s.c. dss a story that must be told!!!!

Laurens, SC

#755 Dec 21, 2013
mom in simpsonville wrote:
don't sign anything. don't call, don't go there. wait for them to have a hearing then get a public defender. once it gets out about how they have not investigate fully, then you can get them. I have just gone through part of a hearing and I was cleared of any wrong doing because Calhoun County DSS did not fully investigate. Please look up your SC Codes of Laws also. Chapter 63, children s codes and let your attorney know that you believe these laws have been violated. Make sure if them send you an agency decision, appeal it your self. Make sure you give these codes that they have violated. Once you do these, DSS will have to admit they are wrong. I am also finished with mine and when I am, they will know what I meant when I said I will get my child out of an environment that is dangerous. I love my child and will die for her.
Hey My name is Anita I cant type to well but Pickens county DSS has done our family terribly wrong my grandbaby's are my and my husbands life and my daughters its so much corruption there FROM THEM LISTENING TO THE OTHER GRANDPARENTS INSTEAD of the mom and dad AND ESPECIALLY THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!! The father of these kids have been molested by his father to an now has went on down to the grandchildren.
The children has been saying they have been touched by there papa and DSS takes them from their parents and places them with the ACCUSED MOLESTER AND HIS WIFE WHO IS STANDING BY HER HUSBAND! that came from her. and they were all boys untill nov 2013 now there is a newborn girl involved. Please help us to know know what to do we are so lost Daughter an son in-law has kids now. But we are so scared they are gonna come any day because the other grand parents had rather no body be in their life if he cant keep molesting them and drawing food stamps an a FI check. I guess so they are calling DSS daily trying to have them placed in foster care?????? or anything to keep us from remaining a healthy happy family!!!!

Laurens, SC

#756 Dec 21, 2013
Get_the_Facts wrote:
<quoted text>
As a matter of fact, I have seen the trials/hearings. And in many cases, the families prevail, not DSS. I should state that this is in SC, which is the state the initial post referenced. Reading about families in this thread that have experienced two and three attempts at getting it right to get their kids back, others testing positive for drugs with a whole range of excuses for that positive test. At some point, someone needs to stand up and say that while many posting here might have a legitimate case, many by their very own accounting did what DSS has said they did and they simply do not see how their actions or lack of action places their children in harm's way. My comments have been addressed to those families. To those individuals, spend your time getting your act together so if you have lost your children through TPR, that should they come looking for you once they are adults, they will find someone worthy of their time, not someone who spends their day whining about their life and how their own bad decisions put their child/ren in a system that is not always the best path for children to grow up. The kids did nothing wrong! However, they pay a much bigger price than the parents ever do. So I stick to my original comments.
You must work for DSS
terry aiken sc

New Philadelphia, OH

#758 Dec 30, 2013
Aiken sc dss is a corrupt cult of child abusers! Most of the ones I dealt with sholud be in prison for life. Mostly a female run organization that their primary function is to fight men. These women all have personal reasons to hate me having children sex discrimination is THE way the determine the outcome of all male related child custody cases. Nepotism is also used in the open as if they are above the law. My inlaws worked for county and some went to same church. So they openly arranged for my child to be placed where they knew he would be gang beaten. Then told both of us all we had to do to make it stop was give his mother every thing. Thats right the dss physically had my son beaten to make him go with his mother and a corrupt family court judge another female backed this sex discrimination cult beat my son. And much much more. I can prove every word. Court transcript s and my own digital recordings can prove every word . Ive written all my representing political persons over 200000 emails tweets post ect. My governor haley lets this cult of child abusers continued to still work abusing other children and all men that come into there hateful reach. Feel free to email me. I also went to a fbi poligraph examiner in alanta ga and my son and I both pass lie detector test on all this over 9 hours of question s came back NO DECEPTION these people including the judge should all be in prison for child abuse
mom in Pelion SC

Monetta, SC

#759 Jan 6, 2014
My heart goes out to you sweetheart. Im so sorry. DSS is the worst thing any body cld ever deal with. They come in n take children from places they need to be n put them in places that is not safe or is strang to them. Its sad the children that are getting beat n abused every day they dont bother their place of living or help them. They bother n take from people who really love n try to do their best. Trust me i know. I just happen to be lucky they went to grandmas. Where i moved in n i went to court w a lawyer. n They didnt want to get suid so they closed my case n covered up all the faulse acusations that was made against me n my husband. I was medications from a DR n they still took them. But, i pray for you n god is in your favor on this one. Good luck n god bless.

Makawao, HI

#761 Jan 8, 2014
. David J. Glass Ph.D. is now hobbled from abusing any more families and a judge who asks me if I wished merry Christmas to a Jewish Lawyer as a hateful gesture seems to be setting me up for something, especially since you had received notices mailed to your residence disclosing that David Glass would be on vacation during the “Christmas holidays”.

Was it not the Nazis who first separated children from parents?

What is this child going to hold her mother responsible for and by what means will she do so?
The enabling of conflict by those who seek to gain financially is simply evil and no different from an arms dealer who supplies both sides .The killing of life be it on an emotional ,intellectual, financial, mental, spiritual and /a or physical level is a death and no different from actually using a mechanical device. Too knowingly do so to children whose spirit is pure is inherently foul.

To surmise IMHO the individuals and associated firms in our cases are only the tip of the iceberg.

Michael J Kretzmer. David J.Glass Ph.d, Laurie Darakjian, Elise Greenberg of Carlson & Greenberg, Psychologist Angus Strachan Ph.d of Lund & Strachan ,FMBK Law , Kolodny & Anteau represent a blight upon what was once a noble profession
Mom of 4

Norcross, GA

#762 Jan 9, 2014
I was told to go to the news and have them do a inside report. Dss sees are kids as money.

Little River, SC

#764 Jan 10, 2014
<quoted text> You must work for DSS
don't be a fake we all know you are a Dss worker or the mother or grandmother of one. Don't go judging any of us till you know us
mom from south carolina

Atlanta, GA

#765 Jan 14, 2014
I would also like to add that dss took my kids because they claim im mentally ill but i was suffering from deppression because they took my kids i know mentally ill mothers who didnt get their kids taken away and they take medication i also know a mentally ill person who got her kids taken away by dss and dss gave her her kids back and i was told by mycase manager that dss is not suppose to discriminate against mentally ill mothers thats saying that any mother with a mental illness is denied the rights to their children but thats why theirs a thing called medication people with mental illneses can live a normal productive life if the person takes their medication prescribed by the doctor i would also like to add that a case worker asked me if i wanted to see the pictures of my daughter at the time i was afraid to see the pictures so i told her i didnt want to look at them but now i regret not looking at the picture of her because the way they was carring on makes me believe while she was at day care someone eles had done something to her i feel really bad about physically disciplining my daughter after realizing that someone at day care could have done something to my daughter to make it so extreme to remove a child over a whipping

Since: Jan 14

Chapin, SC

#766 Jan 16, 2014
I need advice ASAP! Me and my husband do not know what to do!!! He has two children with his EX and he has custody of the 6 year old girl and she has custody of the 1 year old little boy. Over christmas break when his little girl went to visit with her mother for almost 2 weeks we found out sooooo much alarming stuff! His daughter came home Christmas Day and told us she had stayed in hotels the whole time she was with her mother. She said in her own way her mother was smoking crack again. Her mother told her if she kept telling her dad things then she (the mother) was going to get in trouble. She said her mom would drive around at night asking people for money. We know thier mom has not been living in her house for quite some time. We drive by all different times of the day and her car is never there. We already have a DSS caseworker in richland co. from stuff we found out a few months ago in September that their half brother (mom has had 5 kids, 2 are my husband's, one was up for adoption from another man, another the father was given full custody cause her drug use, and the other one 10 years old that lived with her and she just got custody back of him from her father last year)... The half brother had to have the cops called on him 3 times the last weekend he was around my husband's daughter. He has serious mental issues from the mother using drugs! He ran after my step-daughter with a hammer and a mallet saying he was going to kill her! He has been in a psych ward since September 2013 because of all this and that is how DSS got involved to begin with. We immediately called DSS to tell them they needed to come see my step-daughter and hear everything she is saying goes on when with her mom. She explained everything to the caseworker. We offered three different times for our caseworker to see the mother and my step-son when we transfer for visits, but they still never showed up! They said they could not get in touch with the mother eaither! So we kept calling her when we were going to meet her to transfer the kids for visits. DSS says they had done 2 drug tests on her and they came back clean. Now I know the last test she had done was sometime late october or the first of november. They say they finally have been having contact with her attorney, but that she is refusing contact with DSS. Right now we have given our attorney money to get her to do a 10 panel hair drug screen since my husband is allowed to do one at anytime by court order. My attorney has filed to get an emergency hearing this week. BUT, I want to know ... HASN'T DSS BEING NEGLIGENT TO THE FACT OF BOTH CHILDREN BEING IN DANGER WHEN IN THEIR MOM'S CARE?? I have read the laws for SC and it says DSS has 45 days to do an investagation. No more than a 15 day extension can be done. It has been Since the middle of September DSS was called into this case! We have offered them 3 times to meet and see the mother, but they fail to come! So they can't close the case and say they can't contact her! We have text and email proving they said they were coming and never showed!!! It totally furries me to read about so many people getting their kids taken for no reason, but then when they should be taken they wont!! WHAT DO WE DO AT THIS POINT??? We have to continue to pay childsupport and send my step daughter to visit and let the baby stay with her even when we know all this is going on.... all because it is in the court order! HELP PLEASE!!!

Since: Jan 14

Chapin, SC

#767 Jan 16, 2014
Please see my post I just posted! If you know of anything we can do please let me know!
mom from south carolina

Montgomery, AL

#768 Jan 16, 2014
I have posted about 6 stories and i dont see none of them posted
mom from south carolina

Montgomery, AL

#769 Jan 16, 2014
I completed my treatment plan and still lost custody of my kids had a place of my own still do but they still took them away from me

Florence, SC

#770 Jan 16, 2014
Reply to Richland County step parent - go online and look up the county director and call them. If that doesn't help, look up the number for state office and call them. If you have your own attorney and all this info on her - why don't you take ex back to court and take away visitation and custody of 1 yr old? Why do you send kid when you think that's all going on?
mom from south carolina

Atlanta, GA

#771 Jan 20, 2014
I would like to say that my oldest daughter has been taken away from me by dss since 2001 my other daughter was taken away from dss since 2003 and my son wAs taken away in 2007 and none of the women wont let me be apart of my own kids life its a shame how these women try to play the role and play house with other peoples kids it aint right its been 13 long years i was denied all rights to be apart of my kids life i was denied to see my kids first crawls first walks denied first words i was denied out of my kids life i dont know much about my kids and they dont know much about me i can count the times i got to spend time with them its very rare that i get to see my own kids but one day i will get my kids back and when i do im going to be the happiest mom in the world and no one is ever going to take my kids away again its sad how the women try to put these young kids on medicine just to get a check from the goverment stop using kids for money and give me back my offspring its totally rediculous
hannah bolin

Hyattsville, MD

#772 Jan 25, 2014
I was took from my mother when I was 12, one day before my 13th birthday, they came a nd picked my brother & I up from school because I lived in another place, & the other place I had lived a month before hand had no power. But truth be told, we only had one month left of school & our mother didn't want us to have stress from being moved from school to school, since we lived in a diffrent district. My brother was 17 at the time and the bus dropped us off at the house we lived at a (month before hand) because the whole district thing, and the door was unlocked, so we'd go sit in there until my mother got there (about 10 mins tops) & our dss worker desides to show up, and walk into the house without knocking, we were there and they didn't even listen to why. Three days later they picked us up from school, my brother has CISTIC FIBROSIS,( a infection/bacteria in his lung allowing him not to live past 21 without a double lung transplant) & when dss took us and shipped us of, he got sick and got admitted to the hospital, well he missed his appt. About the double lung transplant, so now years later he's trying to sign up again..and the wait list is very LONG. He's currently 19 & probably won't it much longer.(DSS FAULT) well anyways, I was pregnant when they took me and I didn't know. My mother had heard horrible stories about dss & foster homes & wanted me on birth controll, so my foster parent made me an appt, when I went they told me I was 2 months pregnant, they weren't aloud to disclose that information with anyone as it is a part of a confidintiality thing, needless to say I only got to talk to my mom once a week on the phone for 10 mins,(monitored) because they said she "UPSET ME", well of course, I just got ripped straight from my mother. But, I ended up looseing my baby 3 months later due to stress, & got to go home finally 6 months later, then DSS tried to take me again when I was 16, which resulted in marriage. & legally they cannot take a child from you at 16 years of age, but they tried doing it with me and succesfully did with my brother.

Commerce, GA

#773 Feb 13, 2014
Cook63 wrote:
I am currently in the process of exposing the corruption of SC DSS. It is a long hard battle, but one that needs to be fought. I have been in contact with many higher government agencies and am willing to share what I have and how you can contact them. I am not a professional at this by any means, but I have experienced and heard so many stories of children not being protected.
If you have expereinced abuse from SC DSS or if you have reportedly tried to protect a child that has been effected by abuse in the home, I would like to here from you.
Although I sypathize with parents who children have been taken, from them, I am concerned with family members that have tried to protect a child, grandchild or relative and have not gotten any help from DSS in resolving the issue.
Iam also battling this, my kids are in foster care in sc, although i live in another state, we were waiting to relocate to sc, so my husband went to sc, to look for a job , he took the kids with them since i work, one day well he was waiting to come back home to ga, he and the kids slept in the car, so they got they kids from him this was october last year, even though I was not their they can not give me my kids back, can some body help me to get my kids back.

United States

#774 Feb 16, 2014
I am so sick of cps. I am a grandmother and my daughter and children has long lasting trama due to their haressments. My daughter is suffering from so much trama I am afraid she will have a breakdown and me I have suffered also because I see my daughter and can't help her. I believe her rights have been violated and the rights of her childrern. How do we get all court hearing and papers from dss to prove that there is faluse information in her file. I also belive record has been ajusted to to make ther case. I would like to file a lawsute for the damage they caused me and my family due the stress and trama on my daughter and grandchildren. They have destroyed me by destroying my family.who can tell me how I can get all hearing court orders everything to do with her case before we all die an eary death due to stress.
Brittany crane

Norcross, GA

#775 Feb 19, 2014
I am being picked on by dss an i am sick of it. I was in 10grouphomes as a child an saw some really bad things there i saw a girl get raped by other girls. Are dss caseworkers let us smoke. My sister an some other girls there sleep with staff members i saw alot of bad things in dss i was let down big time by the state i am 25years old an there still giveing me a hard time they took my twins from me over a little mark on her back that you almost couldnt even see since then i have saw a bad rash on my little girls butt so bad it was to the blood i took a pic an did a police report so far nothing has been done about it they lied in court saying they had only been in 1fosterhome when they was in 2 from jan13 to jan27th they ask me an my bf to take a hair test an we did with no court order passed in an there still trying to make us go to phoenix center can they do that its 500$ for the assessment an 120$ a class two classes a week an we don't have that kind of money i feel like there doin this just to try an keep are twins an we have did nothing wrong with me they never missed a drs app since they been there they have they missed thete Rsv shot an everything why can't nothing be done why can dss get by with whatever why is the world scared of them i saw more bad things as a child in dss i saw nothing like that at home i miss my babies so much an feel like dss is only doin this cause they want them are cause once your in dss you always are i was a child of dss an they are just picking on me

Charlotte, NC

#778 Feb 28, 2014
My husband accidentally left a mark (not a bruise) on the side of my daughter's face when he was trying to spank her on her bottom(she of course ducked and therefore it caused my husband to miss). The mark went away without leaving a bruise. The school called dss and they questioned both of my school aged daughters and came out to the house in the same day. They said they would investigate and let us know in 30-45 days. They only came out once more so far only to order my husband to take anger management/parenting classes and very rude and showed up late. When he registered the guy said it was for domestic violence b which costs more and has 28 instead 11 classes. We still haven't resolved this. Today I get a call from babynet. There's nothing wrong with my 4mo old son! 9 times out of 10 we don't spank our kids, but sometimes we've had to. We love them and provide them with everything they need. Dss is trying to find something that isn't there. They said it was founded that he's abused our child. This whole ordeal has really changed/hurt our whole family. Things aren't the same and we are on pins and needles making sure the kids don't fight or fall and leave a mark. Dss is A Nightmare. The children that are really being abused aren't helped and they pick on the ones in loving homes.

Douglas, MA

#779 Mar 2, 2014
My daughter is going thru a situation with her son DSS and the school her son was going to he had gotten in trouble repeadedly for a 3 month period different incidents had accured where they found my grandson with a bag of pot a knife fights etc. When they caught him with the pot he got scared and said some things that were proven not to be true at the hospital the school sent him to DSS was then called and my daughter had told the school she felt her son wasn't safe and the DSS department at that school she requested any type of info for her son to get his education and neither places would work with her she asked for a tuter homeschooling they told her she can't pick and choose and expect the DSS department and school board to pay for it but they can cover boys and girls club memberships they cant help my grandson get an education what should she do?the school NVR did anything about the drug dealing in there school and DSS aren't really doing much either they keep telling her to send her son with a family member not fair she has to give her son away instead of a tuter

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