Why was Mark Christopher Fired From K...
Shawn Balint

United States

#66 Oct 22, 2008
Thanks Am in the PM... definitely miss a lot of good folks there.... who knows I may wind up in Rolla..
Karen Anderson

Chesterfield, MO

#67 Oct 23, 2008
Max wrote:
MC was such a racist as is FO. I enjoyed the programs when I first tuned in but then I begin to hear some really racist comments being made, not on just one show but throughout the day. It's so sad that these people have such a mean spirit. I moved away 15years ago and recently returned and it is still the same old southern mentality and nothings changed. Sooo Sad
I listened to Mark every day and he is not a racist, not even close. I think it is very easy for people call names or try to label someone just because you disagree with them. Mark was the best show on KTRS. I dont even listen to KTRS anymore.

Saint Louis, MO

#68 Oct 23, 2008
I'm with you - I don't listen anymore either. Shawn if you are out there I hope something great comes along and this also goes for your peers, Steve Klotz, Melanie Streeper, and Craig Andrews. KTRS just isn't the same anymore especially in the news department. I can't stand any of the afternoon shows anymore. KTRS was such a fun station and now it really stinks. I wish there was a really good station in the St. Louis area that would keep good talent on hand to listen to. I don't know who makes the decisions and I know it is based on the budget but the powers that be need to get real and give the listeners what they want.
Jim McCullough

Chesterfield, MO

#69 Oct 24, 2008
I have been overseas for the past 2 months so I am just finding out about Mark Christopher being gone from KTRS. I Googled his name and found his message on his website and also found this one so I thought I would just vent. I am so tired of KTRS and their revolving door.I really like Mark.As some others have said, he was my favorite talk show and to hear that new thing going on at noon just really pissed me off.I noticed that McGraw is still there. Why? He very hard to listen to and not nearly as bright as Mark.if I can't find something worth listening to on the other talk stations I will just listen to music because I am finished with KTRS.

“Man in Black”

Since: Aug 08

United States of America

#70 Oct 30, 2008
Anything new?

Warrensburg, MO

#71 Nov 5, 2008
Don't you get it people. Radio people come & go all the time, no big deal....

Belleville, IL

#72 Nov 9, 2008
The most talented and popular person on Frank's show was Karen Vale. This is the "kiss of death" if you're teamed up with Frank. He's funny but very insecure and no one on his show had better be more popular than him. That was Karen's problem. She was more popular with the listeners and Frank knew it. So it's no surprise that he showed Karen to the door. Radio is full of insecure people as well as backstabbers and that's usually how they deal with other's who pose a threat to their well being. Frank's show has failed to "replace" her and doubt they ever will. Karen's wit and charm is something you don't find very often on radio. Nice going Frank...your ego got in the way again!


#73 Nov 12, 2008

United States

#74 Nov 12, 2008
Big Deal Dillion - this link gives no info - come back when you have more info to give
Shawn Balint

United States

#75 Nov 23, 2008
Thanks Mary.. I appreciate it... I hope to find a way to stay in STL.. we will see.. I've figure out a job and find a way to get less puffy too...LOL
joe d

Springfield, IL

#76 Nov 29, 2008
Shawn Balint wrote:
Thanks Mary.. I appreciate it... I hope to find a way to stay in STL.. we will see.. I've figure out a job and find a way to get less puffy too...LOL
Hey Shawn. You have a fantastic voice and delivery for news. I enjoyed listening to you in Springfield, Ill and also on KTRS. Letting you go seems irrational to me. Best of luck and I hope you get to stay in the ST. Louis area.

United States

#77 Dec 8, 2008
I went out of town for a week, came back to a 'faint spoken Karen Vail sounds like' and I haven't heard a word about what happened to Karen? She was there one day, in fact for the past several years that I've been listening to KTRS, then a week later she's gone and not a word? Hey Frank....give us the courtesy of an explanation please...oh and this new person doesn't have a radio voice....sorry...I'll still listen tho..

United States

#78 Dec 8, 2008
I retract my recent submission...guess I just missed a lot being gone a week...I just heard the tape of Franks' explanation and am satisfied. thank you. Still don't care for the new babe, sorry.

New Braunfels, TX

#79 Dec 11, 2008
Mark Christopher is filling-in for the regular radio host today on KURV 710 in Mcallen, TX. He mentioned while talking to a caller that he is currently still (somewhere) in St. Louis though.


#80 Dec 12, 2008
There's not enough of a market for two AM talk-radio stations anyway, especially with sports. KTRS should can the long-winded Greg Marasek.
Effective Jan. 1, 101.1 FM will drop music for sports-talk. Just what we need; more useless sports banter and long-winded pre/post game shows. The new sports station will feature old hacks from the two AM sports stations that both had dismal ratings of .5 such as Randy "human snooze bar" Karraker. I'm guessing Brian McKenna will lynch on. You could make a board game of the station-hopping sports gum-beaters in this market.


#81 Dec 12, 2008
Chris Q wrote:
I hate that KTRS just gets rid of people like they are furniture.
And whatever happened to Katie (in the morning...) One day, poof, she turned into a Trish?
I remember listening to Trish Gazelle years ago when she did mornings on alternative-rocker 105.7 with their current afternoon lineup. Now she's doing AM talk? I guess we all have to grow up. She's married to the son of the Fast Eddies restaurant owner. I don't listen to the station but I'm betting they play Fast Eddie's commercials.
I like pi

Hope, AR

#82 Dec 16, 2008
I stopped listening to KTRS when they repeatedly had emergency broadcast tests during the midnight hours without any warning or acknowledgement by the people there. When I was a board op I would of never conducted a test without at least a mention that we were testing equipment. I know at times they dont get warning like during national periodic tests, etc but they tested the system three times in three consecutive nights. I called and the guy working was clueless, engineering never returned my call either. KTRS has totally dropped the ball when it comes to management.
I have since switched to an internet talk radio station.
I look for them to cut Victoria Babu next, given past events. I look for KTRS to drive their listenership into the ground and change formats in the near future.

United States

#83 Jan 25, 2009
An opinion about Frank. I listened to him for years and come to believe he was a legend in his own mind, and after listening to the clip of his rationale for his thoughts about himself by himself, and firing Karen,, he truly is a legend in his own mind.
What was I thinking, listening to him for so many years? I'm retired now, and I don't need him. I've got better things to do than am in the pm.
Go Karen. My daughter is a speech pathologist also.
Master Dave The Web Slave

Whites Creek, TN

#84 Jan 29, 2009
Hi everybody!:)
I'm David J from Nashville, TN. I've been Mark's webmaster ( or lack thereof ) since 2004. As far as KTRS goes we still aren't sure. Although what followed was a good indication of what typically happens in the radio biz when it's time for some cutbacks.
But there is good news... Mark will be airing The Mark Christopher Show starting this Monday, February 2cnd on KNEWS Radio in beautiful Palm Springs, CA. The show will run from 3p.m. til' 6p.m.- Monday - Friday ( Pacific Time )
If you are in that area you can pick him up on 970am, 1140am or 1250 am.( triple broadcast! w00t!) If you are not in the area you can listen live ONLINE via KNEWSRadio.Com by clicking the listen live link.
For those that can't listen during that time period I will do my best to provide a podcast ( which is still a glorified way of saying "MP3 download"... okay, or Mp4/M4v if you are one of those Mac "enchanced" folks ) but I digress...
We'll do what we can to make it availalbe for everyone that wishes to tune in.
I spoke with Mark a few moments ago to check on his 'moving' progress. It went something like this...
"Yo Mark! It's Dave.. How's it goin?
"Master Dave! It's goin' great.. What's going on in Nashville?"
" Dood.. It's like 30 degrees here. There's ice on my car. I hate it..."
"LOL! Well... I'm sitting outside my new digs here in Palm Springs... It's uh.. Like 68 degrees right now.
"Mark... Have I told you today how much you SUCK!"
"LOL! I know man... I know. I gotta' jet, moving guys are here! Call me back later if ya' got time man."
So... As you can see. Mark is doing FINE!( dammit ) He gets to go to PALM SPRINGS! I gotta stay HERE and freeze my butt off!
I declare "shenanigans" on the whole sorted mess!
Everybody tune in if you can! We'd love to hear from you. And as always.. "Thanks for listening".
David J aka Master Dave The Web Slave
Karen Anderson

Yucca Valley, CA

#86 Feb 11, 2009
KTRS Staff wrote:
Hello, My Name Is Rick, and I am the Vice President of Communications at KTRS. Every one of you is wrong about what happened to Mark Christopher and the situation he was in. The whole story is posted at Mark Christopher's Wikipedia Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Christopher
Here is what the Wikipedia page says:
Mark Christopher is a conservative/libertarian talk radio host in Palm Springs, California. His show titled The Mark Christopher Show was broadcasted via 1510 WLAC in Nashville, Tennessee where he was named the Associated Press talk show of the year for 3 straight years, and the #1 talk show in Nashville in 2006. He left WLAC in October 2006. Until September 2008, he worked middays Noon-3PM on 550 KTRS. He was fired from KTRS for several reasons, which had included embezzlement from the radio station as well as having a "secret affair" with the radio's #1 disc jockey Frank O. Pinion (John A. Craddock). Which in turn, Craddock's wife Tyann heard about the allegations and has now filed for divorce from Craddock. Mark was eventually accused of sexual harassment and groping of Graddock, and was later fired. Kenneth Kiefer, next-door neighbor and close friend of Craddock, said "It's a real shame about John. Me and John and his wife used to go on fishing trips with my wife and I always thought he was a real great nice guy. You just never know about people."
On February 2, 2009 Mark Christopher can now be heard in Palm Springs, California from 3PM-6PM on K-NEWS 970 AM.
Why would anyone with even 1/2 a brain believe what they read on Wikipedia? And what kind of moron would actually quote that as a source? And one more thing, I went to the KTRS website and saw no one named Rick let alone anyone listed as " Director of Communications. " I also called the station and was told that no one named Rick works there and the position of " Director of Communications " doesn't exist. So the fact is that you are a liar quoting a totally unreliable source. In other words, you really need a life of your own that doesn't involve obsessing on some talk show host that you don't even know.

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