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Fairmont, WV

#1 Jan 31, 2013
I would imagine by now that members of the Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries has gotten wind of what their "pastor" did at Applebee's. It's not enough that she would stiff a hard-working waiter, but that she would go back and demand that several employees be fired. I can't imagine an honest, God-fearing Church would put up with such an uppity, arrogant woman who has the audacity to do such a thing. How else do you think she has betrayed you? I promise you that there are thousands of people in this country (and probably around the world) RIGHT NOW who have such a terrible opinion of your Church that you would be ashamed.
Even if Bell apologizes, the damage is done. This is your Church. This is what everyone will forever remember about your Church. Aren't you proud?





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Marengo, OH

#2 Jan 31, 2013
Just proves you can't fix stupid





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Honolulu, HI

#3 Jan 31, 2013
I read the story of Alois Bell, the minister for this church, and her totally un-Christian behavior. As a server, I find this woman's behavior to be reprehensible. She should be ashamed of herself, and I found the "apology" to be lacking. What she should remember:
1. Servers get paid less than minimum wage and rely on tips to make up the difference. That is why they will bust their tails to make sure you have a good dining experience.
2. Whether you tip or not, the server still must pay the bus person, the bar tender, the host, and the kitchen. The amount the server pays is a percentage of your bill. So, if you don't tip, the server (who already earns less than minimum wage) gets to pay for you to eat.
3. So if you can't afford the tip, don't eat out. And don't be one of those jerks who comes into a restaurant with an attitude and chip on your shoulder complaining about nothing in order to get free stuff.
4. Getting people fired is not very nice.
So basically, this woman, Alois Bell, got called out on her bad behavior. She behaved in a completely uncharitable manner, and only felt badly after this became public (not actual remorse, just didn't like for people to find out what a bad person she is). She felt no remorse when calling Applebee's to get that poor server fired. I wonder what she says in her sermons.





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United States

#4 Jan 31, 2013
It is not only the fact that she didn't tip. Many people don't tip. But, she made such a nasty remark toward a hardworking person who had served her...... Clearly she expected to be (secretly) nasty and that nobody would find out. Now she's all "I had a lapse in judement, I didnt mean to embarrass my congregation."..... Bla bla bla... Shes just mad she got EXPOSED and is being held accountable for her actions.





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Jon Scott

Spring Hill, TN

#5 Jan 31, 2013
It was more than a laps in judgment. It's a mentality. If you ever had the misfortune of waiting tables or working in retail you know exactly what I mean by this.

Have you ever wondered what prompted restaurants to start adding a gratuity to parties of eight people or more? Maybe the NAACP should share some of that money they extorted from Cracker Barrel with Chelsea Welch.

Bangkok, Thailand

#6 Jan 31, 2013
not very nice of someone that loves God. The woman makes less then $3.00 a hr. Not fair not to tip.
makes your church look so bad

Bangkok, Thailand

#7 Jan 31, 2013
Your paster needs to go back and say how sorry she is and that the woman gets her job BACK please let her know

Half Moon Bay, CA

#8 Feb 1, 2013
Fire the minister!!! How dare she? This is an intolerable offense of a supposedly christian(puposely not capitalized) proselytizer.

Gilbert, AZ

#9 Feb 1, 2013
All of this over $6.29 XD
its hysterical that she couldn't put up 6 more dolor's. and on top of that writing a wittingly insulting statement.

the real point being missed here, Why is a pastor only giving god 10%?
must be a real boring mass
Missouri Lawyer

Cheyenne, WY

#10 Feb 1, 2013
Your pastor is an arrogant, uppity, rude, no-class, bitch. One of those so-called "Christians" who want to cram their foolish crap-dogma down the throats of the rest of the world while doing NOTHING to live the Bible's teachings herself. Self-righteously stiffing a struggling food service person just trying her best to get by in life. It's absolutely outrageous. But so typical of a black woman who thinks she's better than the rest of the world because she preaches her own version of the word of The Lord. If there were really a God, your pastor would be headed straight to hell-hell-hell. May she rot there forever.





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United States

#11 Feb 1, 2013
How dare this woman justify her rudeness with Jesus!!!! I'm appalled and outraged that she would then take it further & cost this woman her job. People are financially strapped these days and she already makes nothing per hour outside of tips. I'm quite sure the server earned her 18% for the many water refills & general poor attitude she undoubtedly tolerated during the "pastors" visit. Jesus doesn't like ugly lady! I hope the members of your church are paying attention to who you really are.

Montgomery, AL

#12 Feb 1, 2013
This so-called pastor sounds like a self righteous "I'm better than everyone else" B**** whose over inflated ego has finally been seen for who she is. She got caught in her despicable behavior and now wants others to pay the price for her behavior. So typical anymore in America - no one ever has the courage to take responsibilty for their actions. Her statement [It was] a lapse in my character and judgment, is ony given because she was called on her behavior. It would be interesting to see how many other waiters/waitresses she has stiffed using the same statement.

If I was a member of this church I would be pounding on the elders doors and desks demanding they find someone who truly believes in what they are doing - not just someone who wants the title to make themselves sound important.
Lesley Kinney

Huddersfield, UK

#13 Feb 1, 2013
Well, Truth in the World was certainly delivered in this case. LOL!
How nice to have such a nasty, mean person as your Pastor. By your actions you will be known.
And she's right, she is only giving 10% of herself to God, unlike real Christians who give 100%

Folsom, CA

#14 Feb 1, 2013
It didn't surprise me that a "Christian" church go'er did it and then it really didn't surprise me that it was a woman on top of it!
This "Pastor" was embarrassed?, no this "Pastor" was mad.....that is why the call was made to the restaurant to speak to the manager.
I worked in restaurants when I was younger and the disrespect that is shown to serving staff and others in the business is shameful at times. If it wasn't for those people working in the restaurant, customers would have to get off their lazy butts to cook, serve and clean up after themselves!
How self absorbed she is for doing such a nasty thing. The only reason there is any back peddling now, is because she was shown as the person she really is. That wasn't a laps in judgement, that was exactly who she is because she didn't think anyone would know.
Funny how a server gets the ax from Apple Bees (a sub-par restaurant anyway) but someone who is supposed to represent the good things and kindness gets to keep her job, too bad for the Little People I guess. Even though the "Pastor" is a little embarrassed at least she gets to stay employed......lucky parishioners!
I have a strong belief and connection to God, but this "Pastor" is the absolute reason why I don't attend church anywhere! Time to hold your Pastor" responsible and have her step down.......I bet if someone tracked down some of her other dining purchases, this would be the first time this was done to someone, maybe some other area restaurants should take a peek at their receipts..........

Wake Forest, NC

#15 Feb 1, 2013
I feel that Pastor Bell was should not have written such a comment on the receipt. As a Christain we not do things as such. The young lady now does not have a job. Pastor Bell should have taken the tip information up with the Manager not written on the receipt. No one knows this young waitress financial situation. My heart goes out for the young lady who lost her job. I am praying that she finds another job.

Pasadena, CA

#16 Feb 1, 2013
Wow, this whole thing makes me sure that being an atheist is the only way to go.

I also won't be eating at Applebees ever again.

Wasn't the pastor a homeless welfare mother at one time? Incredible.
Betty Collins

Toledo, OH

#17 Feb 1, 2013
I know MANY waitresses who say MOST (mind you I wrote MOST - not all) blacks fail to tip even a dollar to their waitstaff MOST of the time. Well here's some high power proof!
So... perhaps you could use this un-Christian act as a learning/teaching lesson for your mostly black congregation. And then PLEASE post it to YOUTube for other blacks and non-tippers to view!

Al Ain, UAE

#18 Feb 1, 2013
Oh, yeah, real nice "Pastor" Bell. You are one of the most Un-Christian people I have heard of in a while. First, God doesn't want your money, he wants you to use it to help people. That server, for all you know, could be trying to raise children and working a crappy job making LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE, because tips are supposed to make up the difference, and you treat another person like that? And then you apologize, and then complain and now the server is fired?!? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? I do hope this is not the message your "church" teaches, because if so maybe it's people like you that are causing the downfall of morality and kindness in modern America.

Vista, CA

#19 Feb 1, 2013
I feel that there are three parties that are "guilty" in this case.

1. The Pastor, Alois Bell, for leaving such a nasty note on the bill.Bad move. This set things in motion.When a sever reacted negatively the "comment" by posting a pic of the bill on a website,it went viral.Bell contacted Applebee's demanding that people be fired when her "comment" was exposed.Chelsea Welch was fired.

2. Chelsea Welch, for allowing the SIGNATURE in the photo to be seen.Poor judgement.If she had cropped the pic with just the "comment" showing - no harm done and point made.

3. Applebee's ,for overreacting and firing Chelsea Welch.

In this case ,cooler head need to prevail.

All three come together -Bell and Welch apologize to each other and Applebee's reinstates Welchs' job and makes a small donation to Bell's ministry

Huntington Beach, CA

#21 Feb 1, 2013
Disgusted wrote:
How dare this woman justify her rudeness with Jesus!!!! I'm appalled and outraged that she would then take it further & cost this woman her job. People are financially strapped these days and she already makes nothing per hour outside of tips. I'm quite sure the server earned her 18% for the many water refills & general poor attitude she undoubtedly tolerated during the "pastors" visit. Jesus doesn't like ugly lady! I hope the members of your church are paying attention to who you really are.
Seriously,Alois should be fired. She should be forced to work for tips. Then she wold see how hard it is to wait on people. Especilly demanding uppity arrogant people.

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