"But Urquhart said the existence of a driving privilege card makes Utah a magnet for illegal immigration."

Sure does. come to Utah get a license then go anywhere and trade it in for another state's license.

BTW, Real ID act goes into effect Jan 2013. You will need this or other state issued real id to fly on any plane in any state in the US. Plus to go into any federal building.

License requirements for Real ID act.

For Non-Citizens:

"Valid, unexpired Permanent Resident Card I-551 for Lawful Permanent Residents
Valid Passport for non-immigrants except for asylum applicants and refugees
Other government issued document showing your full name
Department of Homeland Security document showing proof of lawful presence
If your name has changed by marriage/divorce, you must have your name changed on your Citizen and Immigration Services (CIS) documents.

Both Citizens and Non-Citizens will need to bring:

Your Social Security Card or proof of your social security number."