The Ku Klux Klan revived in Pennsylvania

The Ku Klux Klan revived in Pennsylvania

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“"I believe in humans." ”

Since: Apr 09

A place where peace reigns.

#864 Oct 8, 2009
Good thoughts wrote:
<quoted text>
Where the guy was going to turn his daughters out to be raped rather than give up his guests? That's the answer.
Personally, unless you can tell me something face to face - I don't want to hear it. If a person has to hide behind a mask, obviously they are not comfortable with who they are and what they believe. Self-hate is a terrible thing.
Also, who knows what the ORIGINAL bible said, as it has been translated and edited according to the likes/dislikes of different churches.
Pity the fools cowering behind their white sheets, the only place where they feel safe because the light scares them.
And because they're too afraid to let their identities be revealed.
all the way

Indianapolis, IN

#865 Oct 14, 2009

“"I believe in humans." ”

Since: Apr 09

A place where peace reigns.

#866 Oct 16, 2009
all the way wrote:
Wait, are you really gonna go "all the way" with those guys?

Indiana, PA

#869 Nov 7, 2009
What would be the best way to get in touch with the Klan? I have a few questions.
From PA

State College, PA

#871 Nov 25, 2009
@ Mike...Paint yourself to look like a black man, wait until it's dark @ drive to Gilbertsville, PA. Get out the car & just stand on the side of the road, I'm sure they'll show their masks sooner or later, and then you can ask all the questions you like...

Ann Arbor, MI

#872 Nov 27, 2009
I'm a 42 year old white guy from Pennsylvania, originaly from New Jersey and I was raised with the sickest most demented white people on earth. I'm certainly no racist. Yet, I'm no dummy when it comes to blacks. So I was surprised to find something incredible. Listen to this from the autobiography of Malcolm X. In the paperback edition published in 1965, on page 268 paragraph 2 he states,
"The white man-give him his due-has an extraordinary intelligence, an extraordinary cleverness. His world is full of proof of it. You can't name a thing the white man can't make. You can hardly name a scientific problem he can't solve. Here he is now solving the problems of sending men exploring into outer space-and returning them safely to earth."
Ok people, what can that tell us about ourselves?

Campton, KY

#873 Nov 30, 2009
I live in KY, and recently I heard the KKK moved in my county which I live in a small town, I heard they was from PA but I seen a VW with aftermarket wheels, guy looked raither wealthy that had foreign tags maybe germany or britain I'm not for sure but is there alot of KKK in PA?
jonny a cash

Kingston, PA

#874 Dec 5, 2009
kkk kkk kkk one great group kkk all the way
i'd like to join

Kingston, PA

#875 Dec 5, 2009
kkk all the way i love the kkk i want to join

Shenandoah, PA

#876 Jan 1, 2010
if you want to join its not that hard all you have to do is change your political party to knight party and the candidates people will call you when its time to vote

Pottsville, PA

#877 Jan 16, 2010
someone wrote:
I live in KY, and recently I heard the KKK moved in my county which I live in a small town, I heard they was from PA but I seen a VW with aftermarket wheels, guy looked raither wealthy that had foreign tags maybe germany or britain I'm not for sure but is there alot of KKK in PA?
schuylkill co. does layin low and watchin
big AL

Bethlehem, PA

#878 Feb 6, 2010
forget about the jews how about the filthy mexiconos taking jobs away from whites and sending billions back to dirty mexico?????? remember the alamo???????

Tucson, AZ

#879 Feb 23, 2010
yunz are dumb. i wish i could reach through the comp and choke the fcuk outta u
American Indian Movement

United States

#880 Mar 6, 2010
The KKK is dead,they dont have sh!t anymore,and even if they did,what will they do with it? NOTHING,just like everything else theyve accomplished in the past few hundred years.
Colombus was the 1st KKK group and what did they do to him?
steve malone

Bayboro, NC

#882 Mar 28, 2010
how do i join the kkk

Perkasie, PA

#883 Apr 13, 2010
My name is David and I am a 42 year old white male living in Pennsylvania. I am six feet tall and I weight 190 lbs. I have brown hair that I keep short, and I wear glasses. I came here many years ago from God Awful New Jersey. I lived in an all-white town in north New Jersey and I want you to know the people I lived with were the sickest, most twisted crowd of criminal bastards I will ever see in any lifetime. I lived in New Jersey for over 20 years from 1975 to 1995 and it was the worst experience anybody could possibly have. Looks like a rich pleasant place, but it's far from that! I moved there from Texas when I was 8 years old. I lived with the sickest, most twisted people anybody could possibly have had for neighbors, peers, schoolmates, etc. It wasn't for lack of money but that's the way it was. It seemed everybody hated everybody else! There were assaults, fights, even several dreadful crimes. I'm talking about acts of gross dementia and ignorance that today would be labeled as acts of Terrorism that went unreported such as arson and attempted murder.
By that same definition, I'm not stupid or naïve by any measure. Let me tell you something that happened to me years ago. I got lost in the dreadful South Central area when I vacationed in Los Angeles in 1999. Just walking along, in broad daylight trying to get a bus to finally leave, here came a thug following me. He looked about 6 foot 2, and appeared to be a solid trim at 200 lbs. First he asked for money, then this freak yelled at me and by screaming at me demanded money. I tried to avoid this lowlife by walking into a convenient store and walking around inside to wait for the bus. Every time I looked out the window, there this freak was looking through and gawking at me. Finally after ten minutes of this crap I walked out of the store and I tried to walk away but it just made this freakshow yell louder! Right then and there a bus pulled up and I tell you as the God's truth, if it hadn't been for that bus I don't think I'd be here today writing this letter. We both would have been found beaten and bleeding to death, or maybe it would have been just me found on the street beaten to death, laying there as just another unsolved homicide. I'm no stupid fool and I know damn well why that incident happened that day. Surrounded by a neighborhood filled with blacks, and this freak takes it upon himself to harass me? Coincidence? I don't think so.
I do acknowledge that this other race of people did get abducted, chained, crated, abused, shipped here and dragged here to this country without cause, and totally unprovoked. But by that same definition, this race of black people has evolved into something dangerous as any enemy or disease America could ever face in modern times.
But, still I have my reason. We can reason with each other, you and I, and we can reason with ourselves. Because without that, we are no better than animals in a jungle, or insects from the dirt we walk on.
My point is lets give President Obama a fair chance. He could hardly do any worse. Am I right?

Teaneck, NJ

#884 Apr 14, 2010
I just joined the klan a mth ago and i love it,kkk all the way

New Castle, PA

#885 Apr 27, 2010
r u serious obama have a chance he shouldnt have even been able to run kkk all the way

New Castle, PA

#886 Apr 27, 2010
where can i join i live up by newcastel pa
a white man

Pendleton, IN

#887 Apr 28, 2010
i say that all of this racism is complete bullsh!t its pretty bad that you have to hate different races just to make your selfconfidence raise if you are in the kkk go take another penis in the ass nobody likes you beside your fellow clansmen we all know what goes on at those meetings ! we know that "grand wizard" translated means pivot man. the imperial wizard is the reciever.

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