Coyote population in WV !!

Charleston, WV

#129 Feb 18, 2012
john 243 wrote:
I live in huntington wv and would like to find a place to hunt coyotes if anyone would be willing to let me hunt on their property i would be very greatful ive deer hunted for 35 years so im very safe with a gun or bow
Just go to Wayne county 30 minutes down 52 and hit the hills lol

Clarksburg, WV

#130 Feb 19, 2012
they dont run in packs that big in WV idiot.
allen warner

Charleston, WV

#132 Mar 6, 2012
my email [email protected] i live in beckley wv an im looing for place to hunt coyetes
chrystal from doddridge

Terre Haute, IN

#133 Apr 16, 2012
I live in Clarksburg WV my mom lives on a huge farm in Doddridge Co. she has 2 horses 2 dogs and a cat. For the past few years she has notice a great increase in the coyote population. There have been mornings when she would look out to check on the horses and seen a pack of anywhere from 4 to 6 coyote in the field where the horses are. Thank god the horses were on the hill and not by the barn. But let me share this with you so you can ponder weather we should do something about the coyote or just sit on our asses and watch them take over and kill everything in sight. My mom just got home from work and was letting her dogs out to use the bathroom. She lets the stay out for about 20-30 nmins to do their thing she keeps watch for them but her phone rang this particular night and had to answer it cuz it was an important call. she took her eyes off her two dogs which are a chiuahua and a large terrier for a few mins. She was on the phone when she heard her dog yelping. She ran outside to find that a very large coyote had her little black rare chiuahua in his mouth carrying him off. My mother loveing her dog as much as she does went running and yelling after the coyote. Chaseing after it to try and get her precious dog back. The coyote did release the dog finally but not before turning to my mom and staring her down as if he was gonna charge after her. the coyote did severe damamge to the dog. The dog is still alive thank god and is doing well but Im all for killing the damn things off. I swaer if he wouldve killed that dog or hurt my mother I would be out hunting everyday to kill everyone I would see. Im still going hunting to thin the out significantly for the safety not anly of my moms animals and dogs but for the safety of my mommy. Shes all I have left and my best friend in the world. She means everything to me and I will do anything and everything to protect her from anything everything and everyone who posses as a threat

United States

#134 Apr 25, 2012
The first response in this forum is true. Coyotes are spreading because of the decimation of the Wolves across the East. They are actually bigger in the East than in the West. This is because when they crossed over the Missippi river to the north, the Wolves, whose population numbers were low at the time, inter-bred with them which created a larger more aggressive and less fearful subspecies of the Coyote. I agree that they should be aggressively hunted. They are an ill effect of man's slaughter of the Wolf, thus they are not a natural encroachment on our wild areas.

If you want proof that the Wolf causes coyote populations to decline, just read up on the re-introduction of Wolves in Yellowstone. The coyote populations dwindled significantly as when populations of both are high, they are arch enemies. After the Coyote numbers declined, populations of small rodents and animals began to rebound, and the nautral order of things began to balance itself out once again. A healthier eco-system returned. Sure, the hunters complained about them running Elk, but it's funny how they didn't seem to mind Snowmobilers doing the same, except it was just for kicks and not for survival. I'd be willing to bet that half of the people running them on snowmobiles were part of the crowd of hunters complaining about the Wolves doing it for food and not fun.

And, the Coyote was not introduced into any state to help control Auto vs Deer accidents. The bulk of a coyote's diet is small rodents and mammals. Sure, they eat some fawns, but not enough to seriously affect the populations as you can most likely see by the number of deer along the roads in WV at night. The same was said about Dr Gary Alt's plan for the deer herd management in PA. Everyone was claiming Auto Insurance companies were behind it. Years later after it has worked, in my opinion, the deer population is reduced, and I've never seen as many large, mature bucks in my life. But plenty of people still molly-whop plenty of deer along the highway.

Charleston, WV

#135 Aug 23, 2012
I had a coyote come and take my Boston Terrior/pug and drag it away 3 days ago, I'm so sad. My children have been crying themselves asleep for their puppy whe have had for two years. I have so much hatetred for them now that I don't care if ppl start killing some. They are breeding at a fast pace and are becoming to hard to handle now. I'm now worried about my childrens safety. I don't care about the animal activists on here. Lose a beloved pet that did nothing to deserve this and then maybe you will understand! We are going to start trapping and killing them and I really don't care what others feel about it. I'm going to watch out for my other puppy and my kids before I think about what peta an others think about us!!!!!

Richmond, VA

#136 Sep 5, 2012
XXX wrote:
Greenbrier, Monroe and Summers counties are having problems with the coyotes. They are killing a lot of peoples cats and dogs. They will also get a young sheep, goat, calf or foal. The coyote population has increased a lot in the past 5 years. Hunters are trying to keep the population down but it is not working.
I to live in WVa and can tell you here on jefferson and berkley counties the have open season year round on them. Amd are able to hunt them at nigjt inder amber light. That being said we have alot in our area its not uncommon to see one running down a street or side of the road in daylight. They have killed alot of livestock and pets.
Football fan

Kansas City, MO

#137 Sep 12, 2012
I try to tell the wise coyote something. Problem is by the time my 204 ruger gets done speaking the wise old coyote has usually passed into the spirit world lol. Nothing better than calling one in and bang flop it.

Charleston, WV

#138 Nov 8, 2012
This spring, instead of being a distant chorus, the night calling was much closer.

During third cutting hay, two large, grey coyotes (coyote/wolf/dog hybrids) approached me on my tractor at a fast lope as I was bringing in bales - I thought they were dogs, & tried to chase them off, as they were heading straight for the house; they were at about 50 yds & the barn cats don't need eating. They did NOT have any fear of the tractor at all, it took quite some time to get them to leave.

September 9th, a cat had gone missing & I thought perhaps a neighbor had adopted her, because she was a sweetheart & ranged a bit from the barnyard.

After two months, our losses are now three cats and twenty one laying hens. Husband shot a bitch yeaterday with a hen in her mouth - in the barnyard (with 2 bulls), at 1:30 in the afternoon. We have watched a black one cross the back pasture every morning at 10am on our way back from checking cattle (no clear shot there).

Don't fool yourself, coyotes are not night creatures, they only *sing* at night. Nor are they the size and color of the pictures of western coyotes, because they've crossed with the wolves and the dogs - some are black, some are silver, some are the size of a wolf. The population has definitely exploded in southern Greenbrier!

Marlinton, WV

#139 Nov 28, 2012
I live in southern greenbrier as well. We have never had a problem or heard any at all until this fall. Their is now a pack of them and were not sure how many. They are making a bunch of noise mornings and night! I can't let the kids play outside by themselves in fear of a coyote attack! When I was a kid on the farm you never had to worry. This is no joke its so bad you can't gut a deer without having the firearm beside you! It is not safe walking around without a gun! We will be having newborn calves soon and we are gonna have to get rid of our problem. Its so aggregating my family and other farmers got rid of them long ago and people wants to protect them! I got something for them Win. carbine and Remington!

Charleston, WV

#140 Jan 11, 2013
Coyote scat in the back yard, neighbors cats missing. One neighbor found that a paw, a piece of tail, and a little fur was all that was left of his (mostly indoor)cat just 50 feet from his back door. We live in a totally suburban neighborhood with very small wooded corridors between houses. Coyotes are bolder all the time. I dont think we would miss a few of them, but more are just going to fill the void the missing ones leave behind. We must unfortunately adapt to living with them, like it or not.

West Columbia, SC

#141 Jan 13, 2013
I agree with you buddy!! Kill every one ya see

United States

#142 Feb 23, 2013
@ Sinajuavi, yes we can eliminate these critters. That why they are coming back. They were here and hunters killed them off before. They are rarely hunted these days and they are coming back. I kill every one I see and will keep doing so. They attack livestock, deer, turkey, grouse, and every other animal I hunt for pleasure and food. Hawks are coming back too. Used to be most people had chickens so they killed every hawk, coy, fox they saw and as a result, they were almost extinct. If you think hunting can't reduce their number then you are a fool.

United States

#143 Feb 23, 2013
If they are coming close to your home, antifreeze mixed with dog food will stop them. Careful not to get your or your neigbor's pets.

Lizemores, WV

#144 Mar 12, 2013
Does anyone know where I can find accurate info on the pelt program. Im out of putnam county & when I called DNR they said that they had nothing to do with it that is was local/done by county. Any info would be appreciated
Putnam Co

Raleigh, NC

#145 May 16, 2013
I live in Putnam County and had a coyote at the fence trying to gain access to my Yorkie I had let out before going to work. If I had not stayed outside since it was such a nice morning, I would not have scared the coyote away. Since the coyote knows the dog is there (plus the rabbits), I am sure he will be back. I live in an open field and not surrounded by woods. This is too close for comfort.
Y N The Dickens

Dallas, TX

#146 Jun 18, 2013
I was at my Tyler County home last week and I heard coyotes either feudin', fussin' or [email protected] and within 200 feet of my house. I had to be careful when I let my dogs out because the darned coyotes have been roaming the hills & hollows for a couple years but only recently have they been so close.

Hillsboro, WV

#147 Aug 17, 2013
Last year I saw what I thought was a wolf mix or huge coyote the size of a large german police dog. I asked around if someone had a wolf dog but everyone said just coyotes. This was by childers road at organ cave wv.
kills coyote

Mount Hope, WV

#148 Jan 26, 2014
Sinajuavi wrote:
The ultimate cause is the removal of wolves since the Europeans arrived.
Coyotes have been gradually spreading into former wolf habitat for decades. What is observed is simply the steady progress of this. Now they are being noticed.
Their songs are welcome. In the West coyotes serenade the night. There is nothing wrong with this. If we wish to return to the more natural state, wolves must be re-introduced.
Wolves, like coyotes, do not harm humans. However, coyotes will eat pets and they and wolves will attack lifestock. There are ways to deal with this, which are saner than just hating the predators and trying to exterminate them.
Killing coyotes is stupid. You cannot eradicate them in that way. It has been tried in the West.
Native peoples see the coyote as a "trickster", similar to the Norse Loki. Sometimes coyote is associated with a spiritual entity, who taught culture to humans. Sometimes wolves or ravens play this role.
The barking dog, God's dog... the name coyote is a Spanish corruption of the Nahuatl "coyotl". The proper pronunciation is co-yo-tay, in Spanish. There is no English equivalent; the Nahuatl/Spanish word simply passed into English.
Coyotes are highly intelligent and are commonly spirit guides. If you see one, it could be auspicious; the coyote may be trying to tell you something. You should listen.
You are a idiot. Please leave WV, you do not belong here.
Wv girl

Ardsley, NY

#149 Feb 18, 2014
hilldude wrote:
Regarding DNR introducing coyotes to Wv. do a google search on eastern coyotes and you will find all of north america has coyotes.Wv DNR did not introduce coyotes to Wv or ohio or Pa
The dnr absoutely did reintroduce coyotes into wv .. A relative worked there and knows this.. About 20 years ago.. Great move state government

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