogant, uppity, rude, no-class, bitch. One of those so-called "Christians" who want to cram their foolish crap-dogma down the throats of the rest of the world while doing NOTHING to live the Bible's teachings herself. Self-righteously stiffing a struggling food service person just trying her best to get by in life. It's absolutely outrageous. But so typical of a black woman who thinks she's better than the rest of the world because she preaches her own version of the word of The Lord. If there were really a God, your pastor would be headed straight to hell-hell-hell. May she rot there forever.
I'm pretty sure you don't go to hell for not tipping, besides the fact that she left $6.00 at the table and only took offense to the automatic tip being added.

New York, NY

#209 Feb 1, 2013


#210 Feb 1, 2013
Incredibly appalling. This "pastor" knows nothing of kindness and appropriate courtesy when dining out. The tip was less than $7.00.... I would have taken a picture too! Just to be sure this really happened! Reap what you sow... Thank THAT to the bank!

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