Black Panther

Bellport, NY

#21 May 21, 2008
Roy wrote:
As a child Growing up in southeastTexas, I encountered black panthers more than once. They are actually black leopards that roam from South America to Florida. So I don't know where they got the idea that large black cats are not native to the US

Bellport, NY

#22 May 21, 2008
that is really cool i am doing a report on them

Brunswick, GA

#23 Jun 14, 2008
I gew up in White County Tennessee and have heard stories of panthers all of my life. I heard what sounded like a pair of them meeting once in about 1975, as they approached each other along a ridgeline. My grandparents and brother were present at the time and we listened to them scream back and forth for probably 20 minutes. The scream were so disturbing, it must be instinctual, that I cann still hear them now oin my memory.
In 1990, one ran across the road in front of me about 10 at night, in a trot, like a housecat will do, and looked just as has been described on here, about as tall as a large hound but thicker, sleeker, and with the long tail. Wow.
Mohammed X

Laurinburg, NC

#24 Jun 14, 2008
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wildlife biologist

Jackson, TN

#25 Jun 21, 2008
You are all nuts. Never in the history of the United States has a black cougar ever been shot, trapped, found dead, killed by a car, photographed, or videotaped. There has never been a black cougar hide sold by trappers. There has never been a black cougar born in captivity. They don't exist. You're all nuts.
Kathy Pelletier


#26 Jun 21, 2008
My mom described something black, sleek and having a very long tail running in the field next to their house yesterday. Sounds like it could be a Panther.

Amherst, VA

Central, SC

#27 Jun 23, 2008
Clemson guy wrote:
over the last two weeks there have been three credible reports of Panther sitings near Clemson campus. Twice the cat was seen by police officers. Some wildlife guys have tried to find evidence of it to no avail
I live in Central near Clemson and have seen one in the wodds behind our house. we hear it often.

Roxboro, NC

#28 Jun 27, 2008
I live in South Carolina and we spotted a huge Black Panther today while looking for our missing was near the woods behind our house. We still havent found our dog...I dont think we ever will, but for folks who say there arent any panthers in these parts are full of it! I saw one with my very own eyes today..Its scary to know.

Gatesville, TX

#29 Jul 5, 2008
Was just googling some info. because a friend of and I were talking about wildlife in places we've lived. When I googled FL panther it said "no documented evidence of black panthers". Well someone needs to go looking. As a young woman I was less than 20ft from one drinking at the waters edge of a canal in Ft. Myers, FL. That was around 1984. The cat was larger than the mt. lions I've seen. It was BLACK with balck splotches, and a tail curled up at the end. Won't ever forget it, and definitely dind't imagine it nor was it a trick of the light.

United States

#31 Jul 18, 2008
I live in West Tennessee and for years I have heard many stories of so called "Black Panthers" and have always been a skeptic. Several years ago I was working for the boll weevil eradication program. I was in a field in Lauderdale County when I very stupidly drove my truck into a really large sink hole. I don't remember exactly what time of year it was but the cotton was up to my chest so it must have been close to fall. Anyway we didn't have good radio communication at the time so I had to walk out of the field to use a phone. I was about 100 yards from my truck when a large cat ran not to far in front of me. It was probably as big as my German Shepherd Dogs and a very dark copperish-brown color almost blackish. At the time I was pretty sure it was a bobcat but as big and dark colored as it was it made me wonder if cats like this are not what the local people see when they think they see "black panthers". I know most wild animals hair coats change color with the seasons as they shed and put on new coats. Could this not be the explaination for the "black" cat sightings? As far as the long tails I have always heard that a bobcat can cross with a domesticated cat. If this is true then that could explain the longer tails not to mention the fact that stories always seem to grow everytime they are told could account for the size of the cats in the sightings. If any form of wild cat lives around here other than the bobcat where is the proof. All the people that say they see them while hunting, come on now could you really sit their with a gun in your hand and not shoot a cat that could easily take your head off. I think not. I know I for one would rather shoot it while I was in a tree stand than to wait on it to jump on my back while I walked out of the woods. I'm not saying that it's not possible for panthers to be in our neck of the woods just highly unlikely. As far as I know there is no hardcore evidence other than sightings. There are numerous accounts of alien sightings also but do we really believe little green men come down from space and visit us while we sleep. I would more likely believe it if we lived in a mountainous area or somewhere with very large forested areas but not here. Where is the proof?
leave that town

Raleigh, NC

#32 Jul 24, 2008
I have had 2 encouters with black panthers.The first was in 2002.I was sitting on my deck one night and the worst bone chilling cry came from the woods behind my home.My home at the time was in Ridgeway va. on the N.C Line and there was also 400 acres of solid woods behind the home.The sighting came around 4 days later.I was driving on rt.87 one night when the big cats eyes caught my attention he was very big and scary.I will never forget it so beware.
Mark Wilson

Fort Stewart, GA

#33 Aug 5, 2008
I spotted a Black Panther near Big Witch Gap on the Blue Ridge Parkway the last weekend in July 2008. It was late evening, the cat was on the side of the road walking towards me and we approached from the other direction in our vehicle. The sighting lasted 10-15 seconds and I passed within 20 feet. My highbeams illuminated a jet black cat, green glowing eyes, articulating shoulders and long tail. Its size more than anything made my hair stand on end. 2-3 ft at the shoulder and 4-5 feet long not including the long tail, if I had to guess weight I would say 150-200 lbs. I was close, too close for me, and there is absolutly no doubt in my mind what I saw.
I was with my wife and three children, they saw the same thing. At the time we had no idea of the controversy surrounding the sighting of Black Panthers. I was introduced to this when I casually asked a ranger how often do people spot Black Panthers here? The ranger did not seem to appreciate me wanting to report the sighting.

Gilbertsville, NY

#34 Aug 8, 2008
I live in rural upstate New York and while driving to work one morning I saw a beautiful young black cat trying to catch a rodent in the road. This sleek cat was about 2 feet tall 2 and a half feet long with a long black tail. I had no idea what the creature was so I came home to research on the net. Jaguar and cougar aren't supposed to be indigenous to this area but I know what I saw. Is there anyone else out there in New York with similar sightings?

Maxton, NC

#35 Aug 10, 2008
There are black panthers living in the Western North Carolina doubt. In summer 2006 one was spotted by several people on rural Young's Mountain near Lake Lure in Rutherford County. I myself found the big cats tracks on my property on the mountain whixh is very near where several men working on a construction crew building a log home claimed to have saw one walking down the gravel road near my property. I do not understand why some people think they do not exist! In fact I never knew there was a question about it until today! Mind boggling! Most people who live in rural wnc mountain regions know they exist just as we know black bear exist. Not all of us have seen a black bear either..but they exist! In fact, I lived here 15 years and spent a lot of time hiking and driving on mountains and in the woods before I ever saw a bear in person too!

Maxton, NC

#36 Aug 10, 2008
By the way... In regards to my previous post, I forgot to mention that the carpenters in the construction crew described the "big cat" as being 4 to 5 ft long and about 3 feet tall with a long tail, 150+pounds..very large. This was not a bob-cat(as we have those here too) They insisted it was a very large, black, "mountain lion type" cat. They also reported large paw prints in the mud around the construction site several times after their siting.

Lexington, NC

#37 Aug 13, 2008
Thank you all so much for the comments. I have sworn for years that I saw a black panther when I was around 12 or 13. Three friends in the same neighborhood claim to have seen the panther in the course of the same year. To this day (now 22) no one has believed us until we randomly brought this up again. We began searching and our parents are now convinced.
I was walking to a neighbor’s home and saw the “panther” in the tree with a long tail swinging. Too freaked out to say anything, my sister had an encounter about a month later. Two other neighbors claim to have seen the panther around the neighborhood wood line (we have lots of wooded areas and plenty of deer).
My friend was hit up against his home by something black and very large one night. The impact of this “large black animal” left a significant bruise on his chest. We reported this but never heard of any more sightings. Since then the woods have now been turned into housing developments and the animal population is quickly decreasing.
Could we have really seen what we thought to be a black panther?
We live in High Point NC which is about 2.5 hours from the Asheville area where some have been sighted.
Kelly Thompson

Pinckney, MI

#38 Aug 29, 2008
I believe that we have some sort of large cat in the woods that back up to our house. There has always been rumors around southeastern Michigan about 'black panthers' that roam around. No one has ever taken it very seriously. We have 2 12 week old Siberian Husky puppies that we are trying to potty train in our backyard. A few weeks ago, at nearly dawn, my father and I were outside with the puppies when we saw an extremely large cat on the path back in the opening of the woods. It was unlike any cat I had ever seen, with a tail almost as big as its body.

Just this morning, I was outside with my brother with the puppies and we did not see the animal, but heard an extremely loud roar. Now I'm completely on edge, and terrified to take the puppies outside. Is there anything I can do to "scare" whatever it is off? If it is a large cat like a panther, does making noise scare it off? Like banging a large stick on the sides of the deck or something? I couldn't really find anything online and now I am feeling extremely paranoid!:o
Don M

Chicago, IL

#39 Sep 22, 2008
I am from Chicago and had heard nothing about black panther sightings. In 2002, I was mountain biking on some trails in NC, about 1 hour north of Highlands, NC and I saw a large black animal run out of the woods onto the trail. It was bigger than a large dog, had a long tail, and moved like a cat. I followed it on the trail for about 10 seconds and then it disappeared into the woods. I had no idea what that could have been, until I looked on the internet to find a match. I wasn't biased or influenced by folklore or stories. I don't know if it was a black panther, but it sure looked like one.
Bear-Panther Warning


#40 Sep 22, 2008
Bear and Panther Warning

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is advising hikers, hunters, fishermen, and golfers to take extra precautions and be on the alert for bears and panthers while in the Lewis Ocean Bay and Waccamaw River Heritage Preserves.

Black bears have long been present in Horry County, but the few black panthers spotted are rare and only recently returned since DNR created the preserves.

DNR advises people to wear noise-producing devices such as little bells on their clothing to alert but not startle these protected animals unexpectedly, especially mothers with cubs. They also advise you to carry pepper spray in case of encounter with either a panther or a bear.

It is a good idea to watch for signs of these elusive animal's activity. You should be able to recognize the difference between bear and panther droppings. Black bear droppings are smaller and contain berries and possibly squirrel fur. Black panther droppings have bells in them and smell like pepper spray.

United States

#41 Oct 1, 2008
I live in Fl there is a Black panther that used to live in back of our house i came across it while cutting up a tree that had fell it was the size of a dog had some big yellow eyes really black fur and a long thick tail i was walking and looked up and froze luckily my 6in tall Rat terrier was there lol she startled him and he ran away we used to here him scream at night and have seen its cubs but up until recently we havent heard him or seen him in a while

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