Hello a friend of mine child was place in foster care because the mother has a mental illness. The mental illness was depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Well the mother was trying to receive help . Well needless to say CPS stepped in removing the children out of her home. Well the mother fought for a year to get them and her pointed attorney was with CPS the whole time. They told her if she didn't sign her rights over that she could go to jail and sect.They basically convince her to sign her rights over.Well now 12 years later the child who is now14 had Facebook and the child had found her mother on Facebook but the biological mother my friend is afraid to talk to her child because she is afraid of going to jail. So the child added me so the child was begging me to go to the cops or something their adopted mother was so verbally abusive and their adopted mother bullyed her so bad she cuts her self. My heart was so sad to hear after all these years my friend sit back and said I know my children is being tooking care of when in fact they were worse off. So I need some help here if anyone can help.