Age of consent in Virginia??

Roanoke, VA

#84 Oct 21, 2012
So is it legal for a 18 year old to do it with a 15 year old as long as they both consent in Virginia?
amy mchaney

United States

#85 Nov 11, 2012
Is it ok for me and my boyfriend to date he is 21 and I'm 17??

Newark, NJ

#86 Dec 7, 2012
So im 17 i will be 18 in march, me and my gf have been together for 6 months now and she is 15 her birthday is in September. When i turn 18 could this cause any problems for me or for her? My parents r cool with us together and her parents r too could this pose any problems?

Mobile, AL

#87 Dec 12, 2012
My childrens (former) soccer coach, wife and husband, both routinely have sex with kids that are 16 years old. The police have written solicitations for sex (facebook) between one of the adults (40+)and five girls complaining. Why have they not been able to make an arrest.

Hampton, VA

#88 Jan 21, 2013
What are the laws pertaining to a relationship (non-sexual) between a 15 yr old female and a 19 yr old male?

Because, we like each other but we haven't done anything. We've only kissed once. He is dead set on me and him being together forever and I feel the exact Same way. I really want to be with him, but I don't want him to get in trouble for being with me. He said he is willing to wait, but I was just curious on the circumstances should the situation arise earlier.

Newark, NJ

#89 Feb 18, 2013
I just turned 17, and my boyfriend has just turned 19. I have read that the legal age of consent in Virginia is 18. However, we are only about 2 years apart and I don't know if its legal or not because in other states it says 16 and in some articles the age seems to change. I graduate in June and we both plan on going to community college after I graduate. However we want a baby and I wanted to know how much trouble could be involved. We do not want a baby at this time, but later on down the road maybe before I'm eighteen, maybe not. Please leave all negativity out of your responses!! I don't care to read all pointless stuff I just want my questions answered. Thank you so much!
Dr Ho

Yorktown, VA

#90 Feb 26, 2013
In VB the age on censent is 11. If you live in Boston and want same sex marriage to an 11 year old, are over 45, you are welcome to come to Virginia Beach this summer. VB is having a 'gay-pedophile Day Parade.' All parents who want to get rid of their 11-13 year olds will bring them and a priest will be there to marry you.

Washington, DC

#92 Apr 8, 2013
carmenforu wrote:
<quoted text>
My questions is..What would someone 22 yrs. of age have in common with a 16 year old...SEX..that's it.
Regardless as how mature you may think you are,your boyfriend should show some maturity and wait until your old enough.
What does this guy do ?
Does he go to college ?
Does he have his own place ?
Does he have a job (other than a fast food restaurant)?
Does he have any kids ?
You are 16 you should be focusing on school and high school dances.Don't get yourself involved in something that will cost later on.You have plenty of time for sex.Don't make the mistake of defining your life by men and sex.
Good luck in school (:
she didn't you all that so answer the question or don't answer at all

Washington, DC

#93 Apr 8, 2013
Why can't anybody answer the question without all the extra side lines. Nobody asked about life skills or school
The Summarizer

Leesburg, VA

#94 Apr 11, 2013
So in summary, this is how it works (If I read all the comments right.)

15-17 year olds can have sex with 15-17 year olds.

If say, the female is 17, and the male partner turns 18, the female must wait until she is ALSO 18 in order to have legal sex again.

Same is true for the reverse, if the male is 17, and the female turns 18, the male must wait until he is ALSO 18 in order to have legal sex again.

As long as both partners are 18 or ABOVE, they may have sex together, regardless of age difference.

Hope this clears things up. I was also a bit confused at the start, but I put everything I gathered from the last 91 comments together, except for all the "Oh my gawsh you are sick, how dare you, as a father, I would find you myself" stuff.

United States

#95 Apr 27, 2013
I am 17 and my boyfriend is 20 is it legal for us to go out ?

Midlothian, VA

#96 Jun 28, 2013
Okay so i've just turned 16 and im finally able to date my boyfriend because he's 18 . I just need to make sure the law of under age sex and consent is that there can be no more than a three year difference?

Ridgeview, WV

#97 Jul 25, 2013
It appears as if it would be 15 of the age of consent but what if you know Someone who just turne 15 dating someone who just turned 18 but lives in 2 different states. Male via WV and female via Virginia? Would the 3 years still yet be legal?

Tappahannock, VA

#98 Aug 4, 2013
Ok if the guy is 17 and the girl is 14 and the age difference is exactly 3 years and a month is it legal to just date. And no sex
worried mother

United States

#99 Sep 23, 2013
What about a boy at the age of 17 having sex with a girl that is 14
suck it

Midlothian, VA

#100 Oct 13, 2013
my gf is 27 i am 21 and my other gf is 15 is it legal for us to do it since we all girls

Falls Church, VA

#101 Nov 5, 2013
I'm a 18 your old girl and I'm with a 15 year old girl is that bad

Washington, DC

#102 Nov 15, 2013
carmenforu wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes,but I would strongly encourage them leave the sex out of their relationship.
Just because it's legal doesn't make it in the best interest. They need to focus on life skills. They have time for sex after they have figured out how to maintain and contribute a quality living to society.
Let's be realistic here... its 2013. if they aren't already they'll soon be having sex. HARDLY anyone waits till 17-18 to have sex which is sad but the truth. Best advice: just don't go flaunting your sexual relationship and be safe.

Ashburn, VA

#103 Nov 23, 2013
I have a 15 year old daughter I have just learned she had sex with her so called boyfriend one is 20 what can I do as a parent ....

Newport News, VA

#104 Mar 8, 2014
Rishad wrote:
The age is 18 and some one 18 or over having sex with 15 16 17 year old is a class 1 misdemeanor anything younger is a felony. and sweetie i'm a 24 year old dude and I know some guys who tried to hook up with jailbait. they always do their thing with them told them they loved them then nailed someone else. I bet your man ain't different. Be a kid enjoy life and leave these creeps to whack off to thier illegal pornography.

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