Coyote population in WV !!
wood co wv

Harrisville, WV

#107 Jan 23, 2011
And it seems the deer have moved closer to the roads . Not to mention its a lot easier for a coyote to eat you dumb house pets then eat a deer.
wood co wv

Harrisville, WV

#108 Jan 23, 2011
edward wrote:
IDK, currently there is no scientific evidence to prove cougars are living in the east. You need to get proof and report it, as this would be valuable information that so far only lives in "stories" from eyewitnesses. I am not questioning you, just letting you know researchers are actively looking for proof of cougars in the east because so far, zilch.So if you could provide it you'd be the first. Or anyone else who has seen these animals.
LOINS are here .how many coyotes have most of you seen.
wood co wv

Harrisville, WV

#109 Jan 23, 2011
Menika wrote:
<quoted text>That really scares me to hear that! They have multiplied faster than rabbits here in Wood county. They come closer and closer to my house every night. Im going to have to learn to shoot a gun and get a hunting license before my dogs and I discover ourselves their evening meal.The noise they make when they circle and kill makes me sleepless!Even more horrid is the sound of the poor animal they have outnumbered, tortured then devour. I have always heard they wouldnt attack people but if they are brave enough to kill cattle, horses, and sheep then why not people? We are smaller and less alert.
dont need the license

Fairmont, WV

#110 Feb 6, 2011
i hunt them in marion county and webster if you need them shot let me know thanks

Jacksonburg, WV

#111 Mar 4, 2011
Bobsthename wrote:
I'm in McDowell county, down at the bottom of the state. I haven't seen any coyotes but that doesn't mean they aren't here. We're more worried about the bear that keeps tearing our trash up. She had a cub last fall and that made her all sorts of, erm, bearish.
I have a suggestion though. As I live at the bottom of the state I'm next door to Virginia. I know they have a program where people are encouraged to kill coyotes to protect the livestock.(I'm not swearing to it because I can't find the article but I THINK some are paid for doing it.)
This is my suggestion: If you're population was being slaughtered en masse would you stick around or move to a less hostile location?? Maybe it's because of neighboring states that you're seeing more?? They're moving here to protect themselves, unaware that the people are just as hostile and afraid of them as the place they just left.
the people who get payed are doing so becouse of complants/livestock damage and are doing a service to the farmers/ranchers/homeowners who have lost pets to coyotes

Jacksonburg, WV

#112 Mar 4, 2011
chris wrote:
Around here (Cabell County) the DNR is reintroducing coyotes to the wild...
the DNR is not reintroducing the coyote the coyote has been expanding its range due to no other predators bigger then them with the exception of the bear are in the state to keep them from expanding there range also not as many people trap like it used to be in the 60s and 70s when the pelts were worth more some up to 70.00 each now with all the fake furs its not worth the time or money it takes in gas and supplys to make it worth while

United States

#113 Mar 10, 2011
i catch em for tell me where there at

United States

#114 Mar 10, 2011
if you wantthem shot call me
josh minor

Williamson, WV

#115 Apr 29, 2011
i was deer hunting near elkins on cheat mt heard a pack of coyotes in november went back in march one night and called in a pack in about ten minutes and shot a big boy but it ran down the mountain and got away went back a few times never had anymore luck

Charleston, WV

#116 Jun 10, 2011
I live in Mingo County..Any given night you can drive along the highway and see a coyote..I also think I am seeing a wolf in one location..It's obviously not a dog and bigger/heavier boned than a also has a slightly fuller coat with heavy black tipping, and broader pointy snout.. The elk population is growing rapidly..It would make sense for wolves to either come here or be put here to control the elk herds..There is no natural preditor for the elk except wolves and cougars..I have heard rumors of cougars here, and there was, for a fact, a cougar in the Dorton, KY area a few years ago..
This is off subject..but..The Everglades are in terrible danger from contstrictor snakes and U.S. lakes and rivers with Snakehead and Silver carp fish..I think all in all our ecosystem is going through a difficult time..

Bridgeport, WV

#117 Sep 11, 2011
if anyone needs to get ride of them on your property please contact me.
i would love to come and get rid of them for you.
john 243

Rock Creek, WV

#118 Nov 4, 2011
I live in huntington wv and would like to find a place to hunt coyotes if anyone would be willing to let me hunt on their property i would be very greatful ive deer hunted for 35 years so im very safe with a gun or bow
the truth

United States

#119 Nov 23, 2011
I plan on taking the coyote out. I will be using dogs together we plan to harvest as many coyotes as we can muscle. Maybe even for a small fee we will wipe out problem coyotes from your land. Keep your eye out for us

Rupert, WV

#120 Nov 26, 2011
kill them all they are good for nothing
michael king

Herndon, VA

#122 Nov 28, 2011
are their coyotes in charles town, wv
If so, are they in Jefferson county, wv

Ogden, AR

#124 Nov 30, 2011
I think the dnr should at lest help with the coyotes,and try to help people to keep them under comtorl!!!

Clarksburg, WV

#125 Dec 6, 2011
ill help where they at?????????

Culloden, WV

#126 Jan 9, 2012
I live in WV and have been a hunter most of my life. I have always followed the rules and believe that hunting is less cruel than nature's way of population control. Recently, where I live in Kanawha County, I have been hearing coyotes at night. I have a dog that I walk several time a day and night. Is it likely that coyotes would try to get near us? I don't hunt them but there is an open season on them in this state. However, I would not hesitate to kill one if I thought it was a threat to one of my pets.

Clarksburg, WV

#127 Jan 19, 2012
I live somewhat out in the country (colfax)and I believe my dog has been taken by a coyote. I have two dogs. They are jack russel and chihuahua mix. One looks like a jack and the other a chihuahua. They have a doggy door and the yard is fenced in so they come and go as they want. When I came home Fiday night after seeing a movie my jack was hiding in the bathroom(scared to death) and the little one was missing.(she was also in "heat"). I and my neighbors searched the neighborhood and not a sign. I truly believe a coyote took her so watch your animals. Now my other dog, her sister, is so sad and lost, not to mention "gun shy".
Johnny Reb

Charleston, WV

#128 Jan 20, 2012
They will also attack you. Coyotes get rabbies. I,ll shot evey one I see. They will kill livestock,pets and get a child if given a chance. Check YOUTUBE. . I don,t trust the sneaky coyote. If it doesn,t stay away after you run it off--it will be back to cause YOU trouble. Hear in W.Va they have been seen in packs of 18 or more. If you want to take one to bed--be my guest.Me--I,ll shot it.Don,t want to take a chance of them spreading rabies. The WOLVE is supposedly the only animal that does not get rabies. If you don,t believe wolves will attack you. Tell that to the folks who have had encon=unters with them. If you don,t like the way America handles the wolve,coyote,or any kind of hunting. Move to San Francisco where the other nuts live.

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