Saint Louis, MO

#23 Feb 4, 2010
You seem like a very logical but conservative person stumper. While its true, psychologically one bad experience will create create a negative emotion every time you are reminded of that situation, it is also true that certain companies DO take advantage of people.

While you feel companies such as CCC stimulate the economy, it doesnt neccesarily help the people purchasing. The people who really need help.

Not only are the prices of the cars outrageous..just to give you an example. Bommarito 2008 chevy cobalt 20,000 miles..9,999. Car Credit city, 2008 chevy cobalt 54,000 miles..before interest, 13,000. The interests rates are absurd. So please tell me how going through Car Credit city is going to help someone who doesnt have enough income to pay their bills in the first place, which is how their credit was damaaged, is supposed to come up with the 3,000 dollar down payment it takes to get a decent car and the high payment to maintain it? All it takes is one major problem witht he car, a hospitalization and theyre in a worse spot than they were before.

Car Credit city is ok for people who have a healthy income and just had a rough patch or problem that damaged their credit. It will build their credit up however, they will be upside down on their vehicle due to the interest. But if you can afford the payments and the down payments you're alright. Unfortunately, this is not who they target or how they advertise.

They target people who have bad credit, need a car immediately and have no other choice. They charge them a hefty down payment( or a small one for a car that has over a 100,000 miles and is on the verge of major maintnence) and a huge interest rate all the while selling the vehicle at almost a double rate of its actual value. So in a nutshell, they make quite a bundle.

The good news is, after a little research, customers can find reputable dealerships that work with people who have bad credit and help them get into vehicles they can easily afford and that they like. Examples...saturn of south county, twin city toyota..do a little research and you should be able to find something.
Metro Easterner

Saint Louis, MO

#24 Feb 27, 2010
I went there yesterday... they wanted $10,000 for 2000 Kia with dings and dents all over, not to mention over 100,000 miles... KBB suggested retail value is $4995... also, when you calculate the interest rate and finance charges I would have paid $300 a month over 4 years totaling over $14,000 for a PIECE OF SHIT
I laughed in the sleazy dealer's face and walked out. Then I went to an individually owned dealership and bought a 2004 pt cruiser for $6995/$200 a month...DON'T GO HERE, we HAVE to put places like this out of business...
knowledge girl

Chicago, IL

#25 Mar 5, 2010
Firestone employees actually do not work on commission.

Saint Louis, MO

#26 Mar 5, 2010
To each his own. First, you must have a Fico score no lower than a 630 to purchase at a traditional dealer. Second, CCC vehicles are reconditioned inside and out. From my understanding they sink about 2,500 - 3,000 in each vehicle to assure that they have done what it takes to get these vehicle up to par. Other dealers sell their car as is. If you have a machanical issue with CCC vehicle they help by financing the repairs. I dont know of any place that does that. Sure, you can buy the same vehicle down the street for less but whos to say that 6 months down the road you are going to have to put a new tranny in it or motor. Now that 9,000 dollar vehicle just became 11 or 12,000. Guess what... that dealer dont give a shit. keep paying your car note or get repo'd. They will keep your down payment , fix the car cand set it back out on their lot to sell, only to do the same thing to the next person. How fair is that? I do not know anyone who would continue to pay on a vehicle that no longer runs. At least CCC has options to keep you on the road. It may take a bit longer to pay off your car but its piece of mind to know if there is a machanicla issue it can be fix with little money coming out of your pocket at the time it needs repaired. Besides, if I am correct CCC statistics show a huge difference in machanical repairs compared to other used car dealers because of the reconditioning that is done to the vehicles prior to the sale. They do have 06 - 08's that carry factory warranty as well. Go to a new car dealer that also sells used cars and see if you do not need a big down payment with a low credit score... thats anywhere you go. The interest rates isn't any worse than CAC or Midwest when it comes to those with challeged credit. Understand the whole concept of subprime lending before you open your mouth about how high the down payments are and interest rates. Its that way everywhere. Why? Because they are dealing with high risk people! Again, good reliable vehicles and a service center that wants to keep you on the road.... You get what you pay for!!!
Be Real

Saint Louis, MO

#27 Mar 25, 2010
Learn about TANSTAAFL. There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.
Someone mentioned a 53% repo rate. Not surprising. They sell to high risk poor credit customers. That high interest rate has to cover the expense that 53% of thrie customers cannot make their payments.
Its not a rip-off. Its the nature of high risk lending. Higher costs. Loan writeoffs. Repo and resale costs. All have to covered by income from someplace. Here its by high sale prices and interest rates.
Of course a dealer selling to good credit customers than will not have a 53% repo rate will be able to sell at a lower cost.
Just Follow the Money

Minneapolis, MN

#28 Mar 25, 2010
Just check information is the most valuable commondity I know of.
Credit Help

O Fallon, IL

#29 Apr 19, 2010
try this concern wrote:
<quoted text>
When you have no other option and have to use these places consider a few things. Can make a car payment to yourself for 6 months to build up a savings...then buy something old for cash? Continue making payments to yourself to build up your savings until you can go somewhere reputable? If not and you have to get a car from one of these places, keep in mind that it's only a temporary fix and make it a priority to get out of. Get a vehicle that is cheaper than you planned and out of the savings, make extra payments on the vehicle, with a top goal to payoff your loan. Anything less will only further damage your finances.
Logistically, the interest is too high & combined with the principal you will owe more than the auto is worth...and you can't flip that until you owe less...and remember the auto depreciates every day :) Technically the financial rule is that you should never finance anything that doesn't appreciate in value...but that's just not the american way :)
You have most of this correct, with the exception of actually purchasing a vehicle from CCC... You will NEVER get out of it, because they charge nearly 2x book value for the car up front, as the initial price of the vehicle. If you need a car on payments, with 0% interest, and a reasonable price, come see me at my dealership in Arnold, Major Motors, Inc. We are a accredited member of the BBB, and sell quality cars to quality people, at reasonable prices. I NEVER price a car over nada book value, all cars come inspected, and I do take care of my customers, with NO extra fees involved!!!
Answer Boy

O Fallon, IL

#30 Apr 19, 2010
knowledge girl wrote:
Firestone employees actually do not work on commission.

Actually, you're wrong... Firestone employees get what is called "spiffs" on most work written at the front desk/sales counter. Alignments, tires, credit apps, and much more, pay a "spiff" per unit. I managed for Bridgestone/Firestone for years, up until a few months ago, and that is the pay structure.

O Fallon, IL

#31 Apr 19, 2010
ATTENTION,BE REAL: There aint no such thing as a free lunch??? Ok, then.... Has nothing to do with a company that absolutely rips the consumers off. I presume by the way you speak, that you're probably in good financial standing, with good or great credit, and have life on easy street---which is what makes it so easy for you to ridicule those who are less fortunate. Bad things happen to good people, such as divorce, disabilities, and simply poor decisions in life. These less fortunate scenerios DO NOT give CCC the right to prey on them, nor victimize them. If they have a 53% repossession rate, then they need to change the way they do business. I have 322 accounts on the street (buy here pay here) as I speak, and I now have ONE account that is in repo-status. I treat my customers right, sell a nice vehicle, and do it all for less than nada blue book value, WITH NO INTEREST!!!! I still make plenty of money, doing business the way I do it, and do not have web page after web page of negative commentary regarding my business, nor the way I do business. I simply treat my customers right, sell a good product, and do it all for a fair market price. So, you are wrong about CCC having to charge 2x market value plus interest, in order to cover their losses. Manage your business the correct way, and you will not have those problems, nor the losses. Bottom line is, what CCC does to consumers, should be illegal, if it's not already. Have a nice day..
Merl Justice

Saint Louis, MO

#32 Apr 21, 2010
If I could, I would close them down in a heart beat. They prey upon the poor.

Sheriff Justice
BBB Business

Saint Louis, MO

#33 Apr 21, 2010
Mel1974 wrote:
Is this a good place to buy a car with bad credit? Are they reliable vehicles or lemons? Easy to work with? I saw their ad on t.v. and wanted some opinions from others. Thanks.
I'd like to tell you that it's bad, but I want to be 100% accurate. TERRIBLE, This is legal loan shaking. No Deal.

Saint Louis, MO

#34 Apr 25, 2010
knowledge girl wrote:
Firestone employees actually do not work on commission.
Question.... Paid by the hour or by a labor time guide?

Saint Louis, MO

#35 Apr 25, 2010
Answer Boy wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually, you're wrong... Firestone employees get what is called "spiffs" on most work written at the front desk/sales counter. Alignments, tires, credit apps, and much more, pay a "spiff" per unit. I managed for Bridgestone/Firestone for years, up until a few months ago, and that is the pay structure.
Actually, you can call that a "spiff" but it can be called a commission as wsll. That "spiff" for up-sales is added into your techs earned income.
Looking to buy

Washington, MO

#36 May 24, 2010
Be Right, what is your dealership?

New York, NY

#37 May 28, 2010
About 3 years ago, I got a car from Crappy Car City. I had the car one week, it died on my. Took the car back to these people. The mechanic said the transmission is gone. After fighting, they gave me another car. I had the 2nd car for 2 weeks it died on me. Had to towed at my expense to Crappy Car City, they said, the engine locked. They wouldn't replace it saying I should have had the oil changed?? WTF.. asked them do they do that when they sell cars that the claim to check out?? sure..so finally they gave me another car. Drove the 3rd car for a month. It completely died. Again..towed, mechanic said, engine head cracked or something. CCC told me that it would be $2,500 to fix.. Like hell.. said it was out of warranty!!

I said hell no.. reported them.. after 2 weeks and still making payments. And no car!! So I told them to keep the car and void my contract. Well, they decided to sue me from 2008! Said they couldn't sell the car because it was not running.. DUH!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE people.. if you don't buy a car from them they will close!! There reputable dealerships in STL that will help you get a decent car. Trust me.. I have a car with a warranty and reasonable payments. This place is NOT your only alternative!!

Butler, IL

#38 Jun 18, 2010
I bought a car from CCC and I was very happy with the car, the salesman, and the entire experience. The interest rate is extremely high, but you have to expect that when you have bad credit. Fast forward 2 and a half years. My payment was ONE DAY late, and this lady calls me at work, giving me all kinds of attitude about it. I had had surgery and been off work for 6 weeks, but still managed to make all of my semi-monthly payments on time - until this one. I explained that I had just gotten back to work and I would double up on the next payment. This lady actually told me to go to Cash Advance America and get a loan shark payday loan so that I could pay CCC. WTF? I said I would not do that so she threatened to have my car repo'd...for a payment that was ONE DAY LATE!!! I used to think that CCC treated people with bad credit with dignity and respect, unlike other dealerships. Boy, was I wrong. I really doubt that they would make a suggestion to a good-credit customer to get a freakin payday loan. Those places prey on poor people and apparently so does CCC. Well I found out that CCC does not even report to the credit bureaus, so a repo from them doesn't even affect my credit. And all the on-time payments I have made doesn't affect it either. I still have the car, but I would never ever ever recommend this place to anyone. If you have to buy from them, plan to pay the car off early, like with a tax refund or something like that. That way you don't end up paying twice what the car is actually worth.
knowledgeable girl

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#39 Jul 16, 2010
The spiffs are for selling a lifetime alignment versus a single time alignment and for opening a Firestone Credit Card. Both of which can be beneficial for the customer. This is only for the sales people. The technicians do not get any sort of bonus. The tire spiff is a 1.00 per tire for selling a bridgestone or firestone tire over a cheap primewell tire.
Concerned Mom

Fort Smith, AR

#41 Jul 26, 2010
Augustine Morris wrote:
Please donot purchase a car from this company. They are a total ripoff and prey on people with bad credit. Back in 11/07 i put down 2500 on a 2003 chevy cavalier, and up till this day with my down payment and car payments i have paid over 10,000 and they say I still owe them $6000. I would rather walk than give them another dime. I gave it back and would rather take a ding on my credit than to pay them almost 18,000 for a 2003. When you know better you do better!
What happened after you let them have the car back?

United States

#42 Sep 15, 2010
my wife and i bought a 2000 ford expidition from ccc and had problems with them from the word go. all they are,including the people in here stickin up for them,are nothing but a huge joke with no punch line. they do prey on good people who has credit problems and are now tryin to get back on track with their credit. so asfar as im conserned,CCC AND THE HIGH SCHOOL DROP OUTS THAT WORK FOR AND STICK UP FOR THEM CAN TAKE A FLYIN LEAP OFF A HIGHWAY OVERPASS!
Marcey is annoyed

Jerseyville, IL

#43 Dec 22, 2010
What the heck is the deal with the hateful people at car credit city and all their lies! I will not stop until somebody makes the situation with our car right! Signed- Sick of Liars

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