High Numbers of Black on White Crime

Newport, KY

#162 Apr 26, 2012
*appeared legit

Weaverville, NC

#163 May 10, 2012
It amazes me that there are those who refuse to believe the obvious. http://www.examiner.com/article/federal-stati...

Weaverville, NC

#164 May 10, 2012
Blacks make up about 34 million in this country while whites make up over 150 million of course numbers are going to be higher for whites, but when you compare by percentage of population they commit higher amounts of crime across the board. http://www.wnd.com/2001/03/8380/

Newport, KY

#165 May 11, 2012
who cares wrote:
I invite you all to check these statistics. They speak for themselves. It was really interested to find out that white infants up to 12 years of age have the highest rate of murder among different races. It basically says, white kids uner the age of 12 are more likely to be murdered at a higher rate than those of other races. Guess who they are likely to be murdered by? WHITE COUNTERPART!Ooops did i say that? You will never hear that in the news. So people, stop with all the non sense between blacks and whites.
White people have the highest rate of drug use than others.
oh by the way, another interesting statistics:
In other words, whites are the most hateful race!!!
You can do some research and find statistics on the highest rate of homosexuals by race; of DWI by race, intoxication by race....after you're done with it, you sure will make yourself small.
The number of incidents do NOT provide a true understanding of the predominance of anything within an ethnic/racial group. Percentages are what should be looked at in order to gain a true understanding. Your link is misleading to say the least.

La Quinta, CA

#166 May 28, 2012
Interesting crime stats from the FBI. Overall whites commit 70% of all crime in the USA. We also need to talk about the high numbers of white on white crime.

More than twice as many whites as blacks were arrested and charged with a crime, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports.
Of 9.5 million offenses charged, 6.7 million whites were arrested, compared to 2.5 million blacks.

The most common crimes were drug abuse violations, resulting in arrest of 770,430 whites and 381,006 blacks.

Whites were far more likely to be arrested driving under the influence. Of 998,035 total offenses, 877,810 of those arrested where whites.

Blacks, meanwhile, were more than twice as likely as whites to be arrested for gambling, 5,153 to 1,964.

And while blacks comprise about 13 percent of the population, they were charged with most of the robberies, 40,993 compared to 33,070 for whites, and nearly as many homicides--4,395 black and 4,454 white.

Whites outnumbered blacks about 2-1 in arrests for other crimes, including rape (11,766-6,114), aggravated assault (203,076-103,697), burglary (143,889-103,697) and larceny/theft (556,215-233,806.)

Whites also were most often arrested for motor vehicle theft, arson, other assaults, fraud, embezzlement, dealing in stolen property, vandalism, weapons charges, prostitution, sex offenses, crimes against families and children, liquor laws, drunkenness, disorderly conduct, vagrancy, curfew and loitering, suspicion, as runaways and all other offenses not including traffic.

Nunaur Biz

Watertown, SD

#168 Jun 23, 2012
And blah, blah, blah, about what you know NOTHING about! Go LIVE in the hood like I do and live around these no good tax sucking bums who HATE work.

Regarding your comment above.

I live in a neighborhood where blacks are recently moving in. My neighbor whose white has a child whose father whose black & lives in the "hood" also. He's a dog. Dogs run all over breeding anything in view, & leaves the results to the female dog, who never sees the father again.
My neighbor and I were talking the other day. She works very hard at her job, being a Mom & around yard & house. I asked her why father doesn't come around more to help & see his daughter. She told me that he has 12 kids by 12 different women, & still running around like a dog trying to breed more. He pays NO support for any of his off-spring.
I saw him coming around the corner last wk. & when he saw her working in the yard, stopped, backed up & hid behind a tree in my yard , & turned around to leave before she could spot him. He doesn't work, comes around when she's at work, shoots the sh** w/black friends he's brought with him in her yard & doesn't lift a finger to even pick of some trash that had fallen out of the car.
Yesterday she was out mowing the lawn with a broken front wheel on the lawn mower. She was trying to hold the front off the ground through sheer will power so she could finish the lawn. She said her hands were getting sore. That black lazy bum WON'T fix it. She also has to do all the heavy work around there because he's a worthless dog just like his black buddies, who don't work either, and don't have the ambition to pick up a few pieces of trash under their feet & throw it in the trash can six feet away!

Vienna, WV

#169 Jun 27, 2012
You know, blacks are only about 13% of the population. The fact that they commit nearly the same amount of crimes as the majority is a pretty good indication that there is something going wrong in the black community. You shouldn't get mad at us for pointing this out, you should be mad at black people for committing so many crimes. We are not making them look bad by pointing out their criminality, they are making themselves look bad by engaging in it. We didn't create these problems we are just dealing with them.

Toronto, Canada

#170 Aug 19, 2012
Everrett- once you get the ZOG not to identify Hispanics as Whites then maybe you could make some sense.

and btw this Source(s):
http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/cri … doesn't exist!
This page does not seem to exist…
Please try again later or revise your url.

so come back with a better source.

Parkersburg, WV

#171 Aug 21, 2012
whiteman wrote:
Everrett- once you get the ZOG not to identify Hispanics as Whites then maybe you could make some sense.
and btw this Source(s):
http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/cri … doesn't exist!
This page does not seem to exist…
Please try again later or revise your url.
so come back with a better source.
Yeah I won't hold my breath on that one. Liberals and facts are two things that don't seem to mix well.

United States

#172 Aug 24, 2012
This world is turning into a living hell, guns drugs and violence is what are youth is growing up with, kids are free to go to school so most of them at home school themselves because they don't want to deal with the animals that are in our public school system.. wake up America we need more severe punishment for crimes that are committed then maybe these animals will think twice about what they are doing... and what is taking so long for the death penalty to happen for someone that aminuted there crimes.. just more money for us taxpayers to pay out the keep them pieces of shit alive.

United States

#173 Aug 30, 2012
Go to census.gov , your numbers are incorrect.
greg hall

Victoria, TX

#174 Sep 2, 2012
Grace wrote:
First off I want to say that I am not a racist. I see people by thier actions, not thier color. But I do have to ask why there are "blacks only" colleges? Why is thier Black Entertainment Television?.... I'm just saying...people talk about how blacks are treated unfairly but whites don't have "whites only" colleges or White Entertainment Television and so on. I guess I just don't understad because whites would never be allowed to have "whites only" anything these days. Like I said I am honestly not racist...just curious.
.....greg hall..return them to africa
greg hall

Victoria, TX

#175 Sep 2, 2012
return them to africa n let them deal with their problems

Baltimore, MD

#176 Oct 2, 2012
first of all,do you have any proof that the information that the police gives is false and who are the ones that are higher up and far beyond?You dont know.I live in a citythat is not safe,if your black or white!Most of all crimes commited in this city are done by blacks,and that is a fact.there is no way around it blacks are violent people and most are lazy looking for handouts.As for lynching many,many more white men where hung for the whicket things they did.The only thing keeping a black man down is him self.Seeing things as they are not as I them to be.

United States

#177 Oct 25, 2012
Ethnicity and skin tone and economics and dna and upbringing......all play a part.....but when examining numbers and percentages and probabilities, the darkskins (african americans) do indeed stand out as being the most violent and dangerous.....hence, there must be a 'racial/ethnic' reason for it......where there is smoke there is fire....America has spent $40 trillion since the civil rights era years to raise their quality of life....EEOC, SPECIAL EDUCATION GRANTS, SPECIAL. GUARANTEED JOBS, LOWERED TEST SCORE REQUIREMENTS FOR COLLEGE AND EMPLOYMENT ENTRY, MANY PROGRAMS....WHICH HAVE STIFLED NATIONAL ECONOMIC GROWTH AND WHITE ADVANCEMENT.....People are tired of it....The african american pooulace has given themselves a horrendous reputation. Shame on them. We all wish they would clean up their act or go back to africa.

Bullhead City, AZ

#178 Feb 12, 2013
Chamille Leon wrote:
<quoted text>
We have black only colleges because whites didn't want blacks to have higher education so we created our own. We have BET, so what you have MTV MTV2 and VH1 those stations aren't geared toward black people. So we created a TV station so that we can see people that look like us on TV
Blacks ruined MTV years ago with rap music.

Howell, MI

#181 Mar 14, 2013
uh the world is not turning into a living hell it's turning into a living heaven..

Howell, MI

#182 Mar 14, 2013
yea SOME youth.. not all youth..

West Covina, CA

#183 Mar 27, 2013
For those who are more than a little curious why blacks and their [white] socialist allies hv such a problem coming up with ALL those alleged black victims of white violence, well, it's because there really isn't any measurable level of white on black violence. It's ALL black on white.

Here's a good link that demonstrates just how few black victims there are of white violence - also the STAGGERING level of black on white violence.


No people in human history hv EVER allowed another people to commit this level of violence against them!

I do believe forced integration should end IMMEDIATELY. Too many victims!

Saltville, VA

#184 Mar 28, 2013
whatevrr man they were probably gonna get killed by white on white violence anyway..

my friend was a white guy he was murdered by another white guy..

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