s.c. dss a story that must be told!!!!

Maxton, NC

#267 Apr 12, 2008
This is an S.O.S. My two girls (2&4) are possibly being physically and sexually abused by my ex-wife and her boyfriend. I have involved the Hanahan Police (Charleston area), but they not only have left the children in their care (she leaves them alone with him) but have issued a trespass warning against me on her property. After the abuse, she called DSS and reported that I was abusing them to cover up. So I am under a safety plan and kept away from my children, all the while, THEY ARE WITH THE ABUSERS! Since the mother knows officers in the HPD and has reported ME to DSS, my children are left in the harmful environment because of this faulty system. I am left in a position of helplessness, unable to save MY OWN CHILDREN. If anyone can help my girls, please call me 8-4-3-8-1-9-1-6-8-5
A concerned Parent


#268 Jun 10, 2008
All county DSS workers are over seen by the State, To report them in South Carolina you must call columbia DSS. People must also fight back, They are taking children for no reason in Oconee County SC. Never sign anything the case worker tells you to sign, NEVER. Do not listen to what a case worker tells you because they lie to get your children. Call the Sheriffs department if they come to your home alone to take your children. Let the sheriffs department go through your home and talk to your children . You can supena them to court if DSS takes your children for no reason.You can do that yourself even.
Call and report DSS also to the State Attorneys office, They are there to protect the peoples rights of South Carolina. They will investigate DSS. Call the news. Picket the court house. If you Picket the court house the news will come and listen if called. FIGHT BACK !!!!!!
Keep Fighting Back !!!!! Never let a DSS worker into your home with out a Sheriffs officer with them. Never sign anything.I cant stress how important that is.. Do not take a drug test without a court order !!!!!!Request you get a drug test done yourself in court. Go to other places yourself independantly. Get mental evaluations done that you can use to defend yourself. Get your childrens docters records. You can show the Judge. Take them to court. Go get a drug and alcohole evaluation done yourself if they are saying you do drugs and you are not. Even after DSS takes your children you can still set up appointments for your children at a private phycoligist to do evaluations. If DSS doesnt take your children to these appointments it doesnt look good on them. So if your children are being abused in foster care make an appointment for them. Tell the Judge what you have done and about your concerns. Make docters appointments and speak to the childrens docters. They have to take them to the appointments you set up.. File a law suit.. You dont need money to get an attorney that way,,,Put adds in the paper for a joint law suit and everyone go together to an attorney. Do not sit back and do nothing or listen to what the DSS worker says.. Like I said they are liers.. Do what you can do and speak out..

Lancaster, SC

#269 Jun 28, 2008
mom of three wrote:
<quoted text>I think you done the right thing posting this add,this is a very sad story,the mother is suffering for something her demon filled husband done.These poor children are suffering and there the innocent ones.DSS wake up and take the children that need to be taking,not the ones who have a good home.
The mother should write a letter to the state governor. Go above dss.The system is messed up. Those who don't deserve the children abuse them and get away with it and those who run into a little bad luck BUT are good parents lose their children alot of times it is because of money, from what I have experienced. This needs to known. i am sorry for what the girls have gone through, I was in the same situation when i was younger in a foster care home, I know it is tearing them up. i will pray for the girls

Lancaster, SC

#270 Jun 28, 2008
yeah, sometimes yes sometimes no. if you watch the news there are so many children in adoption homes and foster care homes who are abused and neglected. I was in both and dss did nothing. And my adopted parents tried to get my son away from me for nothing, then turned out that my "father" molested him.

Lancaster, SC

#271 Jun 28, 2008
you have not dealt with dss, have you? You are clueless! I have dealt with them and the court was not involved. you must be another one who thinks dss are gods. my brother, 5, and I,2, were taken away from my biological mother and placed in a foster care home where we molested and my brother was beat. I am 27 now and the foster home did NOT lose their license until I was 17. There had been reports of abuse but dss did NOTHING!!!! Is that right? So you know what, Get your head out of your ass. and back on the earth. DSS don't care about the children nor most importantly, families.

Mauldin, SC

#272 Jul 7, 2008
The thing about dss is that they only see one side of everything. I have a child through dss right nnow and they keep me in the dark about everything and get mad if we say anything,but then i have astep son who is in a bad situation and they are dragging their feet about it. They want to got invovled when its not needed but when they are needed they are slow to react and always have an excuse.

Simpsonville, SC

#273 Jul 9, 2008
i am a mother of 4 and d.s.s. came and removed my children. they have been gone 6 months the can't tell me what the cause that they removed my children. i have a treatment plan that i have to complete but the still have not told me the time frame is going to be before i can get them back. i don't understand how the can remove peoples children and not have a proble cause.
a concerned parent


#274 Jul 9, 2008
Megan, I feel for you and what is being done to you is not right. Call the American Civil liberties Union and file a complaint. That is a violation of your rights. Also you can go to the clerk of courts and they have to appoint an attorney to you. That is your right. DSS does this to people that they think they can get away with doing it to. Its been you say 6 months already. I would like to start an advacate group to help people like you. See when you signed the treatment plan that was thier reason. Never sign anything they want you to sign. That was like an admitance of guilt that they use against you in court even if you didnt do anything. Have you been before a Judge yet. Also call the DSS main office in Columbia to report your local DSS office. DSS is over seen by the state DSS. They have to investigate. The news wont get involved if you call them but they will if you picket the court house or the Gov. office in Columbia. People need to start fighting back hard.
A concerned parent


#275 Jul 9, 2008
DSS is very messed up in South Carolina. And not just here other states to that have DSS running everything. They should do away with it. They should replace it with Children and Youth services like in Pennsyvania. The Deparment of Social services doesnt run the welfare system there or take children from people. They also have a way better medical system in Pennsyvania and they dont have medicaid. They give you a chose of HMO companys that even pay for full dental work. This state is crazy. Its like living in a whole differant flippen country. People who have lived here thier whole lives dont know the differance. But things are not this way in alot of States like Pennsyvania. The legal system is even alot differant. Its so hard to beleave this is the same Country. Maybe thats another thing people should do. Flee the state with your children and ask for help from another states Athorities. That would draw national attention. Run with your children to Pennsyvania and ask the state there for help from this State.Tell them what is going on and that no one will listen here or help.

Greenwich, CT

#277 Aug 4, 2008
I have had my daughter in a situation where I had to bring her to court for her Uncle went to prison for his wrongful behavior and we won. This now makes me very protective of my daughter or my other nieces even though I went through some counseling as well. It is always wise to let all children know at an early age what to do to protect themselves within their own boundaries, so others cannot destroy them in anyway where they have to feel they have to hide anything that has happened to them and make sure they are aware of these things for their own younger sisters. I strongly believe yes some men do get aroused having little girl sit on them especially for a period of time in the middle between the legs or on their private part. Because, as they do this not long after they want to go to the washroom or touch themselves to place the object to be more comfortable. They should be aware to sit properly on the Uncles or even the Dads, so the rest of the family will follow these rules and not betray the kids, I believe it all starts with parents how they teach the boundaries that are necessary. All should be great with children if it all starts at home repeat repeat if you have too and give these strick rules so they are protected.
Good Foster Parent

Laurinburg, NC

#278 Aug 10, 2008
Good Foster Parents are hard to come by, especially the way they get treated by DSS and other Child Protective Services. Foster Parenting is not a good thing, when you as a foster parent know you are doing right for children in care, and then find out that your foster child or children are taking right out from underneath your feet for no reason at all. The whole system needs to be remodified and some employees need to be replaced by ones that care, especially would care about the foster parents who have given all their best in taking care of abused and neglected children. The foster child that my husband and I had was taking from us in a blink of any eye, for no reason of ours. The childs mother had numerous counts against her before DSS finally took him and his brother away from the bad situation they were in. Our foster son was very happy, healthy, living a happy life, and was taken from us. Our hearts are broken. Trust me, my husband and I will never forget what DSS has done to us and will let it be known to other foster parents, to watch their backs and to protect themselves from being falsely accused of wrongful accusations and watch out for a worthless witness or witnesses.
Yankee Girl

Elma, NY

#279 Aug 11, 2008
What a crying shame. Sometimes people use the inept legal system to "get even" with a spouse or whatever. I have 3 adult children. Had had DSS called by angry father. I would have moved, left whatever I could do to prevent DSS from getting their hands on any of my children. My older daughter has a friend that works for DSS and I know her well, but the scary part is she can't even manage her own life let alone make decisions regarding someone else's children. It is truly scarry. I am so glad my babies are grown and I don't have to worry about it anymore. Seems like the more you fight the more the law resists.
So many good children who have been hurt already and continue to be hurt by the system because no one seems to really care...just doing their job. They would have had to have killed me in order to get my children. Although they are pretty sneaky, approaching children at school w/o parent's consent. God bless your little girls. I hope you get it strightened out soon.

United States

#280 Aug 21, 2008
I live in Oconee County too. They came in and took my children for no reason. GAL, DSS they all work together. They took my children and placed them in CRACK -TOWN -Greenville, we have to stand together and stop them. my contact e-mail [email protected]
tiredinsc wrote:
i used to live in westminster and i know the oconee DSS is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. i hope that they will lose their jobs someday and be replaced with some people who actually take the time to pay attention to what the heck is going on in these childrens' lives. my kids were taken from me and it has been hell fighting to get them back . its been over a year. my son comes to me on one of our first visitations scared to someone is going to beat him. i informed the caseworker and it was no big deal to her. there are some serious problems going on with our "system" and i cant wait for the day when they get what they deserve. i just hope our kids dont have to be seriously injured for someone to put the spotlight on them. thanks for listening.

United States

#281 Aug 21, 2008
I feel like we should all stand together and fight them,We have to do something. Please if anybody can help please e-mail me at [email protected] We need to spy on them and there group homes were our children really are being abused. How would they feel if there children were ripped from there home and placed with strangers, and all you hear is parenting class at BHS, with is bull, its all about control and money.Our children is our world.DSS twist and lie about everything.

Columbia, SC

#282 Aug 22, 2008
I feel for everone whose children and selves have been harmed by DSS' ineptitude. Corrupt DSS workers, guardian ad litems, judges and detectives seem to abound here in SC. My ex of 13 years has my five babies...he was dealing cocaine, had children out of wedlock, my daughter's hymen was torn while in his and his brother's care(the brother having molested his own daughter and sister), and I went to jail and lost custody because I took her to the ER , who then called the PD( possible sexual assault) and charged ME with filing false police reports. I didnt even call! The police lied and said I accused the children's father when I did not. His family has political connections with the City of Cayce and Lexington county. The narc detective told me they didnt have enough to arrest him even though they knew he was dealing. I went to Atty. General's office, SLED and retained a Guardian ad Litem who said I coached the children to say "ugly" things about their father. No help at all. He pawns the children off to relatives, is remarried yet has a girlfriend living with him, has a new baby with anothergirl,and uses my children to obtain welfare and tax returns and for spite. He has broken 10 court orders and I cannot afford a lawyer. Did I mention he has an extensive criminal record and is psychologically and physically abusive? It hurts not to have the children with me. Especially when they cry and plead with me to let them come home with mommy. He is a sociopath and charms all of the detectives and DSS workers-the children are scared and he threatens them "not to tell on daddy".

My heart goes out to all of the good fathers who are stripped of the right to care for their children and the mothers who have lost their children to the "system". Take care to all.
Pissed Mother

Columbia, SC

#283 Aug 31, 2008
I had my daughter taken over a year ago. DSS told me that if I did everything they wanted I would get her back. Well little did I know that was a BIG FAT LIE. This is how horrible they are I would get off the phone with them and my ex would call me and tell me he just had spoken to the DSS worker and she was telling him a totally different story. I spent $6000.00 in just their classes that they told me to take.They will lie to your face and they don't care about the children or the parents that they hurt. They hated that my ex and I were still friends. I get to see my daughter every other week. But I can understand all the parents that are pissed off with DSS. Because money can buy everything DSS too.
Two angels

Murrells Inlet, SC

#284 Sep 1, 2008
If you don't know the FACTS, don't assume anything. These girls were in a dangerous situation all of their young lives. They are now safe, with a family(not one related to them-which is for the BEST)that loves them as their own. They are thriving academically, socially, mentally and emotionally. The birth family does not deserve to have these girls back in that awful home. End of story!
leann park

Wilkesboro, NC

#285 Sep 3, 2008
please contact me i am going through the same thing exactly down to the twins...please contact me maybe we can help each other my name is LeAnn Park email Poonanner2002 aol.com (when my husband read your message he thought i had written it)please call or email thank you leann park
leann park

Wilkesboro, NC

#286 Sep 3, 2008
ashley from charleston please reply i am in the same situation you are in with twins and the father and 3 other children in the home...my email is poonanner2002 aol.com this post will not allow me to leave my phone number so please email me maybe we can help each other.

Myrtle Beach, SC

#287 Sep 5, 2008
I agree totally that DSS doesn't take the time to find out the truth. Oh I forgot the workers don't have enough common sense to know what the truth is. Accussing innocent people before knowing the facts. This is terrible for our society.

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