High Numbers of Black on White Crime

Howell, MI

#270 Jan 3, 2014
someone greek is probably pulling each others heads off lol

study the science

Murphy, NC

#271 Jan 3, 2014
read online the book; 'RACE, EVOLUTION AND BEHAVIOR ' BY PROFESSOR J. PHILIPPE RUSHTON. IT HAS HELPED SO MANY PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WHY IT IS THIS WAY!!! there have been now over 500 black mob attacks against innocent people. remember 'an expanded mind can never go back to its' former perimeters'.

Beckley, WV

#272 Jan 4, 2014
Blacks are a minority, there are less of them to assault. White people are the MAJORITY so there are MORE of them to assault. If you flipped it the other way, your numbers would follow. See how easy that was : )

Howell, MI

#273 Feb 4, 2014
help black peopel have more kids so you can Assualt them..

Saltville, VA

#274 Mar 27, 2014
i know how to stop black on white crime. do a black And white power movement.. in which both blacks and whites Are considered the master races..

(yea right)

Oakland, CA

#275 Mar 27, 2014
Easyanswer wrote:
Blacks are a minority,:)
African-Americans do not make up thirteen percent of the U.S population. A new and improved african-American 'black' race is being created.

I must say, I am rather intrigued by what I see; many white women have gotten into the game of destroying the African-American race and even more African-American males are ready to destroy their race. Far more to that facet of genocide, but I will leave it at that. Oh, I just can’t help it so I will go on…The sad thing for African-American women is not too many outside of their race want them.
I mean the more African-American males that leave the women of their race, the more irate and desperate the African-American women become and, because of their inferior mentality, Caucasian/European-American men for the most part want nothing to do with African-American women so that’s just more women for the African-American males that stay with their race. Now with many more African-American women than the selection of their men, that leaves the the desperate African-American women open to being ’played’ and with that comes even more African-American single parent homes and we all know what happens to most of those African-American children of single parent homes. A Beautiful design.
Now with more and more interracials being born, that is going to trap the general population of the African-American race in the rest of the facets of their multi-facet genocide A Beautiful design.
But!... that is going to cause more African-Americans to lash out than ever before. Needless to say though, that will cause more african-Americans to die and become felons- African-American felons!
A Beautiful design.

Check it out...

.http://i60.tinypic.com/o50w20 .jpg
Not just any hair but premium fire retardant japanese fiber.
In other words, the African-American race is getting theirs.

Oakland, CA

#276 Mar 27, 2014
This WILL destroy the African-American race.


Their are manty, many facets of their multi-faceted genocide. White women and the single parent home is just two. Obama is also laying into them and laying into them hard.
You White People that are frustrated and thinking about lashing out on blacks [descendants of African-American slaves] because the mainstream media does not report on the black-on-white hate crimes- DO NOT DO IT.
The Proccess of eliminating them is working quite nicely.

Oakland, CA

#277 Mar 27, 2014

Oakland, CA

#278 Mar 27, 2014
assault wrote:
help black peopel have more kids so you can Assualt them..
94 times out of 100 african-American murders it is a n African-American killer
With african-American single parent homes on the rise, that is going to escalate. which will lead to more prison, death,and felons.
Like I said, the African-American race is coming along right nicely.

Oakland, CA

#279 Apr 1, 2014
ntttttttt wrote:
i know how to stop black on white crime. do a black And white power movement.. in which both blacks and whites Are considered the master races..
(yea right)
That will NEVER happen. One must look closely what is going on under the facade of the 'relationship' between the two races...

One example...


African-Americans make up maybe ten percent of the U.S poulation( NOT thirteen percent), and dwindling.

Just that one facet of their multi-faceted genocide is laying devastation in their race and causing anger and division amongst them.
They have not been cannon fodder for three hundred years for nothing.

Oakland, CA

#280 Apr 1, 2014

Oakland, CA

#281 May 7, 2014
Well eye see no Afro-Americans want to discuss. It figures.
evilversionofoba ma

Howell, MI

#283 Jun 18, 2014
you don't pick who I team up with
I do..

Newington, CT

#284 Sep 18, 2014
waterchild wrote:
Dufus the name suits you. What makes you think I'm black? Very far from it. I just know some truths that a very small percentage of the world knows. You should change your mind towards blacks before its too late. It's your blue blood in them that has contaminated them.
Name calling only shows a lack of respect and intelligence in my opinion.

Chapmanville, WV

#285 Sep 30, 2014
wow finally whites are seeing whats going on ,

Triangle, VA

#286 Oct 13, 2014
Morpheus wrote:
While every racists loves a good conspiracy it's unfortunate that there just isn't enough blacks to go around to fulfill them all. The professional racist is smart enough to know that most of what he's peddling is a lie. He just does it because well, that's his gig. However, the not so smart ones, just mindlessly repeat what they've heard.
Not defending his numbers but your premise / counter argument. Yours is just completely inane. You ignore the fact of how crimes are counted. Your presumption is that each crime is committed by a different person, when in fact crimes are counted individually against the same person, ie (because you seem to dumb to realize) one person may be guilty of 10 or more of those crimes in his statistics. So your argument that there "isn't enough blacks to go around to fulfill them all" is about as smart as claiming there aren't enough people to buy as many cans of soda a year as reported because only one person could possibly buy one can.

Columbus, OH

#287 Nov 30, 2014
Channon Christian
Christopher Newsom
Kelli O'laughlin
Autumn Pasquale
Joshua Chellew
David santucci
Melinda McCormick
Kevin Shiflet
Jonathan Foster
Bob Straight
Nancy straight
Just some of the many black on white murderers that the media won't tell you about. Please tell me more about mike brown-the thief who assaulted a store employee and a cop and tried to grab the cops gun- was killed out of self defense. Meanwhile let's let African American on White American murderers any rocket.

Tampa, FL

#288 Dec 1, 2014
THIS IS WHY! YOU are a complete moron to think this to be true, if this is how blacks view these stats, then we'll NEVER fix the problem, the first step is to RECOGNIZE all the atrocities blacks committed against whites DAILY, you are not innocent as u say, blacks are6% of the population yet make up 46% of our prisons, I'm sorry Leroy, but all the black prisoners are not there because of racial injustice, it's your failure to own up to the gaudy facts that will forever keep racism alive. Blacks simply feel that they are owed something and by crying foul they feel they can sway public opinion, but what they've done is just enabled this continued assault on whites. Wake the fuck up people!
who="waterchild"]You r percentages may be correct but are they true? Have you taken into account that Blacks are charged more than others for crimes they did NOT commit? That some of these crimes if a white person would've committed they're charged with a misdemeanor where as a black is charged with a felony. So take in mind the percentage is high because of bias and injustices starting with the arresting officer all the way to the top of the judicial system and beyond. And some of these percentages are outright lies. Just like when white men justified lynching, mutilating, castrating, etc., black men because they said all black men wanted their white women.(by the way lynching still goes on today - the facts are ignored - it's ruled a suicide) Lies told to keep white america afraid so the lawmakers can continue to do as they do. So america can continue to treat blacks as inferior. So america can continue to have free slave labor. So blacks especially black men lose their right to vote. Basically to strip black america of their civil rights gain. Furthermore, intelligent people reading this article know that these percentages may be true when it comes to black on black crime - not black on white crime. Don't believe the hype.

Indian Trail, NC

#289 Dec 1, 2014
Hello Racist, I love your slanted journalism. I suggest you work on your dark before the end of day.

Ventura, CA

#290 Dec 2, 2014
Morpheus wrote:
Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
It is not uncommon for racists to use statistics to support their bogus arguments. The problem with statistics is simple:
1) They are used to infer things which are usually not true or irrelevant.
2) They are generally misused to support the position of the presenter
3) Considering that a good portion of the population is functionally illiterate. It is a good chance that most people looking at those dubious numbers don't know what they really mean. So simplify things a bit let's use literal numbers.
US Population 300 Million
US Whites 211 Million
US Blacks 34 Million
US Hispanics 35 Million
US Asian 10 Million
Everyone Else 10 Million
Try to keep these numbers in mind when our friendly neighborhood racists try to argue that the numbers don't lie (but people do). Especially, when they are attempting to convince you that blacks are the "majority" using drugs, in jail, committing criminal acts, lazy and don't want to work, on welfare, taking all the jobs through affirmative action etc.
While every racists loves a good conspiracy it's unfortunate that there just isn't enough blacks to go around to fulfill them all. The professional racist is smart enough to know that most of what he's peddling is a lie. He just does it because well, that's his gig. However, the not so smart ones, just mindlessly repeat what they've heard.
What these tools of the empire fail to realize how completely they've been conned into believing that they are some how better than someone else. While privilege allows *some whites* a few marginal perks. It doesn't change the fact that roughly 51% or (105 million) "whites" are dirt poor which by the way, is more than the total population of blacks and hispanics combined!
You see our collective masters devised a pretty good scheme to keep us all distracted while they sqeeze us all into a ever shrinking pie of resources. And while the racists might resist and even deny that they are peasants like everyone else. It won't change the fact that at the end of the day, the rich win as they always do and the rest of us get the short end of the stick.
Sure, they will continue to sell you lies about how if you work hard, go to school keep "blackie and brownie" in their places (which means close to you.) because the rich can afford to decide who they want deal with and who they don't making it unnecessary for them to engage in such foolish behavior.
1% roughly (3 million people) hold 33% of all privately held wealth.(Basically people who have so much money you have probably never heard of them.) The next group 19%(57 million people)(highly-paid-managers, professionals and small business owners hold roughly 51% of the wealth. The remaining 15% of wealth is held by the bottom 80%(240 million people) mainly in the form of a house and some savings.
The racists will continue to stand on their ant-hills and cry and bellyache about the usual suspects. What else can you expect from the powerless and the dissolutioned? After all, they are supposed to be the masters of the universe.

As remains the case today, blacks in the past were overrepre­sented among those arrested and imprisoned. In urban areas in 1967, blacks were 17 times more likely than whites to be arrested for robbery. In 1980 blacks comprised about one-eighth of the population but were half of all those arrested for murder, rape and robbery, according to FBI data. And they were between one-fourth and one-third of all those arrested for crimes such as burglary, auto theft and aggravated assault.


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