Texas' economic miracle beginning to ...

Texas' economic miracle beginning to tarnish

There are 11 comments on the The Oregonian story from Mar 16, 2011, titled Texas' economic miracle beginning to tarnish. In it, The Oregonian reports that:

Some in Texas had talked tough about solving the state's budget problem by austerity alone, but lawmakers finally faced a hard fact: Texas is in serious financial trouble.

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Bob Burns

Kunming, China

#1 Mar 16, 2011
The more serious the State finances are, the more austere the States budget needs to be. Cut, cut cut

United States

#2 Mar 18, 2011
Of course Texas is in financial trouble, we all know our tax money is not being utilized for its own citizens and legal residents. We all know how ILLEGALS have MORE RIGHT to our tax money than WE DO. WHY CAN'T IT BE UNDERSTOOD WHY WE'RE BROKE???!!!

Morgan, TX

#3 Oct 30, 2011
The state of Texas is having financial problems because the state continues to ignore the one facter in a booming economy and that is participation by the citizens of that economy. Local officials in their many ways of trying to produce more money to pay themselves have abused their legal authority by committing fraud exhortion and every other crime you would find a mob committing to try to control the economy. And they do not care about the one element that can make or break an economy and thats the people who live there. The state has allowed the local county government to use the 911 addressing system to attack the people and thus they have attacked the economy. They changed property tax system to include a CAD and it too is attacking our economy by inflating values on property because some moron bought a piece of property in a given area for more than its worth, and the new rule seems to be that if one property sold for that then every property in the area must be worth that. These people are causing our neighborhoods to become slums and the citizens to live in low quality housing. You know that there is something very wrong in a society when the public buildings and the public workers homes make their neighbors look like shacks. The balance of our economy has been broken by a bunch of NOW people and worry about things later. Well! Guy's It's Later. You can take what is not yours to take but sooner or later you will have too much to handle by yourselves. And thats all that has happened you have lost the support of you constituents and if they really knew that you were the cause of this you would be being treated a lot worse than you are. The combination of the abuses by the local officials and the incorporation of these addresses by other laws have either taken away peoples property or their privacy. And now the government is trying to tell people what to do with their property. If you are wondering why certain rural voting districts are being remapped. It isn't because there has been any change in population, but it is because of 911 addressing in which because of the way it was implemented the county is either removing them from the roles or they are removing themselves. I have personally removed my phone and mail service and it seems that they will stop allowing me to vote unless I use the fake address they assigned my property and home, which by the way is considered an seizure by the government of private property which is illegal inb this country. So ! If you are wondering why the economy is bad its because the state and federal government are allowing laws to be broken and people are not sure of where they legally stand. Mr. Hamilton if you lose this election by one vote, then you should know it's your own fault.

Rio Vista, TX

#4 Nov 20, 2011
I have been talking to you about the way 911 addressing was illegally indoctrinated into the 911 addressing system. Well! I hate to say what I feared is happening and that is a total breakdown in the legal system. Mandate is just another word for breaking the law and that is just what your local authorities are doing and the referee is no where in sight. This country's economic problems can be traced back to the local authorities. It is not the state's fault. They are following the laws. It's your local police and not all of them,and your local elected officials who are not following the law that are causing these recession. They have gotten on a power trip and are using every excuse they can to violate the law. They are enacting laws that are not being passed by the states and these rules are in direct violation of the constitution of our country. You gentlemen spent years trying to convince the citizens representatives to pass a voter ID bill, well at least two local sheriff's are enacting a law that requires that if you sell to a recycler then they can force you to take a picture against your will. This is definitely unconstitutional and there is no one stopping them. They are also violating the privacy act. Where is the law, where is the justice department. These sheriff's better hope that the next Attorney General is as meek as this one, because there is no statute of limitations on these crimes. I am sorry to say this but my local government officials are acting like a bunch of criminals. The economy of Texas, the United States and of the world is breaking down because of fear and you continue to attack your own citizen's civil rights. Each Day our government looks more and more like a bunch of idiots because they are not looking at the real cause of our economic problems. They keep trying to put a bandaid on it and our local officials keep removing the bandaid and reinfecting the economy. Return to Sender and 911 addressing implementation processes by local officials who did not follow state law are the reasons that this recession started and one only has to look at the time line to this. The local officials are causing most of this mess because they are no longer following the law but are interpreting it for their own use. Redistricting because of less people in a geographic area is a joke. This is just another of their own uses. There are people who just simply are not being counted because of addressing issues. The local officials can make people disappear any time they like and our state will do nothing to stop it. Even the State Troopers and Game Wardens are going along with these people's actions. Texas has economic problems but it is not the economy that is bad it is your local officials who are causing all the problems. No One is supposed to be able to interfere with the delivery of the mail and yet your county officials have done just that. No one is supposed to be able to regulate communications but the FCC and yet again the county government has done that too. And the Commerce Commission is supposed to be the only one regulating commerce and here in East Texas we have at least two sheriff's who think they can interfere with commerce. I ask my government who is in charge here. Because the laws of our land are being violated and no one seems to be taking any action to stop it. Safety is one thing but abusing the citizen in the name of safety is quite another.

Waco, TX

#5 Nov 22, 2011
“Even as Perry tries to sell the Texas economy to the entire nation, the biggest threat to our state’s unique prosperity is that we won’t learn how it came about until it goes away.” P. 111

Source:“Split Deception,” TEXAS MONTHLY Dec/2011, pp.94-111

“Texas has succeeded by using every tool in the shed: we’ve contained costs and expanded government, borrowed to build out future, globalized our trade, and welcomed a diverse immigrant population and …(until Rick Perry became governor) expected our political parties to work together toward non-ideological solutions.”

"Today we’re a two-party state again: the tea party and the Republican Party. Under pressure from the former, we’ve started dismantling the Texas Miracle by embracing a one-size-fits-all (Perry’s definition of socialism) national formula for cutting government, closing the border and never, ever using the d-word (debt)." p. 111

Source:“Split Deception,” TEXAS MONTHLY Dec/2011, pp.94-111

Kittanning, PA

#6 Jan 29, 2012
You can not do business if you can not communicate with the people you are wanting to do business with. The economy is failing because it has actually been driven underground. The public system of communicating with each other has been made difficult by 911 addressing and no one seems to understand that you can not tell people where they live and expect to get a response other than a negative one. A baseball team buys or sells the right to name a stadium, so why do you think that someone who owns their own property would be caring one iota about a bunch of yahoos who are running their private business. Business has went underground cash trade barter is the most workable system going in rural america. The U.S. post office has decided that their customers can only use an assigned address by a bunch of so-called safety experts and they have pulled the sword from it's sheath just like a bunch of japaneese samuri in Japan. You can not do business if the people you are trying to do business either can not respond because of the direct interfernce of commerce through the misuse of an addressing system, or because they are too mad to talk to you. You can call me a nut all you like but the misuse of the 911 addressing assigned addressing set this recession in motion, and it wasn't some politician in Washington or Austin. It was some high school prom king that did it because of their ignorance. The county government did exactly what an enemy to our country would do they disrupted comminications, transportation, and shipping by assigning new names to roads with names for a system that is not in compliance with state law and they are actually breaking several federal loaws to acomplish their system which has already been proven to be unsafe for rural Texas. How can you expect an economy to stay on track if you are constantly letting it be attacked. You can not sell something if you can not find your buyer.

Moran, TX

#7 Jul 31, 2012
Texas is just one of the states being affected by problems associated with 911 addressing. The problem is not with 911 addressing, but with the 911 officials who thought or think that the address mandate gave them the right to break other laws in implementing the addresses. Their addressing system has confused the general public because it has removed most of the known names of roads and without access to their maps business has been made more complicated. I am sorry if the wealthy politicians think everyone has GPS systems, but irrelavant to this when you change a name of something that you do not own then you are either committing fraud or intentionally trying to prevent people from finding their way around. The current Cr and other such road monacurs are the problem. The 911 authorities in some areas have abused the 911 law by placing these monacurs repeatedly on roads in their jurisdiction and anyone who understands the purpose of 911 addressing is to set a unique address and not look-a-like addresses. The economy started going bust when they began implementing these phony addresses to peoples property. In some jurisdictions they are listening to their constituents, while in others they are abusing the legal system by using physical force as well as the court system. But the bottom line is if you can not reach your customers that is a problem, but being unable to deliver the goods is also a problem. What has happened in America and continues to show the effects of is a deliberate attempt to destroy the economy, and the problem with this is that our economy affects most of the worlds. I do not know why our state government is not even interested in correcting these problems. Our economy and peoples safety is more important than the feeling of these officials who made this mistake. It is my opinion that these officials did this on purpose in hopes of receiving more money to fix the problem that was created by their actions and bringing more money to their districts as well as jobs. I know that they are not ignorant enough to realize what has happened, but they are scared enough to plead ignorance. I do not believe that they had any idea of how many things are affected by an address. And everyone else seems to be in denial about this also, but it is still hard to do business if you can not communicate with your customers directly.

Lubbock, TX

#8 Apr 21, 2013
The economy will continue to fail as long as every agency in the government continues to demand that everyone use these stupid confusing 911 addresses. Did you know that a public corporation is forcing the United States Post Office to restrict delivery of the mail to these assigned addresses. Did you know that you and me and everyone who uses the USPS is paying to return these mail pieces that have addresses other than the current one that this corporation has on your home. Do you realize that they can change your address at any time and result in thousands of dollars of loss to our economy per addressee. When did the USPS stop delivering the United States Mail-the year of 2008 was the beginning. This is what caused our recession and all of the economic problems overseas. This world is a lot smaller than it seems when it comes to communications and especially the mail. This is not a theory or even a proclaimation, it is just a fact. I have no particular motive for disclosing this information. You can look it up for yourselves. Your paying twice to deliver a piece of mail that never gets delivered and your making your customers mad, and your failure to deliver the mail is by chose and not any natural failure. The USPS and its 911 Addressing cohorts are choosing to break our economy by their own chose and your ignorant leaders only bailed out banks, insurance companies, and car companies by chose and not because there was anything to connect them with this recession. These loan failures some natural,but most were a direct result of addressing failure. Payment late foreclosure on loan as a direct result of this mail failure. Then why you ask does the government not fix this thing because the governments coffers are getting full of peoples lost funds, and they do not have to pay any interest. Who do they think that they are fooling, and who do you think is a nut now. The second reason that the government has failed to fix this problem is that it gives them all of your private business on a nutshell. Bad 911 addressing is what is causing this recession and the fruits of this bad addressing is what will keep it going. Listen people, to the government you are just a number. But you can make them pay, by sending as much non-911 addressed mail as you can afford to send. And break these people from sucking eggs. And just maybe fix these addresses which will in turn fix the economy.
hi there

Macedonia, OH

#9 Apr 25, 2013

Granbury, TX

#10 Apr 26, 2013
Until some of these so-called economic advisors learn that bad 911 addresses combined with local policy are the root cause of all the economic failures. The trouble with having people who were taught how to learn about economics is that they essentially fail to factor in the human factors. But I think that I can be a little more direct than that. If you can not communicate or send someone goods or services even if you have a ten percent failure the whole system usually will eventually crash. And the local USPS following the policies set down by the COG'S throughout the state of Texas are what is causing this continuation of economic failures,along with the death and destuction of the states most valuable assets it's citizens. You can call me a nut, clueless and a screwball if you want to. But if you can not send a letter to people then you will only be able to do business locally, and only to people you actually know. Any military officer will tell you that the first thing you do is attack communications and delivery systems in order to defeat an enemy you break their economic prosperity first. Well! You have a bunch of well intentioned lazy 911 addressing officials who are putting out bad addressing, unsafe addressing, and all the state seems to care about is that they put out addresses. No one seems to care whether they are accepted or are even working. Calling people names and making them feel insecure in their property are both actions forbidden by the U.S. Constitution. But that I guess is just the law, but perhaps you may want to consider that this is against the law for a reason. You can not have an economy if you can not deliver goods and services without any accuracy. If a road is known by a certain name and you change that name, then you are guilty of putting out a bad or weak address. The local USPS is sending back letters and packages that do not have a specific 911 address. Do you smart people not see that this is causing your bad economy. The law as passed by the state legislature did not give the commissioners courts the outright right to change a name of any named road because the law would have been struck down by the Texas Supreme Court as being unconstitutional. Regardless, the problems with our bad economy are tied to bad 911 addressing.

Grandview, TX

#12 Aug 21, 2013
Texas is suffering because of 911 addressing done wrong. If you cannot contact point b from point a and make a delivery then you cannot have an economy. Deliveries require goods and services to be on time. Due to the confusing addresses this is an impossibility and thats even if they get to the address. Changing the names of adopted roads by contract for no particular reason except your opinion is illegal. The power granted to the 911 addressing authorities did not include the power to break a contract for no good reason. And then there is the deal with property tax which for the most part is based on an opinion and not supported by a fact. You add up all these things that should be considered illegal because they violate civil and constitional laws then you should be able to determine what is wrong with the economy. If you can not get people to buy goods and services because you have made them afraid they are going to lose their money or their property. The people will stop spending their money and the economy will begin to stagnate. If you can not communicate with each other without interference from the government everything will go underground or it will go away. The return of mail because of the lack of using the assigned 911 address is what is breaking the USPS.The county and state governments are going broke because of overtaxation of property due to inflated appraisals and tax rates. The next big economic bubble will be property,and then a permanent recession. The state of Texas needs to stop local officials from attacking citizens in their homes for money. And if you are assigning addressing to private property, then you need to know that you are in America and not some third world country where the citizen lie down for this kind of treatment. The state of Texas needs to stop the abuse of its citizens and their property by local and state officials. Put the real names back on the roads instead of these stupid number addresses which have no meaning. The continued abuse of the people will lead to the continued failure of the Texas Economy.

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