The TSA Confiscates Play-Doh

The TSA Confiscates Play-Doh

There are 164 comments on the Fox2Now story from Jan 4, 2010, titled The TSA Confiscates Play-Doh. In it, Fox2Now reports that:

A TSA screener in New Orleans confiscates a Wildwood three-year-old's favorite toy.

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JoJo the monkeyboy

Culpeper, VA

#22 Jan 5, 2010
Newsflash TSA, if it looks tastes and smells like play-do, its not plastic explosives.

Another TSA screener that was not screened prior to employment making up their own rules, I've met 2 like this how many have you met.

Goose Creek, SC

#23 Jan 5, 2010
fine - lets all stop flying. i mean, really - PLAY-DOH?? frankly, i dont fly anymore - i DRIVE. sure it takes me longer - but you know, i see the country, i actually SAVE money on gas ove the price of the tickets and i do what ever i want i my car (as long as i drive within the lines).

enough is enough people - just dont fly.

London, UK

#24 Jan 5, 2010
I agree with the TSA. All it takes is something that looks innocent to get through and something bad happens. Then everyone would be up in arms. The get alot of back lash no matter what. So what do you people want???

South Lake Tahoe, CA

#25 Jan 5, 2010
Probably just let the muslim walk through without even talking to them, but you bet, take a white boys toys away. Screw PC and profile every muslim and leave the blue haired little old ladies alone. TSA= totally stupid as*holes.

Woburn, MA

#26 Jan 5, 2010
1. From what I read the play-doh was in a box and that is why 20 cans of it. so over kill I don't think so.

2. Sounds like the parents did the correct thing and checked to see if play-doh was prohibited which it is NOT listed on TSA website.

3. If the TSA does not have a method of telling C4 from payy-doh ( with or without food coloring )then what the hell are we paying them for? really?

Bottom line here folks is the one thing TSA is missing is common sense. Not making me feel safer when a 3yrd loses his toy and person's whos own father warned us about is allowed on a plane, seems that TSA for the most part is window dressing.

Webster, NY

#27 Jan 5, 2010
It's about time that the TSA took measures to prevent this flood of infant terrorists. I can't count the number of times that families with small children have been behind a bombing. They're a scourge on this country and should be deported!

Melrose, MA

#28 Jan 5, 2010
Most terrorists are couples with a small child flying back from visting grandma. Some of these TSA staff are some of the wost, awful excuses for people I've seen.

Rochester, NY

#29 Jan 5, 2010's a little crazy to take Play-Doh away from a pre-schooler! Maybe a single adult male with 20 cans of Play-Doh, but a little kid?!(And all of you questioning 20 cans- you have clearly never traveled with a small child!)
I Drive

United States

#30 Jan 5, 2010
I agree with driving instead of flying. I will NOT subject myself or my family to these rank amateurs.

It has gotten absurd. They focus on people that don't need focusing. They don't search people I would think should be searched, IE: that middle eastern guy over there, not grandma and grandpa over here. I guess they aren't allowed to profile? Are you KIDDING? Screw PC, it's the middle eastern people, not that grandparents and children that need watching.

Just wait, this is at the airport now. Wait till they start this BS at the mall. Yes, they are talking about it. Sporting events too. BS BS BS!!!

I do NOT want to live in a police state with check point charlie every 20 feet with STUPID rules and regulations. Screw that, that's not America, land of the free and home of the brave.

You wait, if they have their way, it will be like this all over America.

Stand up America!!!! Take your contry back. BOYCOTT the airlines!!!

Unfortunately I havn't been to Europe since 2000. And I admit, I love Paris.

Jefferson City, MO

#31 Jan 5, 2010
20 cans of Play-Doh in their carry on? I'd get suspicious too. One or two, ok the kid needs something to occupy him on the flight, but 20? Get real.

Roseville, CA

#32 Jan 5, 2010
Boo Hoo...the parent should have packed it in their luggage. Little Josh could have waited till he got home to play with it. In this day an age, you can't be too careful. Good Job by the TSA

United States

#33 Jan 5, 2010
Well at least some kid in new orleans gets to play with play doh. I smiled at one of the checkers at 3 am and wont be doing that again. Got a free mammogram out of it tho.
Jennifer A

Chicago, IL

#34 Jan 5, 2010
Another reason I drive for vacations. If they cannot tell play-dough from c4, put it on the checked luggage list.

My dad had extra screenings one flight because his pack of film was sold near a display of fertilizer at Sams Club. Nothing else came up contaminated with the fertilizer but the film pack.

Salinas, CA

#35 Jan 5, 2010
Oh, yes all terrorists are non-middle eastern traveling with little children. Freakin TSA let me on with a Japanese Throwing Star and a Butterfly knife in San Jose, CA. Both of which are illegal in CA. The nice Philipino lady (could not have been 4' tall) asked me if I was a lawman.(I am 6' 3" and 325 lbs, like she will stop me.) I answered "no". I could have probably brought on Ammonia Nitrate and Diesel with wires and blasting caps.

United States

#36 Jan 5, 2010
To the man that says that he's with TSA. I have see you all do some pretty stupid things when it comes to your so-called screening procedures. I have had you all hold me up at my gate and tell me youre not gonna let me get on my plane because on my belt, I've gone through security at one airport and that said my carry on items were the right size and then got to another that ends up taking all my personal items because they are over the size limit. You can't say that you all have standards and you really don't you all pick and choose what rules you want to follow.

Gadsden, AL

#37 Jan 5, 2010
How is it that Play Doh is supposedly allowed by the TSA for flights and not Peanut Butter? I am glad the TSA agent in New Orleans took it out of the luggage. I think the parents set that child up for disappointment when they thought it would be okay.

Oak Ridge, TN

#38 Jan 5, 2010
At a time like this, I'm not surprised that this happened. Just surprised to see an entire article on this. I say the TSA should take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of flyers. i'm on a plane once a month, and I hope with the recent scares that we have had, that security gets stricker!!!

Virginia Beach, VA

#39 Jan 5, 2010
its when we let lax and lazy with our policies, is when we are at most risk. do you people want to be on the plane that someone has decided to bomb or hijacks? it is sad that we take so little care with our lives but when it is most at risk then we say oops, shoulda woulda coulda. was this really newsworthy? sorry but i have more important things to worry about, than whether that kids gets his playdough, you know like my husband and father both in the military off in iraq....nest time try a coloring book and crayons, be a little smarter, i mean someone did just try to blow up a plane

Atlanta, GA

#40 Jan 5, 2010
That family should of though before trying to get thru security.

Chicago, IL

#41 Jan 5, 2010
Doggie wrote:
I've worked with TSA since it started and we have never allowed Play Doh past the checkpoints. Someone is not being mean or cruel but trying to be safe for everyone-so stop trying to make or create news where there is no story. We are always on the lookout for explosives or weapons-we are in a constant state of training as opposed to other airports. I got on with TSA to prevent another 9-11 and I remember the wild days of the 60's and the 70's...
If you have "never allowed Play Doh" past the checkpoints...WHY IS IT NOT ON THE LIST? HELL...I made it through 3 airports with MACE in my purse and nobody took that...GEEZ

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