I am an adoptee in search of biological information. I'd like to include my search details:
Searching for Birth Parents/Extended Family
Baby Girl born August 30, 1972, McKay Dee Hospital, Ogden Utah
Adoption handled thru Utah LDS Social Services and placed with a wonderful and loving family from Utah.
Birth Family may have been from South Carolina.
I believe birth mother (age 17 @ time of birth) was staying with an LDS foster family (in Northern Utah) during her pregnancy and then returned to South Carolina. She may have also had ties to Florida, spending time there at about the age of 14-16. I didn't get the impression that she lived with her family while staying in Florida.
I believe birth mother had three sisters (her being the second of four daughters)
I think birth mother's father was in the plumbing business in South Carolina and that her family were converts to the LDS church around 1965/1966 but were not very active in the religion.
I was told I was given the name of Utahna
Have very little information on birth father possibly Indian, dark complexion, Vietnam Veteran
I'm not looking to disrupt lives, just knowledge. Please share search details and/or provide support, suggestions or information regarding biological searches.