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#24 Jan 26, 2010
tell_it_like_it_ REALLY_is
New York, NY
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"there is a reason the pageant keeps us around."
the same reason raves hire you, you bribe the cops to look the other way while people are doing drugs etc inside shows.
you keep the legal goons out, and in exchange get to be all the goons you never got to be in high-school.
way to go you.

bandd beater
Saint Louis, MO
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I'd love to get my hands on an ahole like that...one of these days they are gonna fck with the wrong person and get a little of what they get...just a little if they are lucky...anyone that wants to try sht like that on me, will be lucky to leave with his life

You guys are a joke! You know nothing of the truth, can't even tell when you are being set up.

Hastings, NE

#25 Feb 17, 2010
Shows are violent, get over it,

Saint Louis, MO

#26 Mar 20, 2010
proud employee wrote:
it doesnt surprise that i would come across this blog on the internet. the funny thing is, all of you that are on this site, are the goons we (B&D) have to deal with at every concert. your all ignorant and need to shut up. and for the former B&D employee, there is a reason you dont work for us anymore. and if anyone knows Bob or Debbie, they are good people. ya they may do things I and other employees dont agree with but you try running a security business. there is a reason the pageant keeps us around. and that reason is because we keep you goofy moshers in line. so all you wine babies come to another rock concert and say some of this crap to our face and watch what happens. sincerly, B&D :)
HAHAHA STFU tell me your name i'll talk with ya

Saint Louis, MO

#27 Mar 20, 2010
b and d security officer wrote:
i want to say i work for b@d right now and it kicks ass all you fucking cry babies need to shut the hell up because half of you guys dont have job and jelous of us are you still live at home with mommy and daddie if you jerks listen you wont get kicked out and if a problem dont concern you then stay the hell out off it cause you wont win this battle
thank you
fair but firm

United States

#28 Jul 17, 2010
love my job at b d treat people with respect but it's a must not to lose control of a crowd. And standing there lettng some beligerant drunk disrespect you and demean you will help you lose any control of a crowd. Hate to tell you but to prevent riots you need to control and end a situation while it's only the few rulebreakers endamgering everyone else by disobeying rules meant to ensure a safe enjoyable time for all.. We are ALLWAYS outnumbered if situations aren't diffused quickly a riot could ensue and there's a great chace of injury to all concertgoers and staff...
as far as bribing cops ur ridiculous get a life .if you would pull your head out of ur ass ud realise cops bother people causing problems and drawing attention to themselves any dipshit pot dealer knows not to do that.. But any drunk asshole apparently doesn't..so that's how your evil drug dealers stay in and you irrational egotistic I can't be wrong drunk ass gets tossed
everybody thinks they have a good reason why the rule (whatever it may be) shouldn't apply to them.

United States

#29 Jul 17, 2010
I know your mom and barney told you you were special but the rules appy to YOU as well as all of the people you feel your above..
I got a good laugh at the guy that said he repeatedly asked where the security guard ticket was. I'm sure you weren't baing that nice about it and if your going to repeatedly harass a guy trying to maintain crowd control ur lucky you didn't get the boot earlier..
and guess what do you know why the police didn't help you or want to listen to your ravibg angry drunk ass.. YOU WERE IN THE WRONG. If you got man handled you obviously weren't cooperating were you? Never underestimate the power of denial bud just cause your ego doesn't allow you to see that you are the problem doesn't mean you aren't wrong
. We both know you wouldntve acted that way sober or maybe ur rude enough todo so

Saint Peters, MO

#31 Jul 18, 2010
I've witnessed them rough up several concertgoers throughout the years. The worst I've seen B/D perform is at Schwagstock. It's fairly well known that the b and security there sells and uses drugs that they confiscate from people.

Vichy, MO

#32 Jul 27, 2010
bandd beater
Saint Louis, MO
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"I'd love to get my hands on an ahole like that...one of these days they are gonna fck with the wrong person and get a little of what they get...just a little if they are lucky...anyone that wants to try sht like that on me, will be lucky to leave with his life"

If you would really " love to get my hands on an ahole like that" then you should grow some balls and go to a concert where B&D is working. Good idea, huh ?

Chicago, IL

#33 Jul 29, 2010
selling after off work at schwagstock yes maybe.. Confiscating shit and selling it I doubt it.. For one it's scheagstock if we went around taking everyones pot the schwag or camp zoe would probably fire b.d.

I worked schwag for bd last weekend and the Zoe people kept an eye on us.. It's a tough place to work and we lose a guy seemingly every time to being too wasted on whatever the hell they took this time and miss shifts it's a hard chaotic weekend .

Saint Ann, MO

#34 Sep 30, 2010
The company is a joke this last weekend we were hired to open and close the barricade while another company did the real security . This shows you how serious B&D is taken in Saint Louis. The reason we get the jobs is because we have lots of people that can't get work anywhere else. That is why they stay and put up with the low pay and verbal abuse since there is no benefits. It does suck getting paid at the 1st of every month having to meet them to pick up your pay check. Is that even legal?

Saint Ann, MO

#35 Oct 1, 2010
I agree that why I got another job plus i got tired of putting with the boss sick humor.

Saint Ann, MO

#36 Oct 1, 2010
Boohoo you bunch of cry babies. B&D is the best company to work for. We do whatever we want except when Bob is around. When was last time you made out with a chick so she could get a parking space while getting paid ? When was the last time you heard your boss being chewed a new asshole by his wife on your behalf? learn to hug it out and enjoy the benefits of wearing the B&D shirt .

Saint Ann, MO

#37 Oct 1, 2010
Now were cry babies because we tell the truth that you want to distort kissing ass . Since when do we have so many B&D employees that live in Ballwin ?

Saint Ann, MO

#38 Oct 1, 2010
What a douche I don't kiss ass I do my job that you obviously cry about . No I don't live in Ballwin like you I live in North county and bang a chick in Ballwin .

Saint Ann, MO

#39 Oct 1, 2010
I hear Whelan is going to be taking over the majority of concert security in the St Louis area? I guess there will be less complaints at the Pageant and the Fox and other venues around town.

Saint Louis, MO

#40 Oct 2, 2010
security officers I've hurd get tested how ever this one concert security firm doesnt do it(B&D) is this a rummor or fact? I have hurd security people while im at a concerts talking and acting like cops they have the rights of a street officer while on post is this to heavy of a responsiblity for them? how come they(B&D) get the same duitys as a police officer yet they act like its a school yard game while on post? it hasnt made sence to me. is this acceptable in all security companies or just B&D?

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#41 Oct 3, 2010
winner wrote:
<quoted text>HAHAHA STFU tell me your name i'll talk with ya
. 20 yrs ago a friend of mine sufferd security 'overenthusuiasm' at a st louis club. Three of us very carefully mapped out who did it(there were three we could identify, one we couldn't). Over a period of about a month we caught all of them alone and completely unaware(they, like you, were all serious roid heads). The first one(the one who held my friend for the first couple of punches then sllammed him to the ground) took a 2x4 to the back of the head, the fall the the concrete did most of the rest for his face, the friend who took the beating(for spilling a drink on a girl when he was bumped into) stomped on his hand and ground it with his heal, pretty sure it would've needed expensive work, guarantee he didn't hit anybody for awhile. The second(one of the two that dragged him out, then watched) was gettin in his two door lincoln when two of us hit the door with everything we had, caught his leg bad(I'm sure it was broken) then after we dragged him out of his car(screaming and crying) took several kicks to his face and head from the victim(still bearing scabs and two broken teeth from HIS beating), till he was out. I won't discuss the third(the one who actually put my friend in the hospital with a broken nose, broken teeth, a cracked cheekbone and eysocket, and face torn so bad he has scars to this day). Not everybody you abuse is going to take it sitting down. Hope you and your friends get yours soon, f*ckoff. Hope your roids kill you!

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#42 Oct 3, 2010
Sorry, that last was for the b&d people who think they can't lose, not 'winner'.

Saint Ann, MO

#43 Oct 5, 2010
Who does really like that group why do they keep them around ? Dude that is why I quit got tired of watching people abused by them .

Wentzville, MO

#44 Oct 6, 2010
you are all lucky you didn't get run over by madman Bob Woosley on his mighty golf cart.

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