Black Panther
Dave from Florida

Cape Coral, FL

#186 Sep 7, 2010
I Saw what I believe to be a breeding pair (one was almost twice again the size of the other) in Desoto County Florida.The larger of the two would go about 150 lbs and was taller than a German shepherd They crossed the road about 50 feet in front of me and jumped a barbed wire fence easily.They did not seem overly afraid of the truck so these may have been captive animals who escaped from a zoo or something but to my knowledge no one ever reported loosing them
Cat eyes

Covington, LA

#187 Sep 11, 2010
David wrote:
Black panther or cougar, I am not sure but one woke me from a sound sleep at 2;30 AM in March 2007 on a ridge in a densely wooded area in Meigs County Tennessee. I was staying the night in an unfinished hunting cabin when I heard the screaming. Had a shotgun with me and spent the rest of the night on guard duty so to speak. I have heard the screams of cougars out west several times when I was younger and quite well know the chilling sound. as far as officals not believing or admitting these big cats are in these parts, I could give a &%^*.They are here and there and should be taken as a possible danger most anywhere. Have a nice day and by all means do not become cat food.
I live on the Georgia and Tennessee line. One morning about a quarter til five in the morning, I seen a solid black cat that was crossing the street into the woods. It was tall about 27 inches, rounded ears, slick shining black hair. I know it was a black panther by pictures I seen on the internet but everyone said it was a bobcat(didn't look like a bobcat) and that panthers do not lived in Tennessee or Georgia. Uh,yep ok.!!
chris s

Rock Hill, SC

#188 Sep 11, 2010
i live in rock hill sc. i"m 100 yards from the catawba river. a lot of people have seen a big black cat with a long tail.i was night fishing one time and we could hear something getting in and out of the water it had some size to it. had a pistol with me and let a few rounds off it went away. i hear these cat where put in the area to control the deer population. no one will confirm it. i have yet to see them for my self. on day my aunt comes running in to the house says she saw two cats in the backyard. a few years ago we could hear and see dear all the time know not so much. we also have coytoes hear and we had turkey. i don't hear turkey anymore. would really like to see one of these cats. have any comments or photoes e mail me at [email protected]
Stop the madness

United States

#189 Sep 11, 2010
frank wrote:
So many people, so few facts. This moronic thread starts with a guy saying leopards inhabit the US. Then people talk about black cougars which have NEVER been documented. There is then talk of FL Panthers being black. Please, just do a Google search of any of these things and try to actually learn something. I don't think that will happen, because I do not believe that you people appreciate reality.
Frank, are you one of those who believes everything the govt. tells you? The DEP here in Connecticut swears there are no cougars here. No road kill, no prints, etc. However, about a year and a half ago, there was one by my brother's house. He's a hunter, I'm a nature freak, we all know what a bobcat looks like...this was a mountain lion. Not black, just a regular old lion. Others here in the state have seen them, yet the DEP denies the possiblility...the whys of it are a mystery. So, don't go putting down the people who have experienced sightings because you haven't, and the govt. chooses to keep you in the dark. The govt. never experimented on prisoners, either.

Jacksonville, FL

#190 Sep 15, 2010
I saw a black panther while driving through Ocala National Forest approx 1995. It was close to the side of the road maybe 20 feet away. It opened its mouth "snarled" as I was driving by and the mouth was red. I had recently moved to Florida from the UK and I was like- wow they have black panthers in FL- It wasn't until recently I realised this is unusual.
Tim Williams Columbia sc

Maxton, NC

#191 Sep 21, 2010
I saw a black panther on Monday sept 20th 2010 at 930 am when I was deer hunting in a swamp. Calhoun county SC. Buying trail cam to hopefully get some pics. Big black cat,,,,,,,I know what I saw. Pics soon

Knoxville, TN

#192 Sep 28, 2010
wildlife biologist wrote:
You are all nuts. Never in the history of the United States has a black cougar ever been shot, trapped, found dead, killed by a car, photographed, or videotaped. There has never been a black cougar hide sold by trappers. There has never been a black cougar born in captivity. They don't exist. You're all nuts.
You sir are wrong. In Franklin, WV a black cat (Panther)was filmed and has been evaluated and studied by markers on the land to verify size. The outcome was that the cat was a juvenile with a length of about 32 inches long and was shown to be authentic. This was shown on the History channel.
I-26 Exit 125

North Charleston, SC

#193 Oct 13, 2010
My family and I were on our way from Moncks Corner, SC to Greenville, SC. 10/6/10 around 9PM. We pulled off on exit 125 (I-26) near Sandy Run. I got out of the car to smoke (my 15 month old was sleeping in the back seat) I sat in the headlight and started to get a creepy feeling because it was dark. I walked down the side of the car when my husband leaned across and opened the car door and said "GET in the car" I jumped in...he started telling me about watching a large black animal stalking down the road and crossing to our side of the road after a van passed. I looked and saw a black movement 100 yards or so down the road. We drove forward looking as hard as we could at the side of the road. Nothing...we turned around and started back looking and driving slow. There is the headlights stood a large black cat! It was larger than a black lab and it's eyes were glowing green in the headlights. I was so in shock...even more when I realized they are a supposed myth in the US. I know what I saw and am thankful my husband saw it and got me in the car.

Aberdeen, NC

#194 Oct 14, 2010
Yesterday, my sister (mid 50's) was driving to visit our ailing father, as she left dads, and was 12 minutes on the road, very rural/swampy area of NC..she called me from her CELL phone.."exasperated, I just had a BLACK PANTHER cross right in front of my SUV he was huge, solid black, and at least the height of my bumper, a long tail with a little flip at the end". Time of day was 3:40 PM. We just had a flooding in the area about 2 weeks ago, he was leaving the riverr side of the road heading away from the river. Coordinates of sighting 35Deg 56.267N by 76 deg 44.859 W . When she got to Windsor NC, she stopped by the wildlife center and reported the sighting. I went today to see my dad, but I took my camera with me..of course the animal didint show itself today
Bob B

Nashville, TN

#195 Oct 20, 2010
Roy wrote:
As a child Growing up in southeastTexas, I encountered black panthers more than once. They are actually black leopards that roam from South America to Florida. So I don't know where they got the idea that large black cats are not native to the US
Took a picture last night with my Game Camera of a black cat on my feeding board. If you would like to see the photo, contact me at [email protected] and I will send you a copy of the photo. Maybe you can help me identify the creature. I live in Sevierville, TN.

Eads, TN

#196 Oct 22, 2010
This is new news for the thread. My mom and dad were traveling through Fayette County TN and they saw a black panther at the edge of the road which then turned around and shot back through the woods.
My mom is not one to exagerate anything. She said it was larger than a bobcat, solid black with a big long thick tail.
Stop the madness

United States

#197 Oct 22, 2010
New wrote:
This is new news for the thread. My mom and dad were traveling through Fayette County TN and they saw a black panther at the edge of the road which then turned around and shot back through the woods.
My mom is not one to exagerate anything. She said it was larger than a bobcat, solid black with a big long thick tail.
Check out the polling places on the 2nd. You're sure to see a few.

Union City, TN

#198 Oct 30, 2010
ther is a large black cat that has been seen in surgoinsville tn. were pretty used to seeing mt. lions and what not around here but this thing is solid black. just tryin to see if anyone else besides myself and a few of the local folks across the river in surgoinsville have saw this cat and maybe what it realy is.
wesley stedman nc

O Fallon, MO

#199 Nov 3, 2010
well with no question i know the black panter lives in this area. my first and only sighting of the big black cat was on a two lane paved road. my dad and i where driving to the hunting stand and half way there between beaver dam rd and hwy 210. know i have been ask how big the cat is and how fare where you from it. well lets see. we where 200 yards away and driving 35 my dad never pushed the old truck. the cat jumped out out on the side of the road from the ditch bank. it sat there for about 2 seconds and then jumped completly over the two laned road. it was completly sretched out. it almost measure from the yellow line to the white line. which is almost eight to nine feet. i have also been asked are you sure its not a deer or a dog. trust me i've been a hunter as long as i could walk. the only place i have seen an animal like this is when i was at the zoo. it didn't look like a deer or i would have shot it in the field it ran through. i have been around large dogs my how life and can tell you a dog does not jump or run like this cat. i know that they a there and never will forget it.
wesley stedman nc

O Fallon, MO

#200 Nov 3, 2010
they other thing bugging me is that also in north carolina. there's some places where the black cat can be seen. it normal for some people. i know of a dump sight own by cumberland county soild waste where the cat prowels around. i have known people to be face to face with him and a gun at his head and the big cat is still standing its ground. the cat was close enough to sniff the gun barlle. people have been stalked by him and traped in there shads. the funny thing is if you kill one its a 650,000.0 fine if just shoot on sight if shoot during an attack its safe to shoot it with no fine. this is the funny part ok ask a wild life offical if the big black cat is here and he will say there is no prof of it at all. but they will say its posible for it to be a mountain lion. then ask him if they are not here why are they protected if they are not here. if you ask me if you can find one and shot it to see what kind of cat it is. that it should be legal for the proof. the questions to be figured out is. what cat is it? is it a new cat? where are they? and why the bullcrap to hide it. dont get me wrong i like the big black cat and respect it, but its here i know it and why cant they just prove it. then every one will not seem to be crazy.
R Bailey

Signal Mountain, TN

#201 Dec 5, 2010
I live in Spring City Tennessee and we have sighted a big black cat that looks like a panther. There have been several people in my family see this thing at different times of the day and night.
Last night my husband saw it and it was with another very large cat. This is the first time anyone has seen 2 together. One solid black and one a gold blonde color. We have 2 mini horses and I am wondering if we should worry about them being attacked. Does anyone know if they attack large animals? Is there anyone we can report this too that would help?

United States

#202 Jan 1, 2011
For all you people out there that don't believe there are Leopards in Southern Indiana, you are wrong! There is a black leopard in Elizabeth, IN and over 40 eye wittness hzve confirmed it. I sat in my truck with a flash light for 25 minutes and watched her. There is a male(spotted) in Lanesville, IN. They adapt very well. There is plenty of deer and wild turkey in this area. We also have a number of caves. So where did this displaced couple come from? That's an easy question, some really stupid, greedy, self-centered person bought them. May guess is they didn't know how strong they were and when they got bigger they simply broke out of their cage. Why would some brainless person buy these cats? Most likely to breed and sell cubs or to breed raise cubs, than kill them to black market their fur. We need to vote against letting people own exotic animals.
Also, to my knowledge they have only killed turkey, deer, baby calves, and a few dogs. I can say I hope one of them takes out the brainless person who is so stupid in their comments to not believe this has happened. Gov Daniels is aware of this problem. Animal control in Floyd County, IN is useless. If you see any of these animals do not approach. Walk quickly backward, If they start to attack wave your arms and yell, making as much noise as you can. Do Not run! In no way are these cars tame. Contact the county game warden. These are beautiful animals,but they belong back in tge countries they came from. So if you truly love animals, din't buy exotics.

United States

#203 Jan 1, 2011
Sorry I am not a typist.
Chris from Oklahoma

Forest City, NC

#204 Feb 26, 2011
Listen, game wardens from experience i know this, plant cougars and panthers for game management. They contol deer populations along with hogs. They will never say they did. But it's true... What you've seen is real. Nocturnal with a six mile hunting range the black panther and cougar are among us. Very smart they are and will only let you see them when they want you to.
john mendola md


#205 Feb 26, 2011
While my wife and I were bicycling on indigo trail at the Darling Natioinal Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island,we saw a black panther about 30 yards down the trail. It was shorthly before sunset on Feb 25th,2011.The panther waqs about 4 feet long ,not including the tail, and about2 feet tall.It was heading away from us but turned its head toward us, It was not afraid, as we were.and just continued to look at us. We just stayed where we were and eventually walked down the trail. We turnede around and cycled away from it. It had a shinny black coat and the face of a jaguar. I asked a member of the punta gorda conservation society about it and she said she never heard of a Florida black panther, T grew up in the pocono mountains of Pa and know my animals. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a black panther.

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