NYS "THRILL" "KILL" scumbag recruits...

NYS "THRILL" "KILL" scumbag recruits COV CUOMO links now..

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Mar 20, 2013
YES "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" scumbag recruit ICONS chosen to be Oswego County's ICONS in all of this are as follows and ow that chain of them now links to current NYS GOV Andrew Cuomo in the well established "encryped" clue pattern deadly M O od it all..

Fist you have my immediate family members my "'small streak of luck" mother Dorothy..who is the 1205 AKA Charles Runge cell phone accident name set up on me onthe Ver Plan Rd on 4-8-04 which is now the deadly attack on a former oswego Librarian and athe rape of 10 year old girl in all of this clue direction now..called SANDY(HOOK) gun control FBI ROGUE "association" set up of it all PHHEWWW!! Now let me break this clever coded FBI ROGUE pkan down for you..

On 4-8-04 Charles Runge of Pennelville(prison plan hey have for me if I don't comply called the "or lo green state "scene" -Orlo Green is the name of City Of Fulton, N.Y. Police Chief who I say is a ROGUE target in this also. READ ON..RUNGE used his oncoming lane to cut me off that day on his "right if way" off a stop sign to cause and "accident" and fromthere NYS ROGUE OFFICER MD Beiderman was sent(maybe not knowoing then why-Greens taking to long to put this togther BUT its also a ROGUE STATE issue so..VS small city chief..so?) to embellish the MV104A report NOT mentiong how RUNGE pulled this off on the report..focus on me..of his "right of way" at a stop sign-"NYS law."

Charles is my fathers name and 1205 his cell phone number the date MY mother "invited" me the TS Casino for a "win" that was set up for me to "win" and she had a BIG "win" too that night in that BINGO hall.. If I "throws" the HUSH money offers..I get set up in another way and that plan is called the ROGUE FBI/NYS BILL VICKERY 8-11 sexual predator plan narrated by many deaths..that beagn on 4-5-07 my father birthday when Federal Agent Barry Lee Bush was shot dead by hs own man "friendly fire." AKA code "bury the lying bush" a "reverse" plan on me if need clues set after I 'throws" ALL the bloody ROGUE money offers through casino and other ways..Clued on 4-5-12 again my fathers birthday this time by the ROGUE influenced NYS LOTTERY as slain by "friendly fire" on 4-25-07 NYS Trooper David CHARLES Brinkerhoffs "Pay her off in Pig Latin" 4531 badge number was run in "reverse" as 1354 that day -that order. That clue set up on me on 3-29-05 by CHRIS VICKERY BOWER my sister who hit my parked jeep that day in "reverse" as part of this..to shut me up.. ALLSTATE BILL(FACTOR) JETTY "encypted" embellished the damage report from there..

Now skipping some of the other horros in all of Oswego County New Yorks "THE THRILL OF HE KILL" right now it all centers on the 8-30-08 of an "OFF MEXICO" Palermo, New York 2008 murder of an 11 year old girl named Erin Maxwell..and how that murder and the NYS appeal of the Killer her step brother Alan Jones was a conviction reduced just recently by the appeal..off the 2009 Circus of trial while ROGUE behind ithe "genius" :reverse" planningof her death had placed the NYS LIC plate 3088 "anagram" clue date of it on my sons GREEN Acheiva..as a threat on me to shut up..Now on 10-2-12 while another scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney of 143 Oneida St was planning her set up on me in her mother's "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego NY home..That clue was shot dead by the FBI in an "OFF MEXICO" location also Agent Nicholas Ivie..badge number 0225 link to my sons 2-25 birthday..as Aftin set the SANDYHOOK gun control "association" "line up" move up on me..and why a LinRARIAN formerly fo Oswego was just murdered and her 10 year raped off it on Ver Plank rd..where RUNGE began his cell phone plan role.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Mar 20, 2013
Ok so haow does all of that FACT link to current NYS GOV Andrew Cuomo..and is SANDRA LEE ROGUE girlfriends "decipher it name as SANDY IS lying about A CITY OF FULTON lIBRARIAN AND HOW THEY PLAY HER IN THIS..To why a librarian formerly of Oswego was murdered just days ago..and her 10 year old daughter raped..NYS police play it the same as the Erin Maxwell murder..They know why.

It's is all an ongoing link to the HERKIMER, N.Y. massacre that just took place killing 4 men and a dog..the DOG shooting link is clue here in Hannibal New York to active "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" scumbag recruit "JUDITH DEVENEY"... any ? Ask the non restraining order BROTHER JUDGE Eugene Hafner of Hannibal town court...of her under oath court testimony act VS the audio of it. The "crying" was all I needed for the clue..NOT her 1-24-13 continuing restraingin order destructive Hafner supported charades...that's when I KNEW he was in on it like his brother..9-9-09 taunt.

Now it began in 1999 when scumbag recruit from Oswego Lorinda Fullington made the $ lure to my sister know as "Angie baby" in all of this Angela Vickery Lenahan Vaburen( a name she aquired on the "line up" date with the Brinkerhoff shooting memorial) who's 1206 THRILL cell phone is link to Andrew Cuomos 12-6 birthday ..a ZODIAC clue..and how ROGUES plan the outcome of this story maybe linkd again to the name Blanchard in her direction also now..the use of JUDITH'S "tractor wheel head injury claim when she set her husband up off it a charge that was "dismissed"...JUDITH said it ..I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOUR FUCKING DEAD" to him..now that TRUCK is here..a 1993 RANGER..Off the GOOMAN AUTO SAAB set up on him..

Nothing 4848 is GOOD nothing..it's a VER PLANK clue and right now it's dead librarian..to close to home..and a raped 10 year old by a man under Federal jurisdiction for a sex crime..CAN YOU "SUE" THE SHIT OUT OF THE FEDERAL COURT SYSTEM? for another judges lousy judgement...I GET IT..

DA Rossi, Nickelson and Judge Hafner, Ludingon and Mirbito did the same things..ROGUE.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Mar 20, 2013
From the placement oif th e 3088 Erin Maxwell is going to die NYS Lic plate clue "anagram" date on my sons car in march of 2008 Just months before her 8-30-08 death..set up to begin on 8-11 the BILL VICKERY date..To how Angie Vickerys 1206 cell phone THRILL number now links to Andrew cuomos 12-6 birthday..and how shes again has been pulled back to my mothers ROGUE side of this..

To JUDITHS DEVENEY use of the TRACTOR WHEEL issue in her set up on her husband..That's a Blanchard name clue ..to the NYS LIC plates 2889 and 6788 ..JUDY Blanchard died on 3-5-10..thats a GEORGE LUNDY address clue..and her announcemnt ws 5-5 GEORGE Levea's would be birthday..Thi si a nickelless plan these ROFUES and scubag are involed in..JUDITH DOGS..MIDNIGHT..JOHNNY and BUBBLES..JUDITH" is the lowest level in this of scumbag wrok..then the DA'S and JUDGES and the COPS. themselves..behind it all..WE are the vicitms they PICK from..

HERKIMER Massacre...AKA code plan Her or Kimer..Kim Raponi Stevens "Ace in her pocket" Dead Sheriif Bill Cromie 1999..Lorinda fullingon starts the lure on Angie for $..1999..George Lundy's(2006 fired oswego Police Chief) name pops out of her mouth "personal interest" in me after that..

MOVIE plans Kim dont like the ktheryn manheim idea she wants Meryl Streep and Autumn wants Kate Winslet.."He says hey will play them now"..

Andrew cuomos girlfriends name is SANDRA LEE AKA SANDY IS LYING..its about a librarian..and she is playing BOTH sides..just like my mother..A former oswego NY was just muurdered on the Ver Plank (RUNGE clue) Rd and her 10 year old daughter raped..the suspect was ALRESDY under...catch this clue FEDERAL jurisdiction..for a sex crime..a bracelet..for child pornography and does this off it..Picks the right victim..the right time..right place...How did he know she was there at the mall?..If he was under house arrest? Neighbors YES would have heard the scumbags....cell phone maybe?

So why the use of the Blanchard name again One is death one is set "scene" by a tractor wheel clue that cuased the death..and the 3rd is??.."They do things in 3s" ask Joe Wallen the Oswego Attorney hes a "freind" of George Lundys..

Yreka, CA

#4 Mar 18, 2014
ndrw Cuomo is aarrogant old snob in need of a good thrashing and a spanking america can do with-out this pompious old peacock he needs to get his fat buttholle kicked real hard in november

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