s.c. dss a story that must be told!!!!

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#780 Mar 3, 2014
true wrote:
<quoted text> Trust me. There ain't much in Pickens County that is not corrupt. And Easley police are some of the worst criminals in the nation. Straight talk...
i have been fighting fir my youngest sont for two and a half yearsi have completed evey requirement and never failed a drug test i dont understand why they wont give me my son the keep saying they were taking my parental rights but the judge keepsgiving me time to compkete some thing that is done they are nit picking and now i have more things to complete after 21/2 years they give me a new saftey plan i amissing my sons teenage years i really dont understand why this is happening somebody needs to do something laurens county dss is terrible i dont know how tey sleep at night or look at themseves in the mirror they are sick people

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#782 Mar 13, 2014
I am a mother of two children. I have primary patent of my children through court systems. My daughter is 12 and my son is 7. Five years ago I met my now boyfriend who has been my children's father. Their father has been through three girlfriends two fiancé , and now a wife of three months. He opted three months ago to give up viatation of the children minus his mandatory every other weekend. Recently my 12 year old daughter has been talking told a boy in inappropriate ways . I found out and took her phone and iPad. My daughter and I have always bumped heads since I left their father because of all the abuse. My boyfriend and I have treated all the children equally and he has tried to help show her the way a fathe should be. One night my boyfriend took my daughter for ice cream and went to Walmart. While they were gone he spoke with her about all the things she was going through hoping that she would open up to him because she felt like I was trying to make her be like me. When they came back home everything was great he told me that he talked to her she said she really had a lot of fun. Just some one on one time. We all payed on the couch together she wanted to lay by him. We all said goodnight and went to bed. The next morning my daughter snuck her phone and called the boy I told her she couldn't talk to. On the way out the door when she was being questioned by me she turned around and said my boyfriend touched her boob and leg. I knew by looking her in eyes that she wasn't telling the truth. I had enough at this point. Now take into consideration that my daughter has been making other allegations about other boys and men recently for attention. So I contacted victims advocate and took my daughter I the hospital. The hospital checked her with a clean bill of health and then they were required by law to contact law enforcement. The doctor then cleared her and a police office said that when we left the hospital to come by the station and give a statement. My daughter wanted to ride with my ex and his wife. I said that was fine. My boyfriend and I went to the police and gave a statement. Wesley and my daughter never showed up. I Tried to call with no response. I went home and collapsed on the couch where I fell asleep after crying all day. 2 hrs later my ex and a patrol man came to the front door to remove my son from the home. I had to give home to them. The next morning I contacted dss and they explained to me that my son was removed because my ex accuse us of having drugs in the house. I told dss that thy could follow me home and search it. I volunteered for a drug test. I took one and so did my boyfriend. It's been 16 days and I haven't found out what's going on and I haven't seen my children but one time. I've received very nasty text from my ex and his mother explaining that they told me that one day I would get payback for leaving. I really need some help.....why wasnt I giving a safety plan, why wasnt there a family court hearing within 72 hours, and what evidence did they have to remove the children....I can't eat or sleep. I've never been without my children.....help
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#784 Mar 14, 2014
My Grand daughters 4 & 6 told my daughter and I that their dad had been touching their privates & taking pictures ! So mommy goes to DSS Gastonia NC and tells what girls said , we'll they came to her home and talked to the girls & mommy and asked if she would bring them in to office , so she did and they told the story on camera and we're believed. Next was to go to There Dr specialist and they did & she said yes they had been touched & she would testify for them ! Ok so next they haft to get a detective from Sc because that's where it happened , at his house in sc ! We'll turns out the detective knows this family & claims there good people and even though we have a doctor willing to testify , he said he didn't have enough evidence ( there's plenty ) so now DSS in Gastonia said they are trying to get a new detective , I don't know if they can because he turned his report in before all dr's papers were even in so the DA has done seen it !! Now DSS NC want return my daughters phone calls & tell her what their doing on the case ! In the mean time my daughter had to go to SC court for a contempt charge because she kept them from him ( that DSS told her to do ) after a DSS worker from gastonia read the report against the dad , the judge looks at my daughter & says well one of 2 things is gonna happen your going to jail or the case will be dropped !Judge took a 30 minute break & came back in and told my daughter she has 30 days to get a lawyer & go to family court for what appears to be a custody hearing ! Her lawyer told her there's a 50/50 chance she might go to jail and "he" the bad man will get full custody !! What the necks wrong with DSS & theses judges it's like they forgot what were her for THE GIRLS !!! We are all so upset , it's like we're in lifetime movie !
mom who needs support

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#785 Mar 18, 2014
I just lost my kids a week ago and im completely lost of what to do the reason is because my boyfriend is still in the home and hasnt complied with dss to do his treatment plan. they know that he will still come back because he has in the past. last week when they came to the home they said he broke the agreement and said he had to leave that night unitl he can prove to them he is doing what they ask. well the next day my case worker called me and said we have to take the kids and i said even if hes out the house they said that hasnt worked in the past and they will be much safer. i had no choice but to let them take the kids one is with the father the other is with there grandparents . anyways the case started as domestic violence because i called the cops on my boyfriend a yr and a half ago and my son went to school saying he was scared of me being dead so they deceided to open a case a few months ago my boyfriend was arrested for a warrent for not paying court fines well they found drugs on him and since my kids were there they called dss again which made matters worse since then he went to rehab signed up for a clinic and only thing he didnt comply was missed the drug urines which was extremely inportant so they said he had to leave the house again until he had his life together and can prove that hes doing right well they changed there minds when they left and took the kids the next day. i still have my boyfriend there he wont leave so im gonna have to give up my apartment and start from sctrach im assuming they arent in a rush to give the kids back anyways regardless if hes there or not
Wade oberry

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#796 Mar 31, 2014
#1. I put my name, where's yours?
#2. If you haven't been in these positions, don't offer your ignorance.
#3. Legal aide will not listen to anything in family court. Nothing.
#4. Empathy... can u understand big words???
#5. Sit down

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#797 Apr 7, 2014
That's not too bad - I've been waiting since 1996. My daughter is almost 18 and he owes over $20,000. He has a drivers license, files taxes, bought and sold a home and a few different cars, has been married and divorced and he's not hiding. You should probably hire an attorney if you want results.
mary bowers wrote:
i have 3 children 7,9,and 12 yrs old and i have been trying to get child support through dss since 2009 here it is 2013 and the answer that dss always gives is we are waiting on a court date can anyone give me information on how to get some action because by the time we go to court my babies will b 18
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#799 Apr 16, 2014
dss was called over absenses at school, I have 3 children, they interviewed the older 2 at school without my knowledge, which I have found out they are not allowed to do, so now they claim that my kids are dirty, which also is not true, and want to do a home visit, they are asking me questions that are in no way related to the school. They asked if I allow my kids to see their grandmom, for example. I told them that I have already talked to the school guidance counselor about days missed and have got an attendance contract in place for next year, by the way the 2 kids in question are 15 and 16, not small children, they are almost adults. So then dss makes the comment that my youngest child is too old for his grade, he is 12 in the 5 th grade,with a birthday in december, he has failed once, so i dont understand how he is too old for 5th grade. Dss has harrassed me and my children all my children's life, and they come when they know we are in turmoil, they took my kids a few weeks after my mother passed away, because my home wasnt up to their standards, then they made me move out of my paid for home, and start renting, which was out of my budget being that i am a widowed mother of 3. when I got my children back which was immediately after court, my daughter had a black eye, i went to dss and noone would talk to me about it, so now they have come back and i dont know what to do, i cant find a lawyer to talk to me about my rights, but i am being harrassed please help
Peggy Gates

Sumter, SC

#800 Apr 23, 2014
Concerned Grandmother wrote:
The DSS in SC is a joke. They are incompetent and should get off their lazy butts and earn the money they are getting paid. This family should get a partition and sent it to Gov Haileys office and make a formal complaint They should all be fired. There are allot of qualified people out there looking for a job who could do it. The innocent children need a voice from people who care and people who have the knowledge and ability to get the job done correctly so our children will not be put in harms way. Its bad enought as it is that the laws are not for the innocent. It protects the guilty

Bonneau, SC

#801 Apr 24, 2014
My brother has received a letter and “determination of fact” sheet from SCDSS where they say that claims of abuse by him with his two girls are substantiated. How can they be substantiated when they have not talked to my brother or none of his family or friends or even aquaintences? His ex-wife called DSS in because he had taken her back to court AGAIN (from multiple times) on a rule to show cause where she defied the court orders again! Her and her mother knew that this lie would be a way for them to bypass all of the litigation against her and get the court focused on my brother instead of her constant lies to the court and constant defiance of court orders! The children’s Guardian Ad Litem however says he believes that the children have been coached by their mother and the school guidance counselor says that she believes that the girls would say anything that their mother wants them to say! This has not been listened to or taken into consideration! SCDSS has sent this letter and marked a box saying that they are taking my brother to court, that he will be served papers and to “read the papers carefully to find out what SCDSS is asking the judge to do concerning him and his girls”. SCDSS has been told that the last time my brother took his ex-wife to court that they were both ordered to have a hair follicle drug test performed. My brother had his the very day and come back negitive, his ex-wife NEVER went and had hers done! No one is doing anything about that! Wonder why? They ignore the fact that she is a drug user, they ignore that fact that she is living with a married man with the children (my brother has proof from a PI), they ignore that fact that he has had to go back to court several times on rules to show cause because she does not want to send them for visitation. THERE IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH THIS SYSTEM WHEN PEOPLE CAN TELL LIES ON PEOPLE AND THE PEOPLE THAT ARE SUPPOSE TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN (SCDSS) ARE IDIOTS! They obviously do not care about the children or the truth!

Norcross, GA

#803 Apr 29, 2014
My 5 year old is in foster care, I have done evrything that has been asked of me and have been tokd over and over that my child will be coming home but everytime its always a different story . Its like I'm getting the run around, when I calk dss noonecalls back for weeks and every visit my daughter has bruises n scarsad she says that her foster care parent does them n she also say they say nasty things to her. My daughter has told the dss caseworker who later came back n said my daughter told her it was all a lie but I know my kid n she doesn't lie n she even told her father the same story at a seperate time. I feel like dss covers up for these ppl n they r supposed to protect, I'm trying to file a lawsuit bc this is pathetic and my baby should be home! I have busted my but with their safety plan they need to send her home. I am 5 months pregnant and afraid, stressed, and confused!
they_arent_all_b ad

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#804 May 12, 2014
After a year long case... I just want to note here that, no, not all of DSS is corrupt. Sure, there are individuals that most certainly are but they are few and far between in the system. The majority of the case workers are doing this job because they truly want to make a difference. Unfortunately, it is the small minority that fosters more attention and makes the whole system look bad. These workers are required to have college degrees and attend extensive trainings throughout the year to ensure they are knowledgeable in their field. They are brainwashed idiots. The problem is not the worker. The problem is policy.
For example, I recently had a drug related case. When I found out DSS was gowing to be involved, I cringed under the same disdain exhibited here on this forum. But, ultimately from the beginning, I had only positive experiences with DSS. The investigator was professional and polite. I took responsibility for my actions immediately and maybe that made the difference, idk. But my caseworker was even better. She took real time to sit down with my wife and I and really talk and listen to us. My kids, who were alternatively placed, adored her and we actually looked forward to her visits. Through the whole process, I learned there are some really good and genuine employees. She stood up for us in court (even arranging for a consent order to be signed out of court when our case was bumped 4 months in a row), she fought to have our children home sooner, and she taught us just how close we were to losing our children over our own dumb mistakes. But she never judged. In fact, on day one, she asked us for our side of the story, and what we thought would help. We are grateful for her. I do believe it could have been a lot worse.
In talking with her, I learned about the various requirements to working there. I also learned through her and our GAL (who was also wonderful) that a judge is given DSS' recommendation as well as the GAL's so that the family can't be steamrolled by DSS. Our CW even told us to seek legal counsel if we wanted to because it was our right and she wanted us to be aware of it. That doesn't seem like someone corrupt does it?
But here is my point really...I also learned that a lot of the workers are stressed out due to unattainable goals and expectations with such high case loads and a state director that won't approve additional jobs to alleviate some of the burden. I know my CW said she felt that many times things were not done properly simply due to time constraints. Not because the workers themselves don't care. They don't get support from upper management and as a result, they aren't able to do their jobs very well. They find themselves lost in the shuffle and unable to take a step back to really focus on any particular family the way they were meant to.
I had a case for a year. And I have an entirely new perspective on the agency as a result. I learned a lot and fully believe that while, yes, there are always a few bad apples, the majority of the bunch are good and honest people that just lack support and real guidance from a higher management that has gotten out of touch with what real casework is like. I would hate to see someone like my CW get burnt out due to ineffective policy or from struggling to keep up with too many families and cease to make any real changes in the world as a result.
I agree the system needs an overhaul... look at TN. They got so bad the feds stepped in and now they are top in the Country. Maybe, when we seek to make real changes in the system, we need to focus on the highest levels and remember their inadequacies filter down. We change the culture from the top, we ultimately change the system.

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#806 May 19, 2014
I've had to deal with DSS over 5 times for bored people's ignorant allegations..... example?? 1st time- I was in labor with my oldest son for over 20 hours at 17yr old (I lived on my own & had plenty of $$ to support myself & child)... the nurse called DSS bc I didn't wake up to my son crying!?!?!!! There's NEVER been an actual intelligent case made against me, MUCH LESS any findings of abuse, neglect, or otherwise bc I'm about awesome mom!!!- DSS has been an absolute waste of our tax $$!!!! I'm so beyond fed up with the constant worry of some ignorant s.worker screwing with my families lives!!!! Anyone know a lawyer willing to take on Berkeley county DSS with harassment charges?? The sad part is THIS is the shortest version of the on going UNFOUNDED cases that seem to continue taking away from the kids that ARE ACTUALLY being neglected or beat OR raped OR killed!?!?!!!
Concerned Aunt

Gaffney, SC

#807 May 21, 2014
My great nephew has been left in my care by Dss . I have been letting the Mom stay with us because she can stay with her as long as she is supervised.
What I can't understand is why Dss hasn't checked on this baby. The 45 days will be up next week. The Mom and Dad took a drug test the Monday after this happened on Friday and they haven't heard anything about the test at all. When will we know if they passed the test and when they can all be together again as a family. The Mother is a wonderful Mother has showed no signs of any kind of alcohol or drugs at all. She has not left this babies site at all. My Nephew his Dad has been doing real good also, No one has checked on this baby the whole 40 days he's been in my care. They have a new home now .The one they did have was not good. This was one of the requirements to get a new home and they did.

Johns Island, SC

#808 May 29, 2014
If it this weren't happening to a wonderful parent I know, I wouldn't believe it. The level of misconduct, lies, corruption and so on is scary. We could use some direction in finding help via advocacy, parents rights groups, anything. This parent did absolutely nothing to warrant any action or involvement from DSS. A vindictive, bottom feeder, made one call, made one blatantly false accusation and it took off. The caller was told they'd receive money....crazy. DSS didn't follow one procedure as listed in the SC Code that governs them, not one. They even refused to meet with the parent. DSS has changed the allegations each time the one before was proven false. There is no history of drug or alcohol use or abuse, no mental history, no violence, nothing. A wonderful caring parent who's helped other parents in need, a professional in Charleston for 20 years with an amazing background with children, the school system and volunteering. IF THIS CAN HAPPEN TO THIS PARENT, IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANY OF US!!

Hartsville, SC

#809 May 30, 2014
Is your friend able to get lawyer? Have they had their settlement conference yet? What were the allegations specifically if you don't mind my asking? It's interesting and sad, to me the stories I have read, specifically those close to where I live, where the accused parents have been so wronged by DSS. I wish I had the resources to start a support group or an organization to help those in these particular situations.

Merritt Island, FL

#810 May 30, 2014
Yeah, I had the same thing. They didn't follow one procedure. Not one. They just do whatever they want. It's corrupt and nobody cares.
See my previous posts.
If it this weren't happening to a wonderful parent I know, I wouldn't believe it. The level of misconduct, lies, corruption and so on is scary. We could use some direction in finding help via advocacy, parents rights groups, anything. This parent did absolutely nothing to warrant any action or involvement from DSS. A vindictive, bottom feeder, made one call, made one blatantly false accusation and it took off. The caller was told they'd receive money....crazy. DSS didn't follow one procedure as listed in the SC Code that governs them, not one. They even refused to meet with the parent. DSS has changed the allegations each time the one before was proven false. There is no history of drug or alcohol use or abuse, no mental history, no violence, nothing. A wonderful caring parent who's helped other parents in need, a professional in Charleston for 20 years with an amazing background with children, the school system and volunteering. IF THIS CAN HAPPEN TO THIS PARENT, IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANY OF US!!

Norcross, GA

#811 Jun 6, 2014
Dss can be a crock of crap i lost my kids for a year but i was on meth it helped me n my babys i faced 40 yrs on two counts of child neg and neg on a helpless person my kids are 4 and 2 now are 3 and 5 they failed there hair strand ive did what i had to do for a year now parenting claess sadac classes to bring my babys home i am drug free a great mother and my babys is back home truly a blessing
scared mom

Decatur, GA

#812 Jun 12, 2014
Michelle wrote:
Dss should be held responsible I'm an attorney and I haven't heard of this story but I assure you I'm gona investigate and locate the victims and I will help them build a case against scdss.
I am a mom who is about 3 months away from having my rights terminated. The foster family that my child has been placed with has refused to transport her to anything regarding me because they want to adopt her. Dss let this continue. My children have been shown conceled weapons in state vehicles as well as dss workers smoking in state vehicles with my children in the car. I was proven to have been givien a faulty drug test 3 years ago for positive cocaine use, and yet my children havent been returned after a negative test 48 hours later. They have repeatedly lied to my kids telling they were coming home only to be told no again. I have completed a treatment plan, I am a single mom, and my crap public defender won't even return my phone calls to help me. We families have no where to turn and need help from the bullies of this state who are wrongfully taking our children.

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#813 Jun 15, 2014
I will tell you from experience, DSS does not care about you or your children. I was raised in foster homes. It amazes me that they will take children from homes based on allegations and place them in these foster homes where most are only in it for the money. They have investigators that work for them, but are constantly getting calls and are so overwhelmed that they just pick and choose which kids get taken. The fact is, they can. They can come to your house at any time of day or night and take your kids. It could take a year before you could ever even get them back. Visitation is very limited. They really need to come up with another way of doing things. DSS was called on me because my child missed 28 days of school due to surgery. He was in and out of the hospital. He had his spleen and gallbladder removed due to a hereditary condition and he also had his tonsils removed. All of which was EXCUSED. I had given the school doctors notes. I still had to deal with DSS for 3 months. 3 whole months. Scared to death because I know what it's like to be taken in the middle of the night from my parents. And I never went back home. I have fought hard to give my children a better life and this just wasn't right. I will tell you one thing, once you're in the system it's a lot easier for them to come up with a reason to take your kids. They need to be stopped. They need to focus on the more important cases where children are actually being abused. People need to quit turning to DSS when they get upset with someone.
south car grandfather

Greer, SC

#814 Jun 16, 2014
OK listen up people,
1 you dont need a lieing lawyer.

The South Carolina Senate Sub Committee is holding hearings about the wrong doings of DSS you need to send your info to them...they want there butts badly.......

2 if you took a drug test then you know if you passed or not..........

Someone made a comment that their relatives dont know if they passed or not......WELL if they used drugs then they know they didnt pass, if they didnt use drugs then they passed its that simple..........oh questionable
well go to your family doctor and get the test done and use that as proof.

and if your kids were shown guns in state cars then you should have reported that to the police immediately what kind of person are you..

and they have to lie to our children...dont you folks understand the DSS needs kids to adopt out......YOUR KIDS.....i think we need to have the facebook accounts of the DSS workers opened to the public to see...thats probably where they are SELLING your kids.........this is all part of the human trafficking program that we now have in our country.

and our governor gets on tv and says that she is proud of the DSS and what ther are doing for the children..........thats why there are 43 dead children in south carolina last year under DSS care......

dont want yours to be 44 then get off your ass and call the senate sub committee and send them your story.they are advising on the tv for your story..........but please spell correctly dont make them think that you are not intelligent



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