Red Star On Homes

Langhorne, PA

#43 Apr 4, 2007
Another search on History of "Tin Barn Stars"

I say it means fortune and good luck! However more so, I think people have just jumped on the popluar marketing band wagon unless thre are a lot of barn and house buliders out there

History and home decor meld together in these heritage stars hand-pressed by Amish farmers from the salvaged roof tin of old barns. They originally functioned in the 19th century as a kind of copyright notice, hung by barn-builders to brand a building as their own work and nobody else's. Grouped on a wall or mantelpiece, the stars evoke an earlier era when pride of craftsmanship reigned supreme. Since those barns weathered all sorts of punishment, the stars have come to signify good fortune, something every home needs.
Jeb in PA

Alexandria, VA

#44 Apr 5, 2007
I am of the amish heritage and the real story is that my grandfather used to make our stars in the old tool shed. He once told me that by placing a star on your home is symbol of god blessing your house, just as he did with the story of jesus being born in a manger. Also the purpose of the colors is for the identification of your home, these identifications have two groups. The two main groups are the Crips and the Bloods. With the Crips being the blue colored star and the Bloods being the red star.

Since: Apr 07

York, PA

#45 Apr 6, 2007
The History of the Barn Star

Adorning many homes around Lancaster County is the rustic Barn Star. The Barn Star originated within the German farming community. These farmers would often mount a large star-shaped decoration onto their barns. Its significance varied. Some farmers considered the stars good luck, like a horseshoe hung above a doorway; while others viewed it as simply aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Many barn stars, unique in their appearance, represented the trademark of the builder who constructed the barn.

The tradition of the barn star in America can be traced back to the 1700s, and to at least the 1870s in Pennsylvania. Barn stars were most popular after the Civil War.

The barn star composition has changed over the years. At first they were built directly into the barn. Later the stars were crafted from wood as a separate piece. In the last 30 years, barn stars were constructed from roofing tiles, giving them a rough finish. Recently, since the 90s, local craftsmen have been making them from thin steel, unfinished, so they rust.

The present-day Barn Star, now popular on homes of every size and shape, has come to mean an outward sign of good luck and good fortune!

copied from:
A J Mohansic

Brooklyn, NY

#46 Apr 21, 2007
The Star on homes are symbols that the home owners are comunists and against the political power in the United States. They also have been known to consume flesh and kill small children. Stay away from those people, they are truly evil.

Bensalem, PA

#47 May 8, 2007
Did you know other meanings for these Stars and this is not only for the North? They had them in WWII, but they were a different color. I believe they were gold and silver.
Today, Blue Star stands for: families who have a loved one serving in the armed forces, including activated members of the National Guard and Reserves, whether the family member is a son, daughter, brother, sister, wife, husband, cousin, grandchild, etc. The Blue Star stands for hope and pride for the troops.
A Yellow Star stands for wounds sustained overseas, and a Gold Star stands for sacrifice of life.
It's called the Blue Star Program.
I hope all who are hanging the colors listed above are thinking about the real meaning behind them...and it's not only a certain part of the Country, War involves all, North, South, East and West.

Falls Church, VA

#48 Jun 12, 2007
Maybe it's like a rusty sheriff's badge.....
Seriously, though.... the stars may have started as an Amish "Hex-type" custom, but now, I see them on just about every other house I drive past in rural Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Mesa, AZ

#49 Jun 12, 2007
Middle-of-the-Road wrote:
I think it means that the person who lives in the house is a Communist.
I think you are way off track from the center of the road - dude! You maybe even be lost by now in the deep dark forest near the old communist russian border.

Mesa, AZ

#50 Jun 12, 2007
A J Mohansic wrote:
The Star on homes are symbols that the home owners are comunists and against the political power in the United States. They also have been known to consume flesh and kill small children. Stay away from those people, they are truly evil.
Sure and watch out for those houses where a horse shoe is mounted on a wall as a U - open at the top to capture your soul and be trampled by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Never enter a house with a horse shoe like that or your soul ends up lost in one of the black holes in the universe and you will live in eternal darkness with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse pounding you for the rest of eternity.

Mesa, AZ

#51 Jun 12, 2007
Margaret wrote:
I saw them at Lowe's.
I saw them at Home depot, and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Now these new stars in stors like this have no meaning expect people like them as decorative accessories....

I have a large old scandinavian rya rug on an inside wall... people ask me about it, what does it mean... it is just plain folk art - it used to be a functional cover used on a sled ride during winter to keep warm. Back 200 years ago they did not have comforters, just these rya rugs made from organic dyed wool, with the knots and fringe on both sides for added insulation.

You can hang anything on a wall and it does not necessarily have to mean anything. Look at Andy Warhold paintings of Cambell soup cans.

“Made in America”

Since: Apr 07

Allentown, Pa

#52 Jun 19, 2007
Just some local guy wrote:
You will also see many of the Amish 'hex' signs and other symbols.
Hex signs are actually Pennsylvania German not Amish...I was looking at them at the Lehigh Valley Heritage museum...being that I am not Pennsylvania German I knew very little about them...the pictures on them all have is like the Azbache (I think I spelled that wrong) bracelet in Puerto Rico to protect against the Mal de Ojo or Evil Eye...the red stars I personally think are very nice as well as hex signs

Potterville, MI

#53 Jun 24, 2007
When I see these stars I'm reminded of the star which guided the wisemen to the stable where Jesus was born. The word "star" is used in Numbers 24:17 to refer to Jesus: ".....A star will come out of Jacob; a scepter will rise out of Israel." No matter what meaning man may give to them, the stars were created by God and can neither harm or protect us. I love the stars whether in the night sky or as wall decorations in my kitchen.
Civil War Buff

Holly Springs, NC

#54 Jun 26, 2007
D J Malhoit wrote:
Also I am originally from the south and I do not see them there so must be a Yankee thing.
Next time you see one of these stars on a Southerner's building, D J Malhoit, knock on their door and I'll bet, they are Southerners!
V Ping

Louisville, KY

#55 Jul 3, 2007
At a popular Amish Flea Market in OH there is a booth selling these along with a letter explaining the meaning. In general it is a symbol of a guiding light to help our soldiers find their way home safely. The original barn star originates back to 1700-1800 where it was a sign of good luck and some barn builders used it as their "trademark". I personally like the newest meaning because it is most relevant to our generation.

Covington, VA

#56 Jul 3, 2007
RoscoePColtrane wrote:
Maybe it's like a rusty sheriff's badge.....
Seriously, though.... the stars may have started as an Amish "Hex-type" custom, but now, I see them on just about every other house I drive past in rural Rhode Island and Connecticut.
They are all over the houses here in Virginia as well.

Covington, VA

#57 Jul 3, 2007
I had no idea what these stars stood for or if I was just not up to date w/ the style of decorating. Now I know. Still probably won't put one on my house though.
ellie in Maine

Portland, ME

#58 Aug 1, 2007
Have a star (red) on my home without knowing the meaning.
Thought it would look nice........and YES, I am fortunate and feel blessed each day. Now that I have read these comments , I choose to beieve that I live in a great state in the best country in the world. It must, then, signify good fortune.


Uniontown, PA

#59 Aug 4, 2007
The red star is the symbol of devil worshippers.

United States

#60 Aug 5, 2007
Personally, I prefer a decorative temperature gauge on the side of my home--it looks nice and serves a practical purpose!

As for the meaning of the Star, it's just like so much in our culture today--it can mean anything you want. There are probably just as many meanings as there are households who choose to display it. Therefore, so what?
J coderre

Oxford, MA

#61 Aug 16, 2007
It would be great if someone would atually find out the significe of them Stars. They seem to be all over my area which is Worester,Ma.
B Moore

San Jose, CA

#62 Aug 19, 2007
I live in western Pa and they are every where I personally cant stand them. I want to rip them all down. I relly dont think there is a meaning. People just like them

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