Prescription skin cancer cream Aldara...

Prescription skin cancer cream Aldara has horrific side effects, say users

There are 2154 comments on the story from Aug 8, 2006, titled Prescription skin cancer cream Aldara has horrific side effects, say users. In it, reports that:

Elaine Hollingsworth put Aldara on her nose thinking that it was the "benign salve" that her dermatologist made it out to be; instead, it was the beginning of her nightmare.

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#2168 Feb 26, 2014
I will post my email if you don't but I would rather not.

Indianapolis, IN

#2170 Feb 27, 2014
Lisa wrote:
I really hope people investigate Aldara and also Zyclara before applying this stuff. I finally had an appt with a neurologist. I now have clinical weakness in my arms, legs, feet, hands and cranial muscles. My face is starting to droop on one side and I slur my words. The only good news was that I have normal reflexes and no Babinski whatever that is. I have no idea what this stuff has or will do to me anymore. The muscle twitching is nonstop and I hurt constantly. I'm not even going to discuss the eyesight issues now. My sister in law had a baby and she's furious with me for not seeing them but I'm so exhausted I just can't go out much.. I'm 45 years old and have a hard time walking without pain anymore. And none of my symptoms are getting better. Ugh! Ok vent over.
Lisa do you have a email where I can contact you at?

Camp Hill, PA

#2171 Feb 27, 2014
mike. stefanapolis at (no spaces
Derick wrote:
I will post my email if you don't but I would rather not.

Milton, FL

#2172 Feb 27, 2014
I am about to start week #4 (of a 6 week program) on imiquimod. I am being treated for a BCC on my face. I am very scared by these posts. And my face looks really bad now. I had a very small bcc and now i have a huge open sore on my face. I don't know what to do. I can't afford surgery. I am 35 years old... definitely scared right now.

Canton, OH

#2173 Feb 27, 2014
If you read these posts and you have not picked up on how bad this stuff is or can be when placed in an open sore, I would suggest that you re-read them. I still have issues that mess with my autonomic nervous system from this stuff. The only reason it was not worse for me is that I did not develop any open sores while using it. I would not use this crap again, but it is your decision.

Lindale, TX

#2174 Feb 27, 2014
I have spent my last 14-years studying this drug and its manufacturer and there are some commonality between those who are in the most likely group of individuals to receive severe permanent harm during use of this drug and those who hardly ever respond negatively to it in their treatments. I have catalogued some 2200 users injured by this drug at this point in time. Without fail, those individuals who are hardly ever sick, no colds, no flu, on nothing are the most likely of all to receive extreme and permanent harm from imiquimod products. Those that are sickly with frequent colds, hay fever, allergies, etc. hardly ever respond violently enough to receive any lasting harm. These guys are the ones that get on this forum and tell us all how great this stuff is because they got no injuries, THAT THEY KNOW OF, from using it. So, bottom line, if you read this and you have not decided to use the drug then I suggest you determine for yourself which of these two groups you fall under and act accordingly in your decision. If your immune system is already running high limits which means your are rarely sick, then you are at severe risk when this drug pushes your immune system reactivity to extreme enhanced levels causing it to begin attacking your body like it has mine and thousands of others.

Milton, FL

#2175 Feb 27, 2014
Aldara1, I would say that I am in the first category you described, rarely sick, etc. When do the side effects begin showing up?

United States

#2177 Feb 27, 2014
Josh wrote:
Aldara1, I would say that I am in the first category you described, rarely sick, etc. When do the side effects begin showing up?
STOP USING IT immediately, PLEASE trust me read these post and believe them, I personally have lost all the happiness of my life because of this drug, I struggle every min of my life. My brain is destroyed. My memory is GONE! I struggle with my families names. Spell check has flagged so many of my words I have just typed because I lost all my spelling skills. If you want to tell you more I can. The list would scare you so bad that you would think im a hypochondriac but I was a hockey player, construction super intendant, get in all my schooling, never sick, no problems at all and it took about 2 months and my life is gone now, if you want to know more I will explain.

Lindale, TX

#2178 Feb 27, 2014
Josh wrote:
Aldara1, I would say that I am in the first category you described, rarely sick, etc. When do the side effects begin showing up?
That totally depends upon where you apply it, for how long, and if you are following your inept doctor who is telling you to keep on "packing" it into the open wound that always, always, develops. If all of this is in your regimen, then your side effects will begin within a week or 10 days. If it is on your face then it will be more violent in side effects. If it is on you forehead near your hair line, it will effect you in ways you could never imagine. Skin at that site is the thinnest of all and therefore seamlessly starts absorbing into blood circulation almost within a day or so. However, because it is on the head, it places you at high risk for having it transparently move via blood circulation through the blood-brain barrier and into your brain where I suppose you can fill in the gaps on the rest of that story. The technical data tells us that if you are having this type of violent reaction and it last for longer than 21-days you are in an environment past that time to have permanent immune damage called autoimmunity occur. The rest is history at that point.

Milton, FL

#2179 Feb 27, 2014
Great. I am applying it in (2) spots. One on my forehead, right by my hairline and the other is right below my eye. No reaction on my forehead, but under my eye is pretty bad. A pretty big open wound right now. It looks so bad... its hard going out in public but I have to work obviously.

I went to the doctor a week ago and I told him that I read online that I am not supposed to put it in an open wound and he didn't seem phased at all... He said to take a week off and then start up again. Which I did. The wound healed, but now it is back bigger than ever. I haven't used Imiquimod since it opened up again. I'm at a loss.

I should've have just done Moh's I guess.

Milton, FL

#2180 Feb 27, 2014
Derick, I would like to know more. I am seriously worried. I have used imiquimod for about 16 days over the past 4 weeks. It would have been more, but I stopped early on my 5 day treatments because my skin was so open. Including now... I was supposed to start tonight, but my skin hasn't healed from my last 5 day run.

Pittsburgh, PA

#2181 Feb 27, 2014
apologies, it was a typo.... mike.stefanopolis at gmail
Mike wrote:
mike. stefanapolis at (no spaces <quoted text>

Lindale, TX

#2182 Feb 28, 2014
You know I am 65 now and have had at last count 23 very successful Mohs surgeries and have used Carac, Efudex 5%, Solaraz, and Aldara in my life for literally 100's of AK's and BCC's. I am not going to call myself an expert in anything but one thing I do know is how I responded over a very long time to all of these various treatments. I would like to share with you a few things I have learned, some the hard way.

Mohs - I think above all other treatments, that Mohs has possibly saved my life many times. The method used to determine when all of the cancer cells are eradicated is about 99% efficient. That to me is a lot of peace of mind. But, if your physician is not well trained in the field of both Mohs and has knowledge of plastic surgery wound closure techniques then you might not get such a pretty smooth outcome for the ladies. You have to make your mind up on whether you want the cancer for sure gone or you are more interested in looking "perfect" afterwards. Check out your doctor's abilities first!!!

Carac, Solaraz, and Efudex are all forms of 5FU and kill the cells through their pharmacological drug action directly. I have never been sickened by any of these and between them I have used probably a 1/2 gallon of it over the last 30-years.

Aldara, Zyclara, Imiquimod, well we all know the skinny on these don't we. Nothing else to say or warn about on this subject. None of these creams surpass an efficacy long term greater than 70%. But they can kill you. FDA has recorded 28-deaths attributable to this drug as of 2012.

Bloomington, IN

#2183 Feb 28, 2014
Josh what is your email address?
MR John Gotti

Bangkok, Thailand

#2187 Mar 19, 2014
Ita a just kilida the warts on my willy igota from Farther Lagerio after the 9 o:clock mass

Dartmouth, Canada

#2188 Mar 19, 2014
I was diagnosed with hpv in Nov. 2011 and prescribed aldara to use every third day until cleared up. There was a few instances where I was impatient, used too much, used for 4 days straight and burned myself (in crotch region), making it painful to walk or do much moving. Then had to stop using until I healed up and started again. I had enough for 6-7 Months of use and used it for the whole 7 months.

I never once experienced a really bad side affect other than myself being impatient and misusing the medication, in a way that wasnt prescribed. Self inflicted. I was depressed at the time for having to deal with the fact I was just diagnosed with hpv/genital warts and my boyfriend only stayed with me during it because he realized he had hpv too (unprotected sex).

I was young (19) and stupid and actually very covered in genital warts. I had them for a while before going to my doctor and it just got worse. Slowly and carefully I was able to clear it all up, I ran out of the aldara I was prescribed just in time to be 100% cleared, and I was so happy with the results I asked for a second prescription just in case i had another outburst.

it is now march 2014, ive been clear almost two full years now and I was placing this cream in a very delicate area. I have no speech problems or memory loss, I am actually at the healthiest and happiest I've ever been in my 21 years of life.
So people, it cant be just the cream. the problems got to be in where youre placing it. Its common sense to not put it on an open wound, and putting it on your face or head can definitely screw with your brain.
And maybe it's not only just where the placement is, but what you're treating. Sure, aldara is a horrible thing to treat cancer with and from everyone's experiences ive read I would never suggest it for anyone. But I would recommend aldara for genital warts. Less painful than freezing them off and discreet enough so that you dont have to tell anyone you're even using it (I was able to use it for 7 months and my parents never found out. We live in the same house).

Half the people who read this, or more, will hate this happy post about aldara. And I was scared because of this website when I started using it. But it worked for me.
I dont wanna say it saved or changed my life but I dont know what I would've done if I hadn't used it.

Parramatta, Australia

#2189 Mar 20, 2014
Hay, it is ok to have a positive result!
I am sure I others would agree with me that, if you are healthy and happy we couldn't be happier for you. And we hope and pray that you stay that way. But...
Please keep in touch and let us know as time goes by if you start to get any of the side effects that we have all developed. I wish you the best, and of course am more than happy that you are well.
We all just want everyone to be well.
Unfortunately you are the exception rather than the rule, with the experience that we have all had over the last decade, or more, that we have been injured.
The thing that you did do was educate yourself, it seems, before you applied Aldara, so you had a slightly educated choice.
I used Aldara on BCC's, and had serious side effects 13 yrs ago.At that time there was no education as the information was withheld from us by 3M.
If I had HPV plus this knowledge, and no other choice maybe my choice would be different? I don't know. I do know I wouldn't choose the life I live now.
I have been left disabled since the age of 41yrs. Just far too young.
I have missed too much life.
And as I said to my Dr this week," this pain is what I will have for the rest of my life, with this lack of immunity, so there is no point whinging." " Yes", he said "Nothing will change, until you die, and then you will find peace."
This is the life for those of us damaged by Aldara.
This is the reality.
All the best and please keep in touch. I hope that your health continues to go from here to be fabulous.

Milwaukee, WI

#2190 Apr 9, 2014
Has anyone experienced eye weakness due to imiquimod? My left eye now turns in periodically. This is insane, I really can’t believe that a year later new symptoms are popping up. I was just at my doctor’s office last week to be tested for lupus. He said he can’t think of anything else to test me for. Now this. And the incessant eye twitch that I have had for the last year is driving me insane. I was a bit worried about ALS for a while due to the muscle twitching and weakness, swallowing issues and slurred speech but I’ve been seeing a Naturopath Chiropractor who has done wonders for the weakness. I still twitch, but the weakness has gotten better. And now this eye thing. I know the doctor is going to send me for an MRI and my insurance has already said they will not pay for another one. I really don’t know where to turn next.

Milwaukee, WI

#2191 Apr 9, 2014
I also have no idea why it keeps saying I'm from Milwaukee.

Bella Vista, Australia

#2192 Apr 11, 2014
Lisa, I seem to develop new symptoms every 6mths to 12mths.
A new Autoimmune issue develops that is out of left field.
The last 12 mths it has been these horrible 'skin prickles'. They have driven me almost insane today. It feels like thousands of sharp needles dipped in acid are drilling into my skin everywhere.
It is really uncomfortable.
All we have been able to try is large doses of Vit .C. Helps a bit, but isn't the answer. Every half hour today,they hit hard, and it wasn't that warm today in Sydney, it's Autumn.
But, I was having to stop and look like a starfish with arms and legs out and just not move for 5-10 mins to try to get on top of the discomfort. By the end of the day my skin was so overstimulated it just wasn't going I am writing away here at 2.30am hoping to become exhausted enough that i will pass out and get some reprieve from that and the days pain!! So much fun!!! Not.
I find new symptoms are very much a part of my "problems". The old ones don't drop away, just new ones come. Heart mumours, different joint issues and inability to use such things as fingers and wrists. Back pain, hips, struggling to walk. Knees locking. Rashes, Hair falling out....3/4 of my hair. Choking when drinking. Choking with Saliva in my throat. Scratchy eyes.......the list goes on into all sorts of crazy symptoms.
So I didn't have better news for you.
Muscle twitching is something I have had all along. and mine goes into muscle spasm and then locking. I bulk up my Magnesium to try to help with this and it does work really well.
Lots of love

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