Sex Offenders Now Have a Civil Rights...

Killeen, TX

#1016 May 7, 2014
I just got railroaded,was a massage therapist. Had a women come in get a massage. She came on to me during the massage.I turned her down and said the massage is over. Well come to find out she pressed charges on me... Lawyer told me that jury's are sempathedic towards women and more than likely take her word. My life has been turned upside down. I took the plea and have to register for life. What happened till invocent until proven guilty in this country,There is no proof.. I have lost all faith in this country.

Eagle Butte, SD

#1017 May 10, 2014
My husband is a sex offender who didn't have a lawyer. And the person who was defending him just said not to fight it. And to just say he did because if he fights it he will get more time. Okay he did his time and got out. He started working for habitat for humanity and never got in trouble. Well now he been working for them for 13 years. Life is good build him self up. Okay now there a person in the community that just don't like him and but thing on the internet about how he a child malester. And how he shouldn't be working. Just trying to get him to loose his job. Can anything be done to this women.

Eagle Butte, SD

#1018 May 10, 2014
Do sex offender have rights.
No law

Nampa, ID

#1019 May 13, 2014
No law protects adults from children. I am engaged to a "sex offender" he was lied to by a 15 year old girl online claiming she was 19 and a sophomore in college. How is it fair.... he's never scene this person, never touched this person..... and yet he is a " sex offender" . Now after the great state of Texas gave him probation, consoling and a fine, Georgia then added on sex offender registry to the list when he switched states. So now he is treated like dirt in counciling, by people in his small town and it may cost him his career. Talk about cruel and unusual they require u have a job and a stable home but will do everything in there power to make it impossible to do so. And the saddest thing yet is I know other people that are in the same boat.... Some teenager lies to the government and then the government takes it as fact. Never once asking the other side of the story. We paid over 5000 to a lawyer to get this taken care of, all he ever did was lie to us and collect the check. There is no law that protect adults and there never will be.... The reason is the ones making these laws don't have to live by them.... greasing a few palms and paying the family off is a normal occurrence to those that make these rules. They will never see a day in court or the inside of a jail sell. As long as there is law makers above the law it will remain the same.
Its unfair

Dallas, TX

#1020 May 22, 2014
The truth is all the law or DA cares about is a conviction they don't care about innocence they're using the on or about law which can cover anytime you get accused of and the the therapist and polygraph people are all involved it's a money making scheme

Port Richey, FL

#1021 May 26, 2014
They should convict all lawyers of impersonating a human being!!

Warrensburg, MO

#1023 Jun 2, 2014
Falsely Accused Dad wrote:
XSX, If she was 15 or older, you could fall into the Romeo and Juliet category. There are different and less requirements for you to abide by if this is the case. If there was no more than 4 years between you it is possible to have it overturned.
The law where this happened states there is no defense if the girl is 14 or under... if in fact she was 16 like she told me she was... I would have been safe, bc i was 19 there is a 3 year age limit law... so i was mislead by her lying to me... didnt ask for proof of her age so therefore got screwed... she told her mom about the sex bc i told her she had to go home... I did not go searching for a victim, i was at home minding my own business and she came to my house with friends... and initiated the contact... and i went with it, unaware i was committing a crime.
Ron Torres

Taylor, MI

#1024 Jun 8, 2014
No clue who Samantha Higgins is but sounds more like my x wife and her jail bird new hubby. Guess she's still angry that I have full custody of our kids. And for god sakes. Who gets away with that over and over. Grow up already.
looking for help

Herndon, VA

#1026 Jun 11, 2014
I hope may be someone can help me out. In 1991 at the age of 15 i was convicted of 2nd dgree rape. I was sentence to 18yrs with no evidence. I spent 13 yrs in prison before my release. I was never court order to register as a sex offender but i have to register for a life time. I have no famliy an i sleep in my car. That conviction was my first charge an i havent been in trouble since. I work everyday but i cant live no where because i am on the registry list. Been out of prison for 10 yrs now. I live in maryland an because i am homeless i have to register once a week! I want to know is there any lawyer i can talk to out there i want to know if its possible to get expunge from the registry because i wast court ordered to register an its ruin my life. I work hard every day an i just want a chance live as a man an not feel helpless. Any body who read this that have any advice please feel to reply!
just a real guy

United States

#1027 Jul 28, 2014
lowlife4m wrote:
Hi, I'm one of the people you wish to murder because my name is on this sex offender list.
Over a year after I left my girlfriend her 13 y/o sister said we had consensual sex. I was arrested but couldn't afford an attorney so they gave me a public defender.
The public defender looked at her picture and told me, "she was a pretty girl, big breasts, the jury will believe her so you should take a plea."
I said, "But I'm innocent, how can they put me away by just saying this happened?"
He then said, "It's election time they don't need proof, if the jury don't get you the judge will."
I plead no contest, and they labeled me a predator, at the time - I had no clue what that meant. After watching my family go through the ridiculing, embarrassment, and shame all these years, after fighting in court for my child for five years to find us homeless because of a new daycare center, jobless, after being beat down when I was locked up, they wouldn't even let me out unless I said I was guilty of this crime, they told me if I declared my innocents I would be charged with "discrediting the victim", after paying $10,000 in fines, after the vandalizing, the embarrassment, shame, humiliation, after having all my rights, freedom, respect, and dignity being stripped away, I know now what that meant.
I've learned the hard way what they done to me. They cursed me. It's the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep. When it slips my mind they make sure to remind me through the television, radio, newspaper, internet, and when that fails society picks up where they left off, through the looks from the neighbors, through my children harassment from the neighborhood kids and at school and library. They remind through my jobs, relationships, and friends. They remind me with the fliers and even with spray paint.
I know you don't believe my innocents no one ever does. That doesn't matter, the fact is, this can happen to you, it only took a little lie to make my family and I's life hell. Then the indignant anger and hate makes you crazy for awhile, It did me. I briefly thought about revenge on that girl, but the point is she was a child who simply told a lie, that is normal, and the curse will still be there, every day of my entire life. It is no longer her.
I tried to take this back to court, I gave a lawyer $1,500 cash and never heard anything back accept once, he said, "they won't allow it back in court", why? Lord only knows. He kept my money too.
I think this curse will only grow worse through time, so prepare yourself because it only takes a few words to destroy the life of you and your family. Where were you a year and a half ago from today can you prove it?
NOTE: 90% of sex offenders are family members, 97% are male, 1.5% of convicted sex offenders re offend. So the odds are YOU are more of a threat to commit a sex offense than a "sex offender". So what are the next set of laws going to be?
It's been ten years for me and now the Walsh law came in effect. They changed my charge all together to keep me as the worst of the worst. I can't afford a lawyer to fight or fix any of it, and they won't give me one. What's the difference anyway, 20 years or life, after 20 years the damage is life long anyway.
If they changed your crime of conviction. I know you pled no contest, but lets face it its still a conviction. They violated your rights under the double jeopardy.I would at least talk to a civil rights attorney.

Toledo, OH

#1028 Jul 30, 2014
Stromquist wrote:
Thats the exception not the rule.
People who prey on kids should be kept off the street for good.
You should hung from a noose for being a hate-monger, your time will come

Conklin, NY

#1029 Aug 6, 2014
Joyce wrote:
<quoted text>I didn't think they had any civil rights ? If they have a conviction ?
No but the cop killer has civil rights after time served, right? So why not sex offenders? You my dear are a idiot!

Oskaloosa, IA

#1030 Aug 7, 2014
Stromquist wrote:
Thats the exception not the rule.
People who prey on kids should be kept off the street for good.
You have no clue at all.

Mountain View, CA

#1031 Aug 10, 2014
No clue how old this is, or whatever, but I've been dealing with registering and all the rest of the hoohaa for more than 10 years.... When I was 18 I unknowingly got oral sex from an underage girl. A year later I was arrested for it... Had a public defender, who urged me to plead out. Like a dummy I did it... Now, fast forward 16 years... Countless jobs lost because after "the background check results came back" I'm a hard worker but they have to let me go...(I told u when I applied). I have a daughter... I was told that I can't even pick up and drop her off at school... At one point I was told I cannot even have custody of my little's sad to say, but the people who actually deserve all the bs a lot of us go through are still out there abusing, molesting, and other sh*t... Why? Lawyers of course.. when my daughter was born, I hired a lawyer to see if I can get the charges reversed or changed or anything... After looking at me and basically calling me an idiot for taking a plea on my case I was told I would be forced to deal with this the rest of my life.... I can live with that... What I can't live with is that my daughter, her mother, my mother and father, my brother, sister, anyone close to me also constantly has to defend me... It has lost my sister a job... My daughter's mother was told she can't receive benefits as long as I don't pay child support who I care for 100%.
I apologize. I have not had a forum to vent in since I finished my court appointed "counseling" 12 years ago...

Frisco, TX

#1032 Sep 30, 2014
No One Important wrote:
There is no coalition in reality, because I myself am a convicted sex offender, When I was 18...I unknowingly dated someone whom was underage. I am not a threat to society or any children, it was simply a teenage mistake, convicted as an adult because I had turned 18.
The issue is that all offenders are treated as scum, like we hunt children to please ourselves and that is far from the truth. Awareness is one thing for both non convicted civilians whom are worried and those like me who are parents ourselves but looked at like the harsher felons, but laws need to impliment the lack of class against those whom are not hardcore or repeat offenders, but the government is not doing this.
That is the reason why many of these laws are unjust, they are not seperating the levels as they were suppose to. And the more they push, the more we will stick together for our rights...even the ACLU is saying the laws are getting unfair and are un-lawful, if they do not will get worse for both sides.
My family recently met a young man, who dated a girl underage, when he was 19 her father pressed charges, they put him in jail for two years, sentenced with having to register as a sex offender. 7 years later, they both had a child together, since the past 3 yrs, he has been hunted down by the same officer who put him in jail, looking for anything and any reason the past two arrests having to do with registration. Now they want to put him in jail 25 to life, for what??? This is horrible. This is not justice, I thought we lived in America.

United States

#1033 Oct 15, 2014
My own bf was recently accused on falseinformation given to officers about him dating me. He is 20 I am 21 officers were told I was a minor and his lawyer would not even let me prove my age because his own stepbrother told them a different last name than mine . He was registered in the system on a day when he was spending time with me and not notified of anything till 2 weeks later NOT given a trial and has to be on probation for 3 yrs ajd registered for 25 here in ohio. He did nothing wrong and his PO is always saying she is going to jail him. I was wearing appropriate clothing with him at the PO office today and she threatened to jail.him over my plain and court appropriate clothing and said he was lying when it came to him being in a coma and cracking his skull in a snowboarding accident a year ago. What should he do?

Jefferson City, MO

#1036 Nov 1, 2014
ms-ocw wrote:
The father of my child is a registered sex offender. He was charged ten years ago when he was 19. Our daughter is due in July, my question is does he have full rights to her like anyone else and would we have problems from child protective services? Someone please help. I want him to be a part of his daughters life. He is not a predator. Just a horny boy that was lied to by a young female.
When I was 19 the same thing happened to me... I had consentual sex with a teenage girl, who knowingly lied to me about her age, even admitted it in the police report... yet that was no defense to help me. ten years after my conviction... i was told i had to start registering as a sex offender, eventho it was never a part of my original sentence... the state of oregon used that conviction to take away my two daughters...eventho they admitted in court they had no ground to take juristiction of my kids... the judge told them that if they didnt... I would have rights to them... they stole my kids from me base on a crime 13 years before they were born... no crime was ever committed against my kids. eventho they were born 13, n 14 years after my crime. I now live in another state where I have sole custody of my third child and am married... and have two more children with another wife... I lost two kids bc Oregon felt i was a threat to my kids... which i am not... and I feel i am proving i am not. When missouri DFS found out i was a sex offender with a daughter... they took my kid to safe house to question her to findout if i am abusing her and the truth is i am not. So the answer is its going to depend on the crime and what state you live in to how its going to be handled.

Jefferson City, MO

#1037 Nov 1, 2014
i was convicted when i was 19 for having sex with a teenager... who lied about her age. even says she lied in the police report i have. 10 years after my crime the state ploice send me a letter stating i have to register for the rest of my life as a sex offender... eventho it was never part of my original sentence... 13 years after my crime i had two daughters born a year and a half apart... the state used that conviction to say i was a threat to my kids and they stole them from me. its now been 24 years since my crime... i live in a new state and have 3 more kids... one i was granted sole custody of 5 years ago... even with the judge knowing my past crime. I have to still register for the rest of my life, every 90 days. that is just setting people up to mess up, so they can charge you with a new crime... its a lifetime probation... one that i never agreed to when i took a plea bargain, and was never part of that plea agreement.

Dallas, TX

#1040 Nov 8, 2014
I would likee to know about the Romeio and juliet law I had defer ajudifcation it happen when I was 17 years oldI am now 43 years old I HAVE TALK TO THE GIRL SHE WANS TO HELP

Sugar Land, TX

#1039 Dec 2, 2014
j d m wrote:
<quoted text>
This message is for STROMQUIST...
Just to let you know I served my time.
Registration is a civil requirement.
So is paying child support.
Both have criminal penalties.
So those who don't pay child support are just as bad as us sex offenders.
I finished my time.
I live where I want.
I follow the laws of our forefathers.
I am an American.
And so are you.
From my perspective there are individuals who I think deserve to stay in prison for the sex crimes they committed.
I was convicted of indecency with a child by exposure just because i knew she was there.
She didn't.
That is the same as a father showering and a daughter knocking on the door asking a question.
Imagine that happening to you.
And you getting convicted of a sex crime.
Megan's law was suggested by a mother who had her daughter raped and murdered.
Why did it have to happen to her daughter before she did something about it?
I asked WHY!!!
I think alll these laws are made by bandwagoning people who have no understanding that when a person serves their time they are done.
Just as the second amendment says anyone can possess a firearm blatantly, so does it say a person has a right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness," which means when a sex offender serves their time, any means of denial of that speaks volumes of the actual vision of the American people.
Now hear this... I discharged my sentence. I served my time. I live where I want to and noone has the right to dictate where I can and cannot the Constitution. It will remain that way forever. I am an American citizen under no sentence and I enjoy those rights and will enjoy those rights forever. Neither you or no neighborhood or police force can tell me otherwise. If I choose to live by you I will. I will pick my child up from your school and you will not stop me. I am a free man. I do not live in Iraq or Nazi Germany or any other country. This is the United States. And I will continue to thrive with the well paying job I have, the home I have and the girlfriend I have who has children who thinks my crime was,"silly," and who supports me to the greatest extent forevermore.
If you don't like it...move to Cuba where they support violating civil rights... or even Iraq.
Sincerely free forever...
Sex offender in Texas
supporting the dissolution of Megan's Law and all other laws violating any Civil Right to any person in the United States.
P.S.: Deal with it!!!
I completely agree. I am in the same boat. I was wrongfully convited in the state of Florida. Been out of prison for almost 3yrs. Cant get a job to support my family. Just moved to Texas to try and rebuild my life back. It was robed for me. Never been in trouble before in my life. My x wife had her niece said she see my private part. Passed a lie detector test but inadmissible in the state of Florida. She got my boys, and i losted my life. There was no evidence, just her words against mine. She lied and my future died. Can't get a job. This country looks at me like a monster.

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