I came here from MA.not my choice If you did not have health care there ,like some of my family and friends you get all the free help and all the feel good pills you ask for.
This SC is a shi-hole full of greedy evil Republicans that think Bush and what he did to America is a God. Saddam I betcha is waiting in hell with a rope to hang him with. Bush caused many thousands of innocent troops and Iraqi civilians to be murdered for oil and his hatred for Saddam. He is a idiot,Cheney gets off on war.
Read your History you dumb as hole republicans, and you will know that the rich old men started wars, invaded countries for their wealth to make them more wealthy. Republicans are evil and pretend to be good christians. I know a few and they are either stupid or evil like the Bush administration that ruined lives and this country. No wonder this country is being torn apart by storms,tornatos etc. KARMA.. If God exsists these people, Republicans will go to hell along with their God BUSH . These people, Republicans take from the poor and mid class and give to their selves and you all know I am right on. To go back to MA I guess the only way is to commit S. be cremated and be buried between mom and dad in Greenfield Ma. I hAve it all down in writing.My family understands this and accepts it. I am old and refuse to see drs their all crooked here and like in MA pill pushers even if your a healthy old bitc- like me.