Our daughter is 4, I have sole physical/legal custody her father has supervised visitation due to 7+ proven DUI's, and 2 warrants.I moved to South Carolina in August of last year with Colorado's permission. The order of relocation specifically states "The Court modifies parenting time as follows: Respondentís parenting time shall
take place in the State of South Carolina at a supervised facility. Respondent must
provide 30 days written notice to Petitioner of his intention to exercise parenting
time in South Carolina. Once the first 30-day notice is provided, both parties shall
promptly complete their intake at the supervised facility. Parenting time for
Respondent while he is in South Carolina shall be reasonable and liberal and subject
to agreement between the supervisor, Petitioner and Respondent. All fees and costs
related to supervised visitation shall be paid by Respondent."

He has not visited the child at all, and I have email stating he refuses to do so. Last time he spoke with her was 2 months ago. Has not paid child support since October 2012 (besides the point has nothing to do with visitation).

He is trying to convince me that this court order signed by the judge is null and void. I follow the court order for the safety of our daughter. He is claiming that I am hiding her (yet I have 2 emails stating our/her address) I also followed up with another 3rd email today stating our address, attached to 2 other emails.

How do I transfer the order to SC?? Most of what he is saying is drunk talk (called me 15 times in a row) today within 2 hours. Can I transfer this by myself without an attorney?