Wikileaks: Sudanese launchpad for Egy...

Wikileaks: Sudanese launchpad for Egyptian attack on Ethiopian dam

There are 69 comments on the In-depth Africa story from Sep 4, 2012, titled Wikileaks: Sudanese launchpad for Egyptian attack on Ethiopian dam. In it, In-depth Africa reports that:

Egyptian authorities fearful of a monopoly on Nile waters received agreement from Khartoum to build an airbase in Sudan, to launch attacks on Ethiopian damming facilities, claims the anonymous media outlet; Wikileaks.

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#25 Sep 6, 2012
you dont know who ethiopians are pls go and try to read the real story. we ethiopians dont nead any help to protect our country. no body help us when we defeat itlah, in adwa , in machew and all tge war aginst us even when we dfeat egption long time ago. we know the westren are against us since they have pain for non colonize thus why they are barking like dog and bullshit like you. l told you lzt them come. we know this when we try to make the dam and we are ready it does not surprise me when they reveal this idea.

Manchester, UK

#26 Sep 7, 2012
Gurage gegna wrote:
no body is scared of ejypt , all of you cowards go suck on some Egyptian arab dik-tit. fk egypt with a dog dk.
she can build all the launch pad she wants. we have built one in tigray, and eritrea,(eritrea will never let any one use eritrea to beat ethiopia, they want the dam too.) she aint going to do sht. how does a Dreamliner full of TNT dropping on cairo sound.? not good , i wish this coward bushti Egyptians try it.. ethiopian man is not scared of no one. we are not the black cowards they inslaved , no we are the kings men that annihilated there army . we are the kings men the conquered egypt and built the last pyramid, we are the kings men who conquered yemen and governed there nomad assss for 80 years and burnt meca medina to the ground.(that caba is the secound one , glory to general Abraham and Kaleb.) we are the mercenaries that took south india by storm. fk egypt.
you cowrads can sit here , sht scarred, but no genga ethiopian will be intimidated. you cowrds sitdown and piss like the bitchs that you all are.
tell them to come and give me a mans death because i am living with cowards.
glory to ethiopia.
Stop repeating faked history you went there as slaves to work for free not as kings as your qes historians like to put it,you also said you invaded Yemen!thanks to the Romanians who put you thier to protect the interests and establish a christian kingdom and stop the yemrni jewish from spreading over there,you said Abraha burnt meca to the ground,really? Is this how aba qeshi historian told you?well the truth is your Abraha went to meca to destroy it because it was top trade centre and he failed to establish a successful business centre as meca was so he decided to destroy it (the jealousy is in your gen)but he was killed with his all soldiers and elephants by the protector of meca before even put a foot on it, a hugh birds came with stones and dropped it on every soldier and all were dead but few who went back and told the story but your religious leaders ordered these remained people to be killed to kill the story with for KALEB (wael) was an Yemenyan tribal king (beni bekr or called qabaeil wael) who conquer kingdom after he killed a king (his brother in law),but before that he took a risk to save his lover who was about to force married hassan a Yemenian king and won his lover back by killing the king and then declared he is the king and he changed his name to kulaib(not as you want to steal it by changing some letters),so please stop misinforming the fourmers the way you qes did to you.
the bad thing is you write history they way it suits and in your language only which is hard to chalkenge you and correct and the poor misinformed ethiopians keep repeating engna engna and that 3000 yrs crab,wake up
Jegna Aymotem

Warder, Ethiopia

#27 Sep 10, 2012
As the late PM told you no fear of any one because this is 21st century. But let it be wise and discuss the issue on a table. who is getting what and who lose what scientifically. Most of the time Egyipt fear evaporation from the dam buri would like to ask you does the river Nile flows in a closed conduit? Think twice before you drop once
The Great Renaissance Dam

Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

#28 Sep 10, 2012
It is more like scare tactics.
The Great Renaissance Dam

Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

#29 Sep 10, 2012
Sudan will be dealt with in due October when we meet their national football team in Addis. hahaha.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

#30 Sep 12, 2012
I wanna to tell bad news for our enemies if they want to be enemy with us.I am 20 years old but am an u heard from our back history we Ethiopians were not defeated by our enemies forever.Therefore first of all you have to kill 80 million people before attack the dam,otherwise your Aswan dam may be at risk &.....


#31 Sep 13, 2012
If Egypt attempts to bomb our dam, then she will awaken the sleeping giant to rip her all the way up to down.And, Khartom will also be burnt to the ground as payback.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

#32 Sep 14, 2012
********** 666 **********
The spirit of war is coming
1)pls all Ethiopians we need to Unite,Ginbot 7 and OLF ONF and others Unite But they dont have the same ground,the same objective and Vision ,I dont Know every body want to Split Ethiopia for his own reason(religion,ethnic difference,political diference....and alot)
why dont we unit to build and defende strong country
while others unite we wish to des integrate our country.if you focues on deferences there are allways deferences

Among Oromo there is Arusi,Bale,Borena,Gijji..salal e ,Hararge...a lot
even if we declare independence who is going to rule then,there will be another succession within
*one region have Oil
*One fertile Land & and One Fertile history
all have their own share ,United we will be always strong.
%%%%that is why we always move back ward
%%%%%% USA is the one Arming Eygpt whith ever strong record of Budjet,but USA will get in return soon as arabs have their own elected leaders,they will turn their face to USA and Israel
%%%%%%%nothing will happen to Ethiopia if united
Coz we know how to defeat strong ARMED ITALY with Old knifes....atleat now we have old Guns

balko man

Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

#33 Oct 1, 2012
No body try this!cos Ethiopia is strong enough to protect herself and build the great dam!!!

Saint Paul, MN

#34 Oct 1, 2012
egypt wrote:
yes, go egypt. hold your god given right to water by any means
Which god your are talking about? I am assuming, just may be you are talking about allah. But then, your damn god did help you, when the Israeli kick your ass with the arab world combined. For sure, you must have expecting allah would help you, if there is ever come to a war between the arabs and Ethiopia, which I don't think it will eve happen.

Washington, DC

#35 Oct 2, 2012
Let's be real, Egypt can turn Ethiopia into an empty parking lot in seconds, lol.

Washington, DC

#36 Oct 2, 2012
Nile is egypt lifeline. U mess with it, u can kiss ur azz goodbye


#37 Oct 2, 2012
O this is not to be eisy .the dam fill with rain ,the summer rain fall all over the country for 4 monthes ,that is not littel.
So the dame contain only very littel amownt of water in the basin/0.0002%/of the total that the dam is nothing and the fear is baseless fear.
Mengistu haile mariam


#38 Oct 2, 2012
The nile basin countries stand together to justical distribution of nile water.
Egipt right on nile ,not touched by any one. But the others development ,directly or indirectly use egipt.
Mengistu haile mariam


#39 Oct 2, 2012
Ethiopia in the region ,may be exept israel she can beat any one!
Ethiopia is a powerfull country in the africa and middel east,.ethiopia power is like india in eastern himespher


#40 Oct 3, 2012
ONLF wrote:
Good news, Eritrea, ONLF, OLF, Somalia all support this Sudanese and Egyptian initiative.
Hodam Banda!!!!


#41 Oct 8, 2012
@ ALL FOREIGNERS...... When it comes to Ethiopia our motherland you know we are one, nothing will matter and we have shown you in ADWA ,BADEME AND IF IT COMES WE WILL SHOW YOU WITH EGYPT . DO NOT FORGET THIS IS THE LAND OF PATRIOT'S AND BELIEVERS ....WE DO NOT GIVE A FUCK ...ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK


#42 Oct 8, 2012

Oldham, UK

#43 Oct 8, 2012
This news is fake, there is no planned attack on ethiopian dam. this ethiopian dam will benefit us in sudan, and we support it. if we wanted to attack these habasha then we would do it on our own, we have a stronger army, better weapons, stronger economy we would burn ethiopia to death just like in the 1880's we aint need those egyptians up there.

a war between egypt and ethiopia won't benefit sudan, but sudan is not gonna be a battlefield. if they wanna kick each others ass then they should fight somewhere else lol. as long as our sudanese interests are not effected we will stay out of this. our president already sent ethiopia milions worth for equipments needed for the dams :/

Oldham, UK

#44 Oct 8, 2012
Mengistu haile mariam wrote:
Ethiopia in the region ,may be exept israel she can beat any one!
Ethiopia is a powerfull country in the africa and middel east,.ethiopia power is like india in eastern himespher
power? power of what lol? army? economy? you are only a threat to those innocent small nations of kenya , somalia , eritria ect...... don't mess with us sudanese, we still got the head of your old king yohannes. and egypt has the largest army in Africa , and you believe you can beat both sudan and egypt? lol joke of the day :D

i don't want war anyway, in fact that dam will benefit sudan too but your statements that your a powerful nation in the region is just ridiculous XD

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