Dallas may limit sex offender homes

Dallas may limit sex offender homes

There are 57 comments on the Quick story from Oct 1, 2006, titled Dallas may limit sex offender homes. In it, Quick reports that:

Dallas' registered sex offenders could soon face greater limits on where they can live - restrictions on par with those gaining popularity in North Texas suburbs.

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Government Watch


#53 Feb 14, 2008

This comes from the dept of justice.

Within 3 years following their release, 5.3% of sex offenders (men who had committed rape or sexual assault) were rearrested for another sex crime.

This leaves about 94.7% who do not reoffend.


Dallas, TX

#54 Mar 12, 2008
Fist of all it doesnt matter whether the offender was lied to about ge by a partner 17 and under why would you be having sex without really knowing eachother?
Another John

Jasper, TX

#56 Mar 12, 2008
Consider this:
1. Some 35 y/o guy gets drunk, slaps his 29 y/o girl friend around and forces her to have sex. He is arrested for rape and sexual assault.
2. A 17 y/o boy dates a 15 y/o girl. He parks and makes out with her. Her family finds out and he is charged with statutory rape.
3. A 25 y/o man foddles a 12 y/o girl. He is arrested and charged with sexual abuse of a minor.
4. A 42 y/o woman teacher has sex with a 16 y/o male student. She is arrested and charged with sexual assault of a minor.
5. A man sneaks around town raping a woman each night for a month. He is arrested and charged with sexual assault.
6. A 17 y/o girl has sexual intercourse with a 12 y/o boy. She is arrested and charged with statutory rape.
None of the above involve murder...just sexual assault of some sort.

All of these people are put into a sexual offender database. They are not seperated in any way except by the charge written on their rap sheet.
Are any of them "more guilty" than the others?
What is fair and what is unfair?
Should there be a "sexual predator list" and a "minor sexual offender" list?
What are the "degrees" of sexual assault?
Another John

Jasper, TX

#57 Mar 12, 2008
Government Watch wrote:
This comes from the dept of justice.
Within 3 years following their release, 5.3% of sex offenders (men who had committed rape or sexual assault) were rearrested for another sex crime.
This leaves about 94.7% who do not reoffend.
And some of the ones who are rearrested were caught with a prostitute. This violates their parole. This is not sexual assault.

I am not an advocate for sexual offenders...but I do not believe that treating all of them the same way serves the community very well. I also believe that some data included in statistics skews the results. Let's concentrate on punishing the bad guys severely and try to help the the kids who make a mistake.

Arlington, TX

#58 Mar 12, 2008
steve wrote:
<quoted text>I'm just defending the people on the list that I don't feel are perverts.Would I get rid of the sex offender list?No,but I would revise what constitutes a sexual predater and what constitutes a fucking mistake.Luckily I'm passed the age where I have to card girls.But back in my early twentys I was hit on by girls that sometimes ended up being under age.I always carded before any physical interaction so it was no big deal.But what about the guys that aren't as carefull as I was.When you are 18-20 and a male most guys don't thik to card.
I feel that true child molesters should get 10-20 years and major mental help.If they get caught again
bamm life in jail.That as rational as I can get.
i c'n see that our joke of a...injustice system could be wrong 'bout some of these people...havin' a crummy job in a 'adult bookstore'...fer example ...prob'ly shouldn't git ya labeled "sex offender" fer life...an' bein' a young person an' gittin' labeled "sex offender" fer partyin' with a member o' their peer group a year younger is jist plain wrong. i shoulda done jail time an' been labeled "sex offender" fer someone i was married too 40 years ago when i's a kid myself? but them animals that rape or victimize anybody...adults or children...oughta be shot down like dogs...or politicians.
John Savant

Leesville, LA

#59 Jan 13, 2009
I am one of those 18 year olds that had their lifes ruined by some young woman even after over 100 leters to the judge from people in my neighboorhood and who know me I had 3 years probation and 10 years to register. But since the new laws I have to register for 25 years now because of some mistake that I made 2 months after I turned 18. I am a certified IT tech but can't find work because of this other than fast food. I am also mentaly handicaped. Recently I was set up for a failure to register charge because I was told the wrong date to come back.

Now im looking at a minimum of 2 years more probation. I'll do you all a favor,real soon.

United States

#60 Jan 13, 2009
I do not think an 18 year old male is a pedophile sex offender for having sex with a 16 year old girl. But the law doesn't agree with that. As a parent of a 16 year old girl I would not want an 18 year old man's life ruined if my daughter was consenting. I would ruin his day BUT not his life.

Since: Jan 09

Dallas, TX

#61 Jan 15, 2009
this is interesting. There is a wide array of responses here, but the fact is we have people who are multiple offenders who get probation, or they are able to hire great attorneys and get off. Then you have young men who get with a young girl and they are not prevs, they just were doing what a young guy does and they pay a price that affects them for the rest of their life. We do not use common sense and place restrictions to the ones who deserve it, we run rough shod over many and ruin their lives.
This hang them by the balls attitude does no good and addresses nothing. Use sense not emotion

Dallas, TX

#62 Mar 30, 2009
I've read all of your postings..I"M quite disturbed. Some of you guys think it's ok to have "Consentual sex in a park or in a public place with your spouse or signiifcant other" do you realize that is not only a criminal offense but that according to to Texas Penal code you may have to register as a Sex Offender. Aswell for Urinating in Public or mooning someone to where your anus is exposed. Why do I know this, because I was a Police Officer and unfortunatly now have to register. I was accused of having a sexual conversation over the Internet with a 14 year old female. I made no attempt to meet this person but in the state of Texas that doesn't matter. They didn't have the computer as is prescribed in CCP but I pled guilty because my wife with Pregnant with my son and I didn't want my son to grow up without his father. A few of you wrote this saying Put signs in their front yard, change their lic. plates. What happens when someone shoots up my house or tries to shoot my car or run me off of the road and my child is injured or killed. So is that OK? The state of Texas should classifed sex offenders LOGICALLY by offence types. I know this is an OLD posting but i just saw it.

Dallas, TX

#63 Apr 27, 2009
Not everyone on the sex offenders list is an adult offender. Because Texas does not discriminate between a juvenile offender and an adult offender many people get screwed over. I know some one that was charged as a sex offender when he was 12 and because he now lives in texas he is on the adult list and cannot live in any complex that checks that out.

United States

#64 Jun 7, 2010
just wait until u have a son,or daughter that is falsly accused. then you know what it feels like to have your life ripped apart
Sabrina D

Apo, AE

#65 Jun 7, 2010
Kyle wrote:
I hate them, espically when they threaten to kill them afterwards. i just think they need to live on a tiny island alone with themselves and see what happens to them,maybe they will rape each other lol.
I totally agree! Jeremy says HI!:)

United States

#66 Mar 27, 2013
I agree Steve
steve wrote:
Yes lets be irrational about this.The fact of the matter is a lot of sex offenders really aren't perverts.A lot of young men made a mistake and involved 14-17 year old girls that usually came on to them and told them they were adults.A lot of the offenders I've seen were only 2-3 years older than the "kids" they "assualted".With that said there are some of these that are perverts such as molesting little girls and boys and these people should at least be closely monitered for most of thier life.
These are People

Fort Worth, TX

#67 Mar 28, 2013
To God all sin is sin, so why don't we staple on your forehead all of your sins--oh wait, no one has that big of a forehead.

Arlington, TX

#68 Apr 17, 2013
Well my bestfriend sister told a men she was 18 and that she was and high school and it was her last year and high school. But she was only 16teen at the time they was dateing for 8m and her mom walk and on them haveing sex and the girl said he made her. Have sex with him so she wont get her ass kick but the mom call 911 and the mangot lock up for a lie she told. But the man had text msg and his phone that he had from her telling him she was 18 and he was just 19 so ppl do lie.

Mesquite, TX

#69 Jun 7, 2013
Roxy wrote:
Steve how long were you in for?
there's a big difference between sex off. Sex offenders and sex predictors if there's a couple yrs apart and they was 16 and he was 18 that's not called sex offenders sex predictors wish someone goings out looking for little kids under age

Grandville, MI

#70 Dec 12, 2013
I am a registered sex offender. When I was 24 I had relations with a 15 year old female. Even though she told me her real age I still pursued her. I am not only on the registry for life but deserve to be executed for it. I am selfish, arrogant, conceited, obsessive, possessive, deceitful, manipulative, controlling, vindictive, overbearing, naive and more. After my father passed away in 2008, I've been in and out of jail and mental institutions. In 2010 I managed to get my own place. But unfortunately my sexually deviant-and violent-thoughts continue to get the best of me as I spend nearly 90% of my time sheltered in my apartment. Suicide is the only possible solution to end this torment of self-destructive behavior that is shredding my mind like micro-sized sharpened razors.

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