Prescription skin cancer cream Aldara...

Prescription skin cancer cream Aldara has horrific side effects, say users

There are 2167 comments on the story from Aug 8, 2006, titled Prescription skin cancer cream Aldara has horrific side effects, say users. In it, reports that:

Elaine Hollingsworth put Aldara on her nose thinking that it was the "benign salve" that her dermatologist made it out to be; instead, it was the beginning of her nightmare.

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Liverpool, Australia

#2126 Jan 11, 2014
Thanks Tony, from London, will look into your suggestions. It is always useful to see what is working for some and try it out.
I have tried most things that have popped up on here that everyone has found useful, and had variable success with them. But it is great to just have some options that give us some hope.
Being one of the fortunate ones, with an amazing Dr here in Sydney who looks after me, Dr Schloeffel, I have always had hope,and he has kept me alive. I hope that all of you find a Dr as clever as he is. As compassionate and as wise.
We have been doing ATP Fuel Complete Mitochondrial Support for over 6 months now and I am definitely showing improvement on this. My way of knowing if a medication/supplement is working is by going off it again after some time and then back on, which I have just done. The changes were dramatic. Contained in this product is:
NT Factor which improves Mitochondrial Health
CoQ10 for ATP energy production
NADH to convert food into cellular energy.
It is made by Researched Nutritionals.
Hope this might help a few people.
Again it is a long term effect.
The other medication we have started which has had a huge effect on my Fibromyalgia pain levels, is HCG. Google this. It is being used off label, but the results for me are dramatic and I am getting liberating results. I ran out of it over xmas and new year and this meant no sleep for the 2 weeks until I was able to get some more. The gnawing leg and body pain was unable to be controlled with anything else. I was totally exhausted, but the pain was worse.
Living life after Aldara can certainly be a huge overwhelming challenge at times, no matter how tough we feel we are? But we can only but try?
A moment at a time, lived in a real moment……felt, tasted, seen, heard, absorbed…..a 'real' moment.
love and hugs mandi

Liverpool, Australia

#2127 Jan 11, 2014
Oh, and Sondra. Aldara isn't very good at removing skin cancers btw. So you might as well just save the rest of the damage you are planning to do to your body, and get the cancers burnt off, or cut out, whichever you prefer. You might have to go to a new dermatologist. Or go back to the one you are seeing now and take some of our stories with you and ask them if they know about any problems with Aldara? Every Dermatologist in NSW has received a letter telling them of the damage that Aldara has done to people, this was sent to them at least over 5 years ago now.
I live in Castle HiIl, and they are welcome to contact me and I can tell them of my story.
The Aldara has been confirmed by the team of specialists at St Vincents hospital who look after me, with all of the problems I have post Aldara. Headed by a Professor of Neurology who specialises in pain. I am more than happy to speak to both of you. But I suggest you cease what is causing you to be so unwell? These problems are permanent for most people. Mine have lasted for 12 years, and I stopped using Aldara after the second application, when the side effects started. Go back through this site and you will see how horrific my story is. I died last March in Canberra from septicaemia, after being refused treatment in NSW AEC for 14 mths. I spent the next 2mths+ in hospital recovering and the next 6mths rehabilitating. Just one small part of the 12 year story. The abuse from North shore hospitals over the 12 years has been horrific. I can tell you now, you don't want to go there……and I am a trained nursing sister. And was treated like the scum of the earth and left to die. I would be dead if I wasn't able to look after myself. Life after Aldara is horrific.

Dunkirk, NY

#2128 Jan 12, 2014
I'm with you Aldara1. don't get why people would take the time to read these posts, complain about the symptoms, and make the decision to still use this drug? I wish I had only taken the time to google the drug before I used it back in August of 2008, but I was distracted with life, and being somewhat naïve and never seriously sick before. I trusted the medical "experts" advice without much thought. So anyone who reads these pre aldara use, or during, and still thinks they will use it, seems just plain dumb. Mandi is right, my basal cell came back one year later with a vengeance and had to get the surgery anyways, after I was left permanently damaged by Aldara. Tony thank you for your post. I made that same decision too. Got on many of the same supplements as you and just carried on with life. Little by little...5 1/2 years later.....I have a good life and I choose to not dwell on the negative effects an do the best I can. I do still choose to check this site occasionally, because I feel compelled to try and warn others, but it seems it often falls on deaf ears. I was just contacted recently by a sweet lady in Canada, who is very sick. It just breaks my heart that this drug is still on the market and most victims have no idea how dangerous an risky this drug is. She was instructed by a dermatologist to apply liberally all over her face for dry skin.....criminal in my opinion! Now she is very sick. Please .....stop using this drug..better yet...NEVER START!

Liverpool, Australia

#2130 Jan 12, 2014
Lisa so happy you have contacted Tracey, Thanks. She will appreciate the support. She is one strong woman, to still be alive with the amount of pain she is in post Aldara. It is more than criminal what she is living with.
If you don't find a way to deal with the symptoms you are left with after you have used Aldara you won't survive. You have to accept what has happened, just like a victim of anything, war, car crash, horrific illness, and move on. If you have lost a leg or an arm you have to learn to live without that limb and move forward with your life and continue to live a full life.
Acceptance is a part of who we are.
It is part of our nature.
This site is here for us to try to help others to not fall into the trap that we have. This is where we can help the community and try to stop others from losing their independence, from having to go through the trauma that we have gone through and warn them of this danger that is lurking within our community. Our Dr's are not doing it. So we are. This is why we take the time to write our stories here. To help people to prevent them from losing the most important thing that they have in their life….their health.
You won't ever get it back after you have been damaged by Aldara.
For 12 years my life has been one health drama after another.
One painful year after another.
It is going to be this way until I die.
I am living my life. And you wouldn't know how tough it is if you just look at me in the street….except that I can't walk on my own…… when I do I faint from the pain. I make the most of every day I have . I look great. Hair done makeup on. Well dressed. I work. Paint. Glass artist. Make beautiful unique jewellery. Garden ( not as much as I would like) And after I have tried to do as much as I can….some days it is little….I crash on the lounge in pain. But I accept this is the way it is…so there is no distress.
And this is the way you 'survive' Aldara.
But do you really want to just survive?
How amazing to have the choice?
What I wouldn't give to have the chance to go back 12 years?
Just THINK about what we are saying to you. Really THINK.

Dayton, OH

#2131 Jan 13, 2014
After doing some research on IQ, I'm convinced this has destroyed my life. My doctor prescribed it to me for hpv, he has me take it for 8 months before I stopped on my own because I was going to take my own life anyways because my health was at the point that I wanted to die. Severe memory loss( Didn't remember family names) confusion (lost in my on home) Headaches, ears ringing horribly, head was completely clogged up, and the list seriously goes on and on and on. My whole body is destroyed. Ran tests for about 1 year nothing was found but some minior things but after all the test he doctors were stumped but I was diagnosed with nero-sarcoidousis without finding a trace of it in my body. Its been about a year and my symptoms have lessened but by no means went away. If anyone has any answers of what to do, im looking for others that are in the same situation and just looking for answers all around. What should I do?

Dayton, OH

#2132 Jan 13, 2014
I have stopped taking the med for almost a year, I did try to take it again for a couple weeks this summer and I felt my symptoms spike, that is why im convinced after reading all this it is what caused what im going through.

Dayton, OH

#2133 Jan 13, 2014
I used it the same way and talked to my doctor about it, I was bleeding and he told me to continue but with lesser quanaties, I was appling it over blood. My life is in shambles now and just found these things out about aldara yesterday. what are your symptoms?
Edward wrote:
I was recently prescribed Aldara for genital warts. I'm male and received a wart acid treatment about two weeks before my first Aldara application. Since my first application I have been suffering from sever flu like symptoms (sever headaches, fatigue, and diarrhea) do to a possible overdose even though I applied very little to three small warts. From what I've read so far, I believe my server flu like symptoms are do to the possible absorption of Aldara into blood stream near weakened skin as a result from the acid treatment. All of this during my first week of treatment. In addition, my doctor did not recommend when I should start applying Aldara or informed me of the possible sever symptoms (just itching, redness, and slight burning). Please reconsider applying Aldara near any broken or compromised skin! I wish I read this before:
Luckily, some dermatologists recognize the risk posed by Aldara, especially when it is applied to an open lesion, which then allows the drug to easily access the bloodstream. "In my opinion, based on my observations and research, Aldara should be classified as criminally dangerous material if used on any open or potentially open skin area," says prominent cancer specialist Dr. Michael Tait.
<> ;

Dayton, OH

#2134 Jan 13, 2014
Richard I totally agree, ive been reading through post but there are over 2000 of them, I would like to know your symptoms and problems that are caused. I just stumbled over this forum and just got involed.
Richard wrote:
<quoted text>
You use the words "in general" So even you have an idea that the toxin could continue and do damage. Is it possible that aldara is a toxin? Don't act so "godlike". I am now dealing with small fiber neuropathy that is progressing and have just been given a diagnosis of polymyalgia rheumatica. If you look back at my posts you will see my story, I wish I would have been told of other options. I can only hope this stuff stops or I will have issues on a daily basis like others on here. Do not use this stuff for vanity reasons or any other reason. Ask yourself why did 3M sell this supposed wonderful product?

Tinley Park, IL

#2136 Jan 14, 2014
I, for one, wish something would come out publicly about this drug. Some type of public service announcement. I think a lot of people read the comments here and think people are exaggerating. And honestly, I can't blame them. Who would believe that such a destructive drug could still be prescribed. Unfortunately, I was prescribed Zyclara, which has very little info on the net. I just stumbled across this site on a fluke after using the medication for 10 days and going crazy trying to find out why I felt so bad. Others have no idea how hard it is waking up every day wondering what is going to go wrong in their body today. I just got out of the hospital for blood poisoning. And from what? I bought new shoes that rubbed the back of my heel. My immune system is so whacked out that I ended up with blood poisoning. And my parotitis is flairing up again. Developed a horrid cold New Years Eve (I haven't had a cold in many years) that started the awful muscle twitches back up again. And my eyes are so dry I feel like I have sand under the lids constantly. And they are bloodshot daily because of the dryness. Between the dry mouth, burning tongue, slurred words, dry eyes, muscle twitches, muscle pain, debilitating fatigue along with insomnia, unexplained weight gain and brain fog I would really like to give the dermatologist who gave me the imiquimod a good piece of my mind. Not that it would do any good, since none of the doctors can find out what's wrong with me and they now believe I'm a neurotic hypochondriac. I get eye rolls when I even mention that horrid cream to any of the doctors. No one believes me. This includes family and coworkers. They laugh at me because its "just a cream". Even my husband doesn't really understand. He's supportive, but still has no idea. Unless you have gone through this, there's no way you can understand. To be honest, I'd start drinking just to cope with the pain, but it dries my mouth out so bad, it flairs up the painful parotitis so I can't even have that little luxury. I swear I feel like I'm in a really bad comedy sometimes.

Dunkirk, NY

#2137 Jan 15, 2014
From on Lisa to another....Amen! How do we get the word out? This site is a good place to vent, but I don't think people take it seriously. You are a victim when you use this drug and then you get to relive it over and over again when no doctor believes a "cream" could cause such damage. Hmmm...wonder why they aren't suppose to prescribe to people with auto immune disorders or you may get flu like symptoms....BECAUSE IT DOES GO SYSTEMIC!!! It's criminal what this drug does. And you are lucky if you get a doctor or pharmacist to warn you of anything....and the insert in the package...well you need a magnifying glass to read it. Most people probably never realize what hits them..or connects the dots...I mean cmon, its only a "cream" Why is the drug still on the market? Makes me mad. I finally quit mentioning the cream to doctors....and just hoped they could find and help me with my body and wacky mysterious symptoms, and drinking has gotten me through some really rough times in the last 5 years....what a way to cope!

Dunkirk, NY

#2138 Jan 15, 2014
Dear Topix Forum, Why would you block Aldara1 from posting information that may help people who are desperate to figure out what has happened to them after using Aldara? He posted his website and you removed it and are blocking him...are you kidding me? Please explain why? I've seen all sorts of rude and nasty posts and you allow them? Just another injustice!

Winnipeg, Canada

#2139 Jan 20, 2014
I was diagnosed with HPV about ten years ago, was prescribed and used Aldara cream to the non complicated genital warts... slowly over the last 5 years and now rapidly over the last year to six months I have gotten flat freckles to the site I had the warts/applied the cream... Backtracking... the whole area had cleared right up and looked normal post treatment ten years ago..... now I'm worried as I looked and noticed the freckles are getting wider not raised or color changes just covering more area... what the heck is going on? I've been to the gyne as I'm having infertility problems...(better not have anything to do with aldara) The gyne never said anything about the area I've seen a family doc for a papamear aprox 8 months ago too...

Has anyone had this happen to them? Please reply!! I feel like the changes to the cells have made them more at risk for cancer. If they are not dangerous to my health I still hate them for cosmetic purposes!! I would've went with the freezing if I had known.. I plan on asking to be referred to a dermatologist... All this crap about Aldera is news to me :(

Since: Jan 14

Winnipeg, Canada

#2140 Jan 20, 2014
Addendum to above,,,

I had no systemic symptoms during/after treatment but during treatment it hurt so bad to walk/move/shower/urinate... for quite some time.. I would cry and feel suck just fr the pain, but I was determined to burn those suckers off and ensure they never came back I've had no symptoms if HPV since... now just these menacing freckle areas

Blacktown, Australia

#2141 Jan 21, 2014
Where did my post go to?

Pompano Beach, FL

#2142 Jan 23, 2014
I've been using Aldara for almost 3 weeks. I have not experienced any of the flu-like symptoms so many of you have. However, the area(shoulder) I am applying Aldara to has become very sore and is constantly burning/itching. It is oozing and crusty in spots and looks blistery. I have covered the area with gauze but it sticks and pulls skin off when removed. Without gauze my clothing rubs against it all day and irritates the site even more. Also the spot has become larger than before I started using Aldara (started out as a 1" diameter and is now 2 inches). Are these typical reactions?

Lindale, TX

#2143 Jan 23, 2014
Queenie wrote:
I've been using Aldara for almost 3 weeks. I have not experienced any of the flu-like symptoms so many of you have. However, the area(shoulder) I am applying Aldara to has become very sore and is constantly burning/itching. It is oozing and crusty in spots and looks blistery. I have covered the area with gauze but it sticks and pulls skin off when removed. Without gauze my clothing rubs against it all day and irritates the site even more. Also the spot has become larger than before I started using Aldara (started out as a 1" diameter and is now 2 inches). Are these typical reactions?
Unfortunately, you are violating at least 2 very serious warnings by the manufacture and the FDA by covering your treatment site with the gauze. That greatly raises the amount of drug absorbed into your bloodstream. It creates a much more violent reaction in the skin. And, you are applying imiquimod directly into your open wound again with a covering so you should not be at all surprised when you begin having serious side effects take place and you will. It may be after you stop using it but look for them to begin anytime. The size of the wound has increased due to your use of a covering that is driving the radical inflammation created by the site being covered.

Lindale, TX

#2144 Jan 23, 2014
cereal22 wrote:
Addendum to above,,,
I had no systemic symptoms during/after treatment but during treatment it hurt so bad to walk/move/shower/urinate... for quite some time.. I would cry and feel suck just fr the pain, but I was determined to burn those suckers off and ensure they never came back I've had no symptoms if HPV since... now just these menacing freckle areas
So hilarious, you first say everything is ok, you had no side effects from using the drug, and where does all of this crap come from on this forum. I think these were some of your statements made above. Well, then you turn around and say you have these freckles all over the place. You think this is normal? You have side effects from you use of the drug. Regardless if these freckles ever lead to anything negative or not. And, it seems they appear important enough to you that you consider them possibly some type of pre-cancerous lesions or potentially cancerous so you might not be as sure of yourself as you first sounded that imiquimod is such a fantastic treatment. As for your warts being permanently gone, only time can tell.

Tucker, GA

#2145 Jan 27, 2014
My understanding regarding superficial BCC is that it really is a minor issue, very rarely developing into a deeper more dangerous cancer.
I get both BCC and Squamous in situ on my neck, chest and arms and have been treating these for the past 12 years-sometimes the squamous
is cut out but the BCC is mostly just frozen. I am a 57 yr female and I just don't sweat it--I go every few years to my dermo to treat the new ones.
This last visit I presented a large and still superficial BCC which the dermo wants to cut out but I decided to try the cream and so far so good!
Just don't lose sleep over a superficial BCC-it is not a big deal cancer wise but can be disfiguring on face or neck and that of course is concerning to your appearance.

Lindale, TX

#2146 Jan 27, 2014
Well R2RR, you will most likely lose a lot of sleep over your us of Aldara if that is what you intend to use. Did your dermatologist biopsy your suspected lesion? That is a pre-requisite mandate of the FDA in case you did not read your insert sheet or your doctor failed to tell you. Sure hope you do not have lupus, arthritis, psoriasis, or any other autoimmune condition because if you do you may not be so lucky with the outcome of your treatment. Good luck with your decision.

Dunkirk, NY

#2147 Jan 28, 2014
R2RR, No one is losing sleep over the skin cancer we had, its the Aldara treatment that is the problem. By the way, after I used aldara for six weeks for a BCC on my scalp...I ended up with permanent health problems....and had to get Moh's surgery anyways when the cancer came back. You may want to rethink the price of vanity.

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